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GI Hotline- there is a way out

The army ruthlessly recruits poor high school kids... they are desperate. Did you know they sign up kids still in high school, the 'deferred enlistment program' ... the kids can barely read or write, not old enough to vote, but old enough to sign their life away. Once in there, they're constantly told that they must complete their term or else they'll get a dishonorable discharge and they'll never get a job.

This. is. Sick!
if you see one of these at your local middle or high school- DO SOMETHING
if you see one of these at your local middle or high school- DO SOMETHING
can't read or write at a 6th grade level, but can pull the trigger just fine
can't read or write at a 6th grade level, but can pull the trigger just fine
Anyone know how much recruiters make... i'm sure it's on a commission basis. How can recruiters live with themselves, knowing they are signing these kids up to be killers, to be poisoned, maimed or killed?

The GI Rights Hotline- if they tell you there is no way out- they are lying.
(800) 394-9544
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three articles linked-

The Poverty Draft
The US Military has long targeted the working class to
become cannon fodder -, from roping in starving Irish
immigrants to fight in the US Civil War, to today's
JROTC programs invading our impoverished public
schools. The draft of the Vietnam era forced poor
people and people of color into the military's lowest,
deadliest ranks. Today's "poverty draft" is more
devious, but just as effective.

Recruiters are relentlessly using marketing strategies
to woo low income youths with little prospects for
education and good jobs into the armed forces.
Painting the Army as a kind of job training and
vocational school, and simultaneously as a financial
aid institution, recruiters get youths in high school
to sign up to the DEP (Deferred Enlistment Program).
When young people try and back out of enlisting,
recruiters often lie and tell them it is impossible or
illegal to drop out.

Army Adventure Vans
$2 billion/yr to market to underprivledged youth, during school time!
The high schools and teachers are complicit! They have recruiters full time in the schools, and the 'guidance counselors' are taught to direct kids 'in need of direction' towards the great army jobs training.
Those guidance couselors have the hottest places in hell reserved for them.

What are the Recruiting Vans?

* Five Army Cinema Vans, each equipped with nine slide projectors and three screens.
* Six Multiple Exhibit Vehicles, these are equipped with state of the art DVD presentations and can be viewed in the vehicle or brought into the schools.
* Four Rockwalls, carries 6 recruiters, and is a rock climbing wall for youth.
* The Army Adventure Van & The Armor Experience, featuring an M-1 tank simulator, a Cobra helicopter simulator, and a "Weaponeer" -- an M-16 rifle simulator. The Weaponeer provides each student with a printout showing exactly where each "hit" tore through their depersonalized, but human, target.
* Four Air Force ROVers, specially refitted recreational vehicles wrapped in bold Air Force graphics and includes an F-16 minijet.
* Five Navy Exhibit Centers include a "Nuclear Power Van," and an "America's Sea Power Van."

more here, including ways to counter-recruit- these kids deserve the full truth about the consequences of joining the army

consequences like DU contamination- 4 troops return from iraq test positive for du inhalation

Half of all recruits to Army read at level of 11-year-olds

A confidential study into the educational standards of soldiers has revealed that half of all new infantry recruits only have the reading and writing skills of 11-year-olds.

Could the dumbing down of America (and the UK) be intentional... like the well educated do not sign up for the army. Maybe this is related to that tv study... ADD caused by too much tv, rapid image switching, etc at a young age. Save yourself and your kids- unplug the tv. after the intial shock and tremors... you can learn to enjoy life more without tv. all the news you need to know is here on the net.

The GI Rights Hotline- if they tell you there is no way out- they are lying.
(800) 394-9544
distribute widely
how it happens 06.Apr.2004 13:03

paris fan


I remember how it started, remember the time
I was watchin' Rap City 'bout a quarter to nine
Commercial said the military givin' money for school
Caught the bus up to my campus - they was signin' recruits
And met this dude named Diablo, was some kinda vet
He explained the situation, told me what to expect
He said, "We'll help you pay for college - and train you for work"
Said I could take computer classes and could quit if I want
But best of all was the fact I'd - have my own shit
I'd have my own space and have my own place to kick it
On top of that I'd travel - and visit the world
Hell, Diablo said the women overseas was the pearl
Didn't even call my girl - let's get it on fo' sho'
Signed my name, took some tests and I was outta the door
A true soldier for America - ready to go
On the road - a vacation'll be good for the soul

Don't mind what they sayin', no
They lie in what they say fa' sho
They don't play when it come to war
Ya know they get down, they get down, they get down

I showed up at basic training, but what a mistake
'Cause this motherfuckas yellin' at me all in my face
In this dirty-ass latrine, fifty men in a room
Runnin' laps up in the mud at 4 o clock in the mornin'
Was scrubbin' toilets, doin' laundry, and feelin' the pain
If I didn't know no better I'd think "Boy" was my name
Same bullshit line - so many bit 'fore me
Got a nigga twisted up in this illusion of freedom
Fuck this shit - I'm out tomorrow, made up my mind
Everything Diablo said I'm findin' out was a lie
That's when my unit got the call, the Commander in Chief
Wanted ground troop assignments keepin' peace in the East
What a relief, I'm thinkin' finally something new
Shipped us off and twenty hours later we was en route
Touched down around eleven - the desert was brutal
Then the ground split and caught us by surprise from the shootin'

Don't mind what they sayin', no
They lie in what they say fa' sho
They don't play when it come to war
Ya know they get down, they get down, they get down

It was all surreal, seen 'em blow the spine out his back
In a mine field, we was reelin' from the attack
Seen the MO's hand upon the receiver, still attached
With no arm in it - set off the beacon, then I mashed
To the first truck, blood and guts splashin'' my face
Cuttin' kids down, couldn't have been no older than 8
What the fuck is goin' on? Who we fightin' and why?
Killin' kids killin' killers, who the fuck is supplyin'?
I'm cryin' out for protection, but none of it came
So I dumped in all directions 'til the heater was drained
But that night vision shit, wasn't helpin' us win
Caught a round of friendly fire but it wasn't so friendly
We simply got lucky - headed back to the base
Seen a soldier rape a woman, shot her dead in the face
Guts stuck to my clothes, body parts galore
If this a peace-keepin' mission, I ain't ready for war
And now I'm back home bitter, and sick and contagious
And knowin' we some bullies, that's why everyone hates us
Still broke than a motherfucka, niggas is starvin'
And that job trainin' shit is only good for the Army
I guess I shoulda been a C.O., and kept up a file
Shoulda listened when my homie said we murder for oil
Now I'm fuckin' with this wheelchair, ain't nothin' the same
And I'm knowin' confrontations more than video games
War is pain

play this song on loudspeakers while the recruiters try to lure the youngsters with promises of glory.

You'd be surprised to learn the truth... 06.Apr.2004 17:41


Military recruiters are paid only for the annual income their rank provides. Basically, sergeants are told that if they want to put themselves on the fast track to promotion, they need to work as drill sergeants, recruiters or at the training site that provided their individual job skill.

Once qualified as a recruiter, their lives change dramatically. If they don't meet a certain quota for the quarter, the recruiters receive negative evaluations and are put under a lot of pressure. If they exceed the quota, the recruiters basically get a pat on the back via a positive evaluation. Sorry...no commissions. After all, this is the military and not the corporate world. Most of them end up wishing they'd never become a recruiter.

The most surprising thing you might discover is that there is no evil intent in all of this. The recruiter thinks he/she is doing something good for their career and they start off liking the assignment. Imagine a "Big Brother/Big Sister" mentality as they meet with high school seniors. Then suddenly their lives are turned into a living hell by their supervisors...much like the way most of us are treated like crap by our bosses.

8 times out of 10 it's the system that sucks....not those who end up working under it.

totally 06.Apr.2004 20:12

its da system

i agree the recruiters themselves may feel trapped and the system does suck.

but this is where it has to start- with one brave recruiter - standing up and saying ENOUGH!

i am not going to continue to deceive these kids just so they can get a promotion, it's time to stand up as an individual and say FUCK THIS SHIT!

Once that recruiter stands up and overturns his table and starts screaming to all the kids- don't join the army....

One soldier doing the same thing in falluja tomorrow. If only...