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Sery Sues to Stop Public Inquest

Officer Sery has filed a lawsuit in Mult. Co. Circuit Court seeking to prevent the District Attorney from conducting a public inquest. A hearing date has yet to be scheduled.
According to the Oregonian, Officer Jason Sery has filed a lawsuit in Multnomah County Circuit Court seeking to stop the District Attorney's proposed public inquest. He is represented by attorney Lawrence Matasar (for contact information for Mr. Matasar, go to www.osbar.org and search his last name). Matasar states in the article that his client will not appear at a public inquest if it is held prior to a grand jury proceeding. Matasar further stated that "my client has a constitutional right not to talk to anybody, but he already gave a detailed statement to the detectives. He didn't have to do that."

The court has not scheduled a hearing date on what will presumably be a preliminary injunction or temporary restaining order hearing, though it should be held soon. Oral argument should be open to the public.

If anyone else has any other information about this, like a case number, hearing date, etc., please follow up.
Here's a good question... 06.Apr.2004 16:22

see if you know the answer

Here's the question: Does a corner pig squeal?

Lawrence Matasar info 06.Apr.2004 16:31


Lawrence Matasar
Bar Number: 74209
Status: Active
Mailing Address: Lawrence Matasar
Lawrence Matasar PC
621 SW Morrison St #1025
Portland OR 97205
County: Multnomah
Phone: (503) 222-9830
Fax: (503) 274-8575
Email:  larry@pdxlaw.com

I think you meant "cornered" 06.Apr.2004 18:14


and not "corner" pig. It sounds more realistic as
"cornered pig rather than as "corner pig" don't it?

Matasar 06.Apr.2004 19:27


BTW, if you people are angry at Matasar defending him, think again. He is a criminal defense attorney who with defend the rights of those accused. He does not choose his clients based on popularity. Please have some respect.

Lawyers suck sometimes 06.Apr.2004 20:18


I know a lawyer in Boise, ID who is a criminal defense attorney. When ever a cop takes the stand, he is relentless against them. He is one of the most well respected lawyers in Boise, and has won many cases. And the cops harrass him for it! He KNOWS cops are liars, and he calls them that. If cops harrass lawyers who protect the innocent, we should be able to harrass the lawyers who protect murders.

criminal defense attorneys 06.Apr.2004 20:25

dont get

to pick their clients, "lawboy."

How could Sery even get to have an appionted attorney now? 06.Apr.2004 20:59

He hasn't been charged with a crime

But he certaintly has access to resources. After all he filed a lawsuit. What about the people acting behind the scene? PPA?

practice what we preach 06.Apr.2004 21:26


He has the same rights as anyone. Lynch mob justice is not a good thing, even for murderers.

Sometimes lynch mobs are precisely what is needed 06.Apr.2004 23:05


...and sometimes they are not. Depends on the situation. It's called "democracy."

Just, so you know 07.Apr.2004 08:23


Our enemies think lynch-mobs are cool, too.

Sery has a public defender (not) 07.Apr.2004 09:11


"criminal defense attorneys don't get to pick their clients"
HuH? Since when?
You must be thinking of a PUBLIC DEFENDER which is not what Sery has.
Sery's shark is not a court appointed attorney, he is a very expensive attorney paid for by the PPB.

Just, so you know 07.Apr.2004 09:33


Our enemies think that 1+1=2. Our enemies think that the earth revolves around the sun. Does that make it false, simply because people we don't like believe it?

Please apply some kind of rigor to your thought process and avoid (at least the most blatant) fallacies. The fallacy you just used, Dio, is called Guilt By Association.


Gringo by association 07.Apr.2004 10:43


If you read that history book by Howard Zinn, that you keep recommending, you will learn that our enemies have used lynch-mobs adroitly since 1620 or thereabouts, while we always had trouble getting significant numbers for guarranteed-non-violent silent vigils. I believe it is mostly due to the facts, that they control the weapons, and that they control the media.

Your suggestion is stupid, not associated.

Not that it makes a whole lot of difference to those who are hurt by it.

If you care to take the time to study the CPUSA trial back in the 50s, or Goldman and Berkman, damn near every activist who has been persecuted in this country, from the Loyalists, through every halfways effective union organizer, civil rights activist, on up to Sherman Austin and Tre Arrow, you would possibly give less thought to how big it makes your dick feel, and more to how your witless pronouncements might affect other activists.

I suggest you re-read that book again Dio 07.Apr.2004 12:59


If you do, try and pay close attention to the role of political violence in social change. Police will stop killing people of color when they are afraid of the circumstances of killing people of color. That book is one of the best cases ever for utilizing political violence as one of many tactics (and it never once brings dick size into the equation).

I am more concerned with the movement towards social justice than the fate of particular activists. Study history. What was Peltier involved in, and how did it directly benefit Native-Americans? Yes he got screwed and his co-activists killed but Native-Americans benefitted hugely, even as COINTELPRO came down on only those directly involved.

Some people are more into safe forms of activism, and some are into forcing the issue and making it possible for reformists to get their work done. You still have yet to suggest why lynch mobs would be "stupid", since they would be in self-defense of the unarmed community. How is that "witless"?



let him, sery, get all the expensive attorney's money can buy. of course,that's his constitutional right.
the power of the people can never be defeated if we unite across race, class & gender lines and fight back!

Gringo 07.Apr.2004 20:48


Read _all_ the words in those books and web-sites.

Read what they really say cops do when they are afraid.

Then next time you recommend something stupid, be honest.

Tell people what will happen to them if they follow your advice. Tell them that you have no intention of following your advice. Tell them that you are not concerned about the "fate of particular activists", and you sure as hell are not going to share it.

And above all 07.Apr.2004 21:28


Be sure to tell them that your advice serves your "movement towards social justice", your purposes, not theirs; and that your advice makes it "possible for reformists", your revolutionary self, to get your work done, not theirs.

Be sure to tell them, "fuck you, sucker."

Wow - talk about straw man arguments 07.Apr.2004 23:37


You make so many assumptions, all completely without any reason, that I don't know where to start. You utilize so many fallacies used in so few comments, see if you can spot how many yourself;

You impute many vile intentions on my behalf, yet also you impute stupidity; which is it? Both?

I have no intention to have anyone do anything that they don't want to do. I certainly care about particular activists, but not nearly as much as I care about the various social movements themselves. The only movement towards justice I hope anyone makes is one that serves THEIR puposes, and indeed everyone-in-general's. I wish for the state to be run in the interest of the majority of its citizens, instead of the privileged few. I would not cry if the abusive "captains of industry" and other ruling class types got hurt somehow.

I have read many books and websites, and they only strengthen my conviction that in history, direct action, armed uprisings, boycotts and strikes are truly effective leverage that has allowed reformists to get their reforms passed. Police have historically modified their behaviour towards being more peaceful only when they are the most scared physically (as well as financially).

Your slimy intention to portray me as a heartless abuser is completely off the wall and entirely without any kind of evidence. I can only conclude that, instead of trying to engage in any kind of constructive conversation, you take perverse antisocial pleasure in making personal attacks on me for no other reason than you disagree.

As fun as it may be to abuse evil idiots like me, at least try and make a real argument next time?

Hey Gringo and Dio, 08.Apr.2004 09:25

why dont y'all

get a room.

Your ego-maniacal bullshit pissing match does not contribute to this discussion at all.

Vile people are generally stupid 08.Apr.2004 09:57


And stupid people are often indistinguishable from vile.

Come on, Gringo, you made a stupid suggestion that would hurt people to no good purpose. I called you on it. You replied you are are not concerned about the "fate of particular activists" so long as your movement is advanced.

How vile can you be?

Tell you what. You think a lynch mob would be useful for the movement? You think the enemy's proven skill at rousing and herding lynch-mobs is unimportant? You organize a lynch-mob among your friends.

Don't throw out to the unwary a suggestion which you would never be foolish enough to do yourself. Don't wash your hands with a dismissive wave at your movement.

This is no Disney cartoon morality-play. This is a communication medium for a liberation movement. Here your words have consequences. Here you are responsible for your words and your consequences. Especially for the words and consequences you pretend to ignore.

Sorry, 'why dont y'all' 08.Apr.2004 10:15


Do you really believe, this "does not contribute to this discussion at all"?

What about other folks?

I never once said that I wouldn't do that 08.Apr.2004 16:13


Yet I would be insane to say anything about doing it HERE, wouldn't I? Keep on with your boring ad hominem, Dio. It's SO interesting to everyone.

Insane it is 08.Apr.2004 18:32


"Sometimes lynch mobs are precisely what is needed 06.Apr.2004 23:05