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Oxygen Collective Is On The Road

The Oxygen Collective is on the road! The Forest and Fire Roadshow is now in full swing. We all miss the beauty and love of the Siskiyou mountains and valleys, but it has been an inspiring four days on the road for the forest.

We have already given three presentations in Oregon and California, performed hours and hours of outreach on stilts and travelled hundreds of miles on board the biodiesel bus. And we are just getting started.

Picture nine people living on a bus. Four cell phones, five wireless laptops, two video and four still cameras, four pairs of stilts and one fifteen foot metal tripod. It is a sunrise to midnight odyssey.

Our energy remains high and our trip bird list is already over 60 so we could hardly imagine a better project to be part of. Continue on here for updates from each stop and check back every couple days for more updates.
Forests Need Fire Salvage Logging Is A Hoax
Forests Need Fire Salvage Logging Is A Hoax
Taklima, OR: Our first performance was an offering to a Siskiyou community that has fought for their forests for decades. It was with a great deal of trepidation that we stood before the crowd of 85, but our worries were for naught. The folk of the Illinois Valley were amazingly generous with their applause and their donations. We were still figuring our way before a crowd and the IV input has been invaluable.

Chico, CA: We had two days in Chico and used every minute. Our push was for letters to Senators Boxer and Feinstein and we didn't leave town until we had 100 handwritten, many from our stiltwalking and tabling at Saturday Market. We also spent an afternoon in a downtown park giving four trainings to dozens of people. It was in the park that we refueled with 40 gallons of biodiesel made by local activists from reclaimed veggie oil. Our Chico stop also included four radio interviews, network television interviews and a newspaper story.

Mills College, Oakland: By our third presentation, we were finally tightening up. We also got a 100% response from our request to the audience to write letters. But our great success at this women's college has been a commitment from five women to come to the Siskiyou this Summer to work to defend the forest. Oh yeah, and we identified an Allen's Hummingbird. Cool.

Continue to check out our website at  http://o2collective.org for continuing stories of our roadshow!

homepage: homepage: http://o2collective.org

Tour Dates 06.Apr.2004 13:07


7 Davis: on the quad 11-1 p.m. UCD Lecture 5pm Presentation UCD (Wellman 106) 7pm
8 Davis: Community trainings and classroom presentations UCD
9 San Francisco: Presentation Cell Space 9pm
10 Palo Alto: Presentation Stanford University (History Corner 2) 7pm
12 Arcata: Presentation HSU Founders Hall 118 7pm
13 Arcata: Workshops at Redwood Peace & Justice Center 12-4 p.m.
14 Portland: Presentation PSU Smith Center 327 7pm
15 Portland: Trainings & classrooms PSU, 15 Portland: Presentation Reed College Student Union 7pm
16 Bellingham: Presentation WWU (Mac Gymnasium) 7pm
17 Bellingham: Community trainings and classroom presentations WWU
18 Olympia: Presentation Evergreen State College Lect. Hall 1 6pm
19 Olympia: Community trainings and classroom visits at Evergreen
20 Eugene: Presentation UO Willamette 100 7pm
21 Eugene: UO Amphitheatre noon, workshops and classroom visits UO
22 Corvallis: Earth Day outreach at OSu Stilt walkers and letterwriting!
24 Bend: Presentation at Dechutes Community College
30 Ashland: Fernando Juarez at 7 p.m. at Britt Hall SOU, after party at Jazbo's

1 Ashland: Act For The Earth Conference SOU 7pm

keep up the reports, o2 kids! 06.Apr.2004 13:54


i met some y'all in ashland aways back. good to see you're still doing great work, and looking forward to seeing you in PDX! keep postin' to indymedia about how it's going!

minor correction 06.Apr.2004 14:11


The Bend event will be at Central Oregon Community College.

Is it true? 06.Apr.2004 17:45

Rumor miller

Sisters of the Revolution and the Oxygen Collective will be at the Village Building Convergence in Portland in May?

Bellingham location 13.Apr.2004 10:33


Bellingham presentation location is WWU Fraser Hall rm #3
Workhops are in rm 567 Sat, 17th 10am