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Up to 130 US soldiers killed in Iraq

A large number of soldiers have been killed in fierce fighting in Iraq, according to unconfirmed reports.

Some reports have put the toll as high as 130 but others have put the death toll at 12 with 20 wounded.


A large number of soldiers have been killed in fierce fighting in Iraq, according to unconfirmed reports.

Some reports have put the toll as high as 130 but others have put the death toll at 12 with 20 wounded.

The large scale battle, described as "intense", has taken place in the town of Ar Ramadi, 20 miles west of Fallujah.

Sky News' David Chater said: "None of this is official yet - none of it is confirmed."

But he added: "It sounds very much like this is being carried out by men who are militarily trained."

Chater described the attack as "highly sophisticated".

Meanwhile, Tony Blair has announced he will fly to Washington to meet George Bush on April 16 to discuss the worsening situation.

Iraqi radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has vowed to continue a Shi'ite uprising until the forces answer his demands.

It has forced Mr Bush to consider sending more troops in an attempt to deal with, what is in effect, an attempted coup.

The cleric's aide said the Coalition must withdraw troops from populated areas, such as Baghdad and Fallujah, and release prisoners.

The demands are in addition to the original call for al-Sadr's extremist newspaper to be reopened after the coalition shut it down.

Al-Sadr's militiamen have opened up three fronts across the country, targeting coalition forces and causing casualties in American, British and Italian held areas.

Sky's David Chater in Baghdad said: "They (the militias) have shown their military might and their demands are growing."

Al-Sadr is believed to have gone underground in an attempt to keep his armed opposition going.

Dozens have died in the past two days in an apparent grab at the Shi'ite leadership by the young cleric.

Latest figures reveal the death of four US troops in an operation west of Baghdad in the province of al-Anbar on Monday.

At least 39 Iraqis have been killed and 126 others wounded in clashes between al-Sadr's militiamen and US soldiers in the past 48 hours, a hospital chief said.

An additional 12 Iraqis died and 27 others were wounded in separate fighting with British troops in the southeastern city of Amara during the same period.

While 500 Italian soldiers, serving in the southern town of Nassiriya, were caught in an hour-long gun battle today which left 15 civilians dead. Eleven of the Italians were injured, but not seriously.

Spanish troops tried to quell a revolt in their area, but were pushed back and they returned to their barracks.

But the British have agreed a deal with al-Sadr's militiamen to re-take the governor's office in Basra, one of the incidents which sparked the current crisis.

The situation is not so encouraging in the north of the country where hundreds of US and Iraqi troops have surrounded the city of Fallujah where earlier a mob killed four Americans and mutilated their bodies.

US Apache helicopters sprayed fire on the private army of the radical cleric during fierce battles in a Baghdad district.

Last Updated: 21:58 UK, Tuesday April 06, 2004
12 US Marines killed in Ramadi, 4 in Falluja, and 2 in Baghdad 06.Apr.2004 16:10


Hundreds of Iraqis Also killed

Reaping the Whirlwind 06.Apr.2004 16:10


Iraq on the Brink of Anarchy
The Independent

Fallujah, Iraq.

Not content with surrounding the largest Sunni city west of Baghdad with tanks, armoured personnel carriers and heavy machine guns, US forces used Apache helicopters to attack the Shia Muslim slums of Shoula yesterday, sent dozens of their main battle tanks into the hovels of Sadr City and then slapped an arrest warrant on the Shia cleric Muqtada Sadr--who must dearly have wanted the United States to do just that.

Gun battles in Sadr City overnight had cost the lives of up to 40 Iraqis and at least eight Americans, but in the sewage-damp streets yesterday, they were handing out letters, allegedly written by the Sunni townspeople of Fallujah, newly surrounded by 1,200 marines. "We support you, our brothers, in your struggle," the letters said. If they are authentic, it should be enough to make the US proconsul, Paul Bremer, wonder if he can ever extricate Washington from Iraq. The British took three years to turn both the Sunnis and the Shias into their enemies in 1920. The Americans are achieving it in just under a year.

Anarchy has been a condition of our occupation from the very first days when we let the looters and arsonists destroy Iraq's infrastructure and history. But that lawlessness is now coming back to haunt us. Anarchy is what we are now being plunged into in Iraq, among a people with whom we share no common language, no common religion and no common culture.

more @  http://www.counterpunch.org/fisk04062004.html

whatever the real casualties numbers 06.Apr.2004 16:26

we know

it's a lot higher than mainstream media will tell us. Bush's approval rating is
the lowest it's ever been, and they'll lie on the casualty figures as they've so
lied on everything else about this Liar's War!

No no no--that's all wrong-- 06.Apr.2004 16:29


according to Bush it's just a couple upstarts in Iraq causing problems. No need for alarm. It will all be just fine. Don't let the "liberal media" scare you. The government is handling everything.

Iraq coalition casualties 06.Apr.2004 18:21

bookmark this


'At Least 13 Marines' 06.Apr.2004 19:55

Knight Ridder

Some of the fiercest fighting, witnessed by a Knight Ridder journalist, took place in Ramadi, where eight Marines from Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Regiment, were killed when a multipronged assault caught the Marines by surprise as they were conducting routine patrols on foot at about 9 a.m.

Bush's approval numbers 06.Apr.2004 20:28

are not the lowest

they have ever been, "we know."

I am getting trouble on confirm this news 08.Apr.2004 20:22

non us

I suspect that this is an invetion made by CIA. Can one on the batlefield confirm this? Can a Russian Spy confirm this? I am wating for news.