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Air America-AM620

The only progressive radio station-NOT
Its great to hear another dump on Bush radio commentary. One problem with the latest is that it

seems to support smart imerialism. Thus between rush and and the so called progressive station is oligopoly. Or we need more troops.

Bummer about Nader. One thing that could be worth investigating is why one have a convention without counting the number of participants to have a quorum to put ralph on the ballot. Or what happen to the 300 or so ballots. Why did not somebody call a friend? How come this shortage was not noticed sooner. Why is it too late to put this dudu on the ballot?
Anyone heard Chuck D's show yet? 07.Apr.2004 19:27

skull and bones radio

hard to imagine chuck d is not speaking out about the war bullshit. if he is in any way promoting kerry and/or 'finishing the job' in Iraq- they got him.

Not they got to him- like in the old days it was a payoff or a threat.

Now, with their fancy technology... they can literally just control people. what is it an implant? a face transplant? chemtrails or vaccines? i don't know but there is some weird shit going on.

for instance- nader needs 1000 people, so he holds a big event on the same night Kucinich in in town... why on earth didn't they coordinate the event together? itsa no-brainer and nader gets his 1000 for the ballot.

according to a comment here:

Nader bashed bush for 20 minutes... then didn't seem to know anything about peak oil? He didn't have any comments on the newly published theory that peak oil is bogus... russians say they've discovered that oil is abiotic ... formed deep in the center of the earth... the whole fossil fuel theory was a big myth.

Nader didn't have any knowledge on this subject? it can't be the real Nader.