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A vote for Kerry is a vote for Bush:Cancer or the Plague-You get to Choose!

the 2004 Election
  A vote for Kerry is a vote for Bush-Cancer or the Plague:You get to Choose !

This election year the choice will be between Republican Bush,a millionarie Yale alumnus and member of the secret elite "Skull and Bones" society and Democrat Kerry, a millionarie Yale alumnus and member of the secret elite "Skull and Bones" society.

Bush's wealth is well known but people forget the that Kerry has the same class elite background.Little is said about his speed boat(the Scaramouche) that cost $750,000 and he paid in cash for, nor is it mention the palatial spa in Aspen he owns.Kerry castigates Bush for "special favors for special interests" but Kerry like Bush collects special interest money.

Kerry supported Bush's illegal predatory wars in Irag and Afganistan and attacks the democrated elected President of Venezuela, President Chavez.Voted for the Patroit Act,NAFTA,most of Bush's appointment's to govermental postions and tax program .

Now in his fourth term in the U.S. Senate, Kerry has been spectacularly unimpressive legislator, having organized the passage of just 7 bills, out of of 317 introduced durning 20 years. One of the bills he helped pass was Plan Colombia (1999) which among other things involves sending of military "advisors" to the brutal right-wing goverment(9 out of 10 trade unionists killed around the world are from Colombia) and the bill authorizes the chemical defoliation of rain forest.Under this legisation, 325,00 acres of it has been destoyed(another country that never attacked the U.S.) being sprayed with toxins in a phoney "War on Drugs" while cocaine production in that country has increased by 11 percent.

It is reported that Senator Kerry is connected to Enron, and to Enron's bank Citigroup through his multi-millionariess wife, whose HEINZ Environmental Defense Fund has Ken Lay on it's board of directors.Citigroup has been a major contributor to Kerry's various campaigns.In 1995 Kerry cast the deciding vote to overide Clinton's veto of the very bill used by Enron and Citigroup to conduct their well-known consumer rip-offs.So much for clean goverment.

So we face an election in which both major party candidates enjoy unbelieveable wealth and power, and both support U.S. military agression overseas and austerity for the already impoverished at home.The Democrats and Repbulicans are two-sides of the same coin.Both candidates represent the parties of big-business capitalist class, and no matter who wins , it will be a goverment by and for the rich.

Many people have an "anyone but Bush" approach to the elections.Many support Kerry only because of his alleged "electability".But anyone who works for a living can be sure that under Kerry- the bosses,the bankers and the landlords of capital will prosper and rule.Kerry has never once challenged their rule, and he will certainly not do so if elected.Choosing a "lesser evil" is not a"democracy".The super-rich elite control both parties, working people urgently need a political party of our own-a mass party of labor based on the unions( a union for every worker and one that is not under the thumb of the "labor artistocracy"who hold workers to the Democrats who betray them election afer election) with a socialist program, to fight for our interests against Bush, Kerry and all the other greedy exploiters the Democrats and Republicans uniformly represent.

Socialist Appeal-  http://www.socialistappeal.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.socialistappeal.org

socialist alternative as a possiblity 06.Apr.2004 21:03

politics as possible

This is a good link. Check it out for a consistent statement of a different alternative:


Well... 09.Apr.2004 18:54


I guess I'll choose...Cancer, then?
Whatever Kerry gives me.

me 11.Apr.2004 01:18


since not all cancers are immediately deadly, it seems wise. AGREED!

I guess its cancer 30.May.2004 17:32


I'm sorry, but I'm one of those " anything but Bush " voters.
I mean, what is the other choice ? Kucinich don't stand a prayer
to be President. I think Kerry would be at least better than Bush ,
So what, if they both are rich. Don't you have to be rich to be
a president,,,,look at how much money it cost's. All those ads, etc.

It is sad really that people have to be rich to be president.
It's like there are all these lops out here that can't make up their
silly minds unless they see some Ad telling them how to vote.

Kucinich would be the best man for the job, and the best man to represent
me, a poor person . But he isn't going to win and so at least, for this year,
I"m voting Kerry.

He is , at least in my opinion, the lessor of two evils.