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9.11 investigation

D.C. Sniper: Cover for FBI Agent's Murder?

Due to facts that are already researched and established about Bush government's complicity in Sept. 11th, every major media event since then is due a close examination. Tonight I did my research, being haunted and plagued by oddities, as the D.C. sniper trial was very suspicious for serveral reasons:
1. Timing: the sniper attack coincided with a two-week debate on the floor of the Senate, led by Sen. Robert Byrd of WV, waving his Constitution in righteous vehemence, sparing no heated words in pressing and examining the truth about the so-called 'justification' and 'war powers' of the President--handed over by Congress, after the President finally agreed to get Congressional approval before proceeding (as he said he did not need Congress approval!)--including the now known Big Lie of WMD in Iraq and that they were aiders and abetters of the infamous "Al-queh-da". (Actually Al-CIA-dah did it!). This major media distraction was meant to instill fear of terrorism, incite war mongering, and prevent newspaper and media coverage of the courageous Senator's lone stand in the Senate against the Usurper. (Byrd's speeches are worth re-reading, and republicans should note that this Senator stands up for Constitutional justice MORE than any other Republican in Congress, save perhaps Ron Paul of Tx).

2. Brainwashing: It has been printed now in the press that the younger Malvo is said to have been "brainwashed" by the elder suspect (tried entirely upon circumstantial evidence by a predjudice jury that could easily have been a frame job). Brainwashing was already in my mind, as it is truth that Manchurian Candidate and controlled killers have already been programmed and used extensively by the CIA! (See research on Mind Control for evidence). So here brainwashing is even admitted, but laid at the feet of the older suspect.

4. Conflicting Witness Reports

5. FEDERALIZATION OF POLICE: It was an excuse to a) have Military involvement with local police and b) the trial makes use of Virginias new "anti-terrorism" laws in a swift trial to get a legal "precedent" established for quick indictment and death penalty (i.e. rush to judgement on slim evidence).

6. ***THE FBI AGENT that was a victim****. This is the thing that haunted me most. Who was this woman and FBI agent? The oldest trick in the book (of assassins) is to hide TRUE INTENDED VICTIM by making it look like a RANDOM killing, by shooting additional innocent victims to cover the truth!! I believe my hunch was right! READ THIS STORY BELOW.....SEE WHO THIS WOMAN WAS....SHE WAS AN FBI AGENT THAT WAS ON "THE KNOW" AND AN INSIDER WHO MAY HAVE FOUND OUT TOO MUCH ABOUT SEPT. 11TH!

And guess where she worked? In FBI counter-terrorism operations!
WHAT A COINCIDENCE! READ ON......and pass this one around......

Shooting in Northern Virginia
by Salvador Astucia

Oct. 14, 2002A woman was fatally shot tonight outside a Home Depot store in Fairfax County in an attack that appeared similar to those carried out by a sniper who has been linked by police to eight killings in the Washington region since Oct. 2.

The Falls Church area shooting occurred about 9:15 p.m. at the Seven Corners Shopping Center, which is bounded by major Northern Virginia traffic arteries, and it prompted police to set up checkpoints on principal roads for miles around. Traffic was jammed on many highways.

At about 11:25 p.m, Fairfax County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger gave an impromptu news conference at the shopping center. He refused to answer reporters' questions about the description of a person reportedly seen driving a cream colored Chevy Astro Van from the crime scene.

Several reporters asked Manger to confirm reports that the person driving the van had an "almond complexion."* Manger refused to comment.

An unidentified male eye witness described the shooting to WRC-TV Channel 4 News reporter Pat Collins shortly after the shooting:

I was coming from the other side of Route 50 to the Home Depot. When I parked my van, we heard the snap of a shot. And at that moment, I put my car in Park. I left my van. And suddenly I see the people panicking... And a few seconds later we heard the cops and the sirens and the choppers. And thirty or thirty-five yards away, I saw her body facing down. She was across Route 50. She was in the parking lot of the Home Depot. She was facing down... .

(Recorded from WRC-TV Channel 4 News live coverage of the shooting scene)

* Reports of that the driver of the van had an "almond complexion" were broadcast on WRC-TV Channel 4 News live coverage of the shooting scene.


The eye witness indicated that a "few seconds" after the shot was fired, he heard "cops and the sirens and the choppers."

That's incredibly fast response time. How could the witness hear cops and sirens and choppers in just seconds? Wouldn't it take minutes, not seconds, for the authorities to respond? Possibly this was a slip of the tongue by the witness, but maybe not.
DC Sniper - A Likely Scenario
by Salvador Astucia, October 18, 2002

Only a fool would believe the DC Sniper is a crazed individual seeking attention. None of the facts point to such a theory. The recent sniper shootings are the work of a professional killer.

Let's look at his latest victim: Linda Gail Franklin, a 47-year-old analyst at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, shot dead in the parking lot of Seven Corners mall, in Arlington, Virginia, in front of a Home Depot store.

Franklin was a cancer survivor and was recovering from a double mastectomy.(1)

Franklin worked at the FBI as an intelligence operations specialist in the National Infrastructure Protection Center at bureau headquarters. She had only worked for the FBI for 3 1/12 years. Before that, she taught in Department of Defense schools in Japan and Belgium in the 1990s after earning a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Florida's College of Education when she was 31.(2)

Could Franklin be a random victim, or is there more to this story than we're being told?

What really happened?

Franklin was quite possibly silenced by the FBI to prevent her from revealing criminal activity regarding the FBI's participation in the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Franklin's employer, the National Infrastructure Protection Center at the FBI, is the bureau's hi-tech leg for [its domestic terrorism group.*] The Center's website describes its mission as follows:

The National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) serves as a national critical infrastructure threat assessment, warning, vulnerability, and law enforcement investigation and response entity. The NIPC provides timely warnings of international threats, comprehensive analysis and law enforcement investigation and response. The mission of the NIPC is to:

detect, deter, assess, warn, respond, and investigate unlawful acts involving computer and information technologies and unlawful acts, both physical and cyber, that threaten or target our critical infrastructures;
manage computer intrusion investigations;
support law enforcement, counterterrorism, and foreign counterintelligence missions related to cyber crimes and intrusion;
support national security authorities when unlawful acts go beyond crime and are foreign-sponsored attacks on United States interests; and
coordinate training for cyber investigators and infrastructure protectors in government and the private sector.(3)

Since Franklin had only worked for the FBI for 3 1/2 years, she probably had not yet become totally absorbed in the FBI's intelligence cult, but was likely aware of several unethical and criminal activities.

Add to that her serious medical condition.

Because of her recent battle with cancer, Franklin may have wanted to reveal information she knew about the sniper shootings and possibly about 9-11. When one is about to meet one's maker, it is normal to want to set things right as much as possible before leaving this world.

Franklin's execution was likely planned in advance so the police could respond instantly, block traffic unnecessarily, thereby creating a sense of terror in the public's collective mind. And why frighten the public in such a manner? To prepare them for war with Iraq as part of the ongoing War on Terrorism.

This scenario explains why it only took about a minute to get police and choppers to the crime scene.(4)

Trying to escape the shooting scene by automobile is a remote and ridiculous possibility. Anyone familiar with Seven Corners knows this is absurd.

A decoy individual (someone who looks like a criminal) was likely sent to the crime scene to throw the public off.

The story about a white or cream-colored van was either a fictitious cover story or the van was used as a decoy by a conspirator other than the shooter.

The real killer probably murdered his target, placed his rifle in a convenient hiding place and casually walked away. He may have even walked into the crowd of panicked people at Seven Corners mall. Or he may have walked to a nearby apartment or house of an accomplice. Who knows? Maybe he hopped on one of the FBI choppers with his weapon, and got a quick ride home. If the killer was someone like FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, this certainly could have been the scenario.

Other questions

Why did the police stop traffic? They created a huge backup on Interstate 66 and Route 50. This was completely unnecessary. The police claimed to be looking for the white/cream-colored van driven by the killer. If the police truly thought the murderer was traveling in such a vehicle, why didn't they broadcast a description of the van on all the local TV/radio news stations and ask people to call in license plates of similar looking vehicles? This would have been a more efficient method of tracking down the vehicle than creating a colossal traffic jam.

Why would a genuine sniper attempt to flee the murder scene by automobile in a highly congested area like Seven Corners, Virginia? If he in fact made such an attempt, how could he possibly escape? If he did in fact escape the way we're told, why would he put himself in such a risky situation?

The more questions one asks, the less sense the whole story makes.

I do not claim to have all the answers, but the public needs to be aware of just how corrupt the United States government has become. It's not safe for citizens to believe our elected officials are looking out for our welfare when they are obviously killing us right and left in the pursuit of war, money, [maintaining a Jewish homeland for the descendants of Khazars of Eastern Europe], and other hidden agendas.


Timeline of Shootings

Oct. 2, 5:20 p.m: Windows shot at craft store in the unincorporated Aspen Hill area of Montgomery County, Md. No one hurt.

Oct. 2, 6:04 p.m.: James D. Martin, 55, of Silver Spring, Md., killed in grocery store parking lot in nearby Wheaton, Montgomery County.

Oct. 3, 7:41 a.m.: James L. ``Sonny'' Buchanan, 39, of Arlington, Va., killed while cutting grass at an auto dealership in unincorporated White Flint area of Montgomery County.

Oct. 3, 8:12 a.m.: Taxi driver Prem Kumar Walekar, 54, of Olney, Md., killed at gas station in Rockville, Montgomery County.

Oct. 3, 8:37 a.m.: Sarah Ramos, 34, of Silver Spring killed outside Silver Spring post office. (Montgomery County)

Oct. 3, 9:58 a.m.: Lori Ann Lewis-Rivera, 25, of Silver Spring slain as she vacuumed her van at a gas station in Kensington, Montgomery County.

Oct. 3, 9:15 p.m.: Pascal Charlot, 72, of Washington, D.C., killed while standing on a Washington street.

Oct. 4, 2:30 p.m.: 43-year-old woman wounded in craft store parking lot in Fredericksburg, Va. (Spotsylvania County).

Oct. 7, 8:09 a.m.: 13-year-old boy wounded as he is dropped off at school in Bowie, Md. (Prince George's County).

Oct. 9, 8:15 p.m.: Dean Harold Meyers, 53, of Gaithersburg, Md., killed at gas station in Manassas, Va. (Prince William County).

Oct. 11, 9:30 a.m.: Kenneth H. Bridges, 53, of Philadelphia, killed at a gas station in Fredericksburg.

Oct. 14, 9:15 p.m.: Linda Franklin, 47, of Arlington, Va., fatally shot at Home Depot store in Falls Church, Va. (Fairfax County).(5)

[* I originally wrote that the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center (where Home Depot shooting victim Linda Gail Franklin worked) is the bureau's hi-tech leg for Homeland Security, but Domestic Terrorism is a more accurate description. 10/19/02]


(1) Jacqueline L. Salmon and William Branigin, Washington Post article, "Victim Was Vivacious, A Cancer Survivor: FBI Analyst About To Be a Grandmother," October 15, 2002

(2) ibid

(3) National Infrastructure Protection Center's website, October 18, 2002


(4) An unidentified male eye witness described the shooting to WRC-TV Channel 4 News reporter Pat Collins shortly after the shooting. He told Collins that he heard the shot, pulled over, and "a few seconds later we heard the cops and the sirens and the choppers."

(5) Associated Press, "Timeline of D.C. Sniper Shootings," October 15, 2002, appeared in Austin Amerian-Statesman

Source: http://www.themedianews.com/DAGGER/Front%20Page/dc_sniper.htm
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