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Solidarity With Nepalese Armed Resistance Against US Troop Invaders!!!

Solidarity With Nepalese Armed Resistance Against US Troop Invaders!

Dear Comrades,

The Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network, has learned from an emergency communique issued on the lists of the International League of People's Struggle, that the US Imperialists have sent their GI Mercenary Goons to aid in putting down the Maoist Revolution in Nepal. We ask our comrades, readers, and friends, to protest and denounce this action, and to demand solidarity with the glorious anti-US armed resistance of the Nepal people.

The Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network, is a Pro-Iraqi Resistance Front, with parameters in Palestine, Syria, and Afghanistan as well. However, such as the occasion of the US sponsored coup in Haiti, it is our policy to affirm the following:

1. The rights of nations to self-determination as the foremost collective human right.

Knowing that the US the pig enemy of all of progressive humanity, stretching its tentacles as far as it can grab, we hail the gun as the primary mode in our era of fierce anti-imperialist class struggle. That is to say, no matter our ideological differences, we stand with the Independence forces, safeguarding and liberating the working masses, and salute their resistance, particularly armed resistance. We declare that all those with reservations about supporting the Nepalese Revolution, should do so now, if for no other reason that is in a life and death gun barrel battle with US Imperialism, our mortal enemy.

2. The need for principled stances.

Most anti-war, anti-globalist, and "leftist" forces in the west, and in particularly the US are dominated by opportunist elements, who far from being misguided, are very real enemies of resistance and class struggle. We reject being the "left wing" of the Imperialist/Zionist pole, and call for red lines of demarcation as litmus tests between anti-imperialists and imperialists. We do so without stuttering or reservation, and stand with all pro-resistance forces, everywhere, whatever our differences. The very key litmus test is ones stance with regards to resistance, especially armed resistance in the periphery countries. We say yes, to the armed resistance to US imperialist dictates! This is the sole and valid stance. Their are no qualifications or excuses. One is either an internationalist, that is opposed to Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism, or they aren't.

Now then the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network, whose members have a history of networking with various pro-resistance in the periphery, makes its self available to the armed liberation forces in Nepal. We would especially be delighted if their leadership issued a statement, or made us aware of statements already issued with regards to supporting the anti-US/anti-Zionist armed resistance in Iraq and Palestine.

Solidarity With Nepalese Armed Resistance Against US Troop Invaders!!!
Death to all Mercenaries and Imperialist boot lickers Everywhere!!!
Victory to Iraqi in the War of National Liberation!!!
Death to US Imperialism and its GI Mercenary Goons!!!
Long Live Palestine, Free and Arab, FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA!!!
Death the Zionist Entity!!!

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Nice post jackass 08.Apr.2004 07:57

gekko gekko_26@hotmail.com

all right!!!! Armed Armchair Activist!!!!
about as useful as armchair generals gunning for the invasion of Iraq.