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Bayer = IG Farben Nazi chemical conglomerate

Bayer phamacuetical was IG Farben chemical conglomerate of Nazi Germany, fluoride used on concentation camps inmates kept them sedate. Now the pharmacuetical/psychiatic drug corporations force people and animals on the same mind numbing combo of fluoride chemical compounds..
Bayer corporation was fomerly called IG Farben, the chemical conglomerate that funded the building of Nazi concentration camps in Germany. IG Farben began testing pharmacuetical products on prisoners, many of whom were forced to wear black triangles and labeled as "asocials". Fluoride compounds were experimented with the most, often observed sedating the prisoners..

Curently phamaceutical corporations like Bayer continue testing on animals and subjecting people to potentially harmful psychiatric phamacueticals. prozac aka Fluoextipine (?sp?) is a pharmacuetical product intended to make people feel "everything is ok" without concern for their true condition. Often disturbing thoughts of concerns about war and other depessing social conditions are suppressed by the fluoride contianing prozac..

Instead of activism and action for positive social change for betterment of social conditions, the fluoride/prozac effect causes sedentary apathy and a zombie-like stupor that preents action/betterment of social condition..

Animals suffer in chemical needle cages, prisons inject inmates with psychiatric mediacations, and phamacuetical corporatins make billions..

Now the combined forces of biotech, pharma, bioweapons, etc. are meeting to find ways of injecting prozac into genetically engineered corn..

BIOtech conference in SF June 3-9 2004, let's shut the pharmacuetical animal torturing Nazis like Bayer and Monsanto down!!

People can feel better mentally and physically when we eat healthy homegown food and stop poisoning our bodies with chemical crap from coporations..


moe info;

Note on Prozac: One impact of prozac which is of particular concern is it's impact on the thyroid. Eli Lilly, the company that produces Prozac, reports that hypothyroidism can result from taking prozac, although the company states that such cases are infrequent (see Manufacturer's Report listed above). According to Henry Ford Health System, "The product information of Prozac reveals that infrequently Prozac may cause or worsen preexisting hypothyroidism. As hypothyroidism is known to cause depression, it is important to have your thyroid function checked." According to Mary Shomon, author of Living Well With Hypothyroidism, "Taking thyroid hormone replacement while taking the popular antidepressant sertraline -- brand name Zoloft -- can cause a decrease in the effectiveness of the thyroid hormone replacement, and make your TSH rise. This same effect has also been seen in patients receiving other selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors such as Paxil (paroxetine) and Prozac (fluoxetine). If you are on an antidepressant or thyroid hormone and your doctor wants to prescribe the other, be sure to discuss these issues."

Since hypothyroidism is a common cause of depression, there is concern that patients with hypothyroidism may be prescribed prozac to treat their depression, which could in turn make their hypothyroidism worse.


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close but here is the story 06.Apr.2004 16:46

gekko gekko_26@hotmail.com

Oh yes IB Farben, one of the best examples of violent corp. greed, they make walmart look like angels. The Executives of the company were actualy tried on war crimes in 19952, they still refuse to pay for their crimes. The company no longer exists, and Bayer is not really related to IG Farben, but none the less Bayer is a cruel and dispicable Company too.

Amid scuffles between protestors and security guards, Germany's IG Farben, the company that made the Zyklon-B gas used in the Nazi death camps, has announced it will be dissolved by 2003.
The company's shares continue to trade on the German stock exchange even thought it went into liquidation in 1952.

IG Farben has been heavily criticised for not paying any compensation to former Nazi slave labourers after hundreds of Germany's leading industrial companies contributed to a 10bn Deutschmark fund this year.

The company's lawyers blame lengthy legal disputes with former slave workers for holding up the dissolution of the company and the distribution of its assets to the victims.

Most of the company's assets were confiscated after World War II and were transferred to four big German corporations: Bayer, Hoechst, Agfa and BASF.

The company now essentially exists as a trust for what remains of IG Farben's assets.

Chief liquidator Otto Bernhardt said on Monday that a possible buyer had been found for the company's property portfolio, which makes up the bulk of its remaining 21m DM (6.7m; $10m) of assets.

Liquidators also announced the company had founded a 500,000 DM (160,000; $233,000) foundation for former slave labourers under the Nazis.

At the height of its production in 1944, IG Farben ran a slave labour plant at Auschwitz using 83,000 people.

Slave labourers in Western Europe who were forced to work at IG Farben plants by the Nazis received compensation in the 1950s.

The company's annual meeting on the outskirts of Frankfurt attracts hundreds of protestors every year.

Sorry, you're both wrong 06.Apr.2004 19:32

Mulberry Sellers

I.G. Farben began as a cartel (I.G. stands for "interessen gemeinschaft"- "community of interest", "Farben" means "dyestuffs") of the six major companies in the German dyestuff/chemical industry- Bayer, BASF, Agfa, Hoechst, Cassella and one other that slips my mind.

It subsequently became a single corporation containing all the assets of those six companies, and was to have been broken up into its constituent components by the Allies after WWII. In the event, most of the Farben assets ultimately ended up in the same hands as before.

Farben holds the dubious distinction of having been the only German corporation not only to use slave labor drawn from concentration camp prisoners and POWs- a practice followed by many German companies during the war- but to have built and operated the only privately financed, owned and operated concentration camp in the entire German camp system- Auschwitz III, aka Monowitz. This camp, part of the Auschwitz complex, was built to house slave laborers working at a Farben plant intended to produce synthetic fuels and Buna synthetic rubber. Although at least 30,000 prisoners were worked to death, killed outright, or worked and starved into decrepitude and then sent to the Birkenau camp to be gassed, the plant never produced a single pound of Buna and only a small amount of synfuel.

The entire sorry history can be found in Joseph Borkin's book The Crime and Punishment of I. G. Farben, which is still in print and often turns up at Barnes & Noble, who published their own edition.

how was i wrong we have the same info??? 07.Apr.2004 07:25


We both have the same info and sources as each other on the atrocities of IG Farben.
How was i wrong???

I.G. Farben 12.Aug.2004 21:54


Gentlemen ... how interesting that I would come across your comments. If I may, allow me to include a riddle and see if your resources can develop an answer: What was the name of the "salesman" that negotiated the legal paper work for the beginning shipment of "cyanide" to the Germans "Auschwitz"? (clue: person resides in Italy near Rome).

(clue: person resides in Italy near Rome). 16.Aug.2004 16:26


Answer The Pope the current incumbent