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American troops deployed in Nepal against peoples war

American Army deployed against People's War
5 April, Western central Command of People's Liberation Army PLA said to the KrishnaSen Sambad Samity KSS (News Agency) that American Army had been seen deployed to block PLA, on the way while return from Beni raid. Beni District headquarter was taken over by the Maoist PLA for 13 hours on 20 and 21 March. The American government had been providing dollars, weapons and military assistance to the Royal Terrorist of Nepal to kill the Nepalese revolutionaries. Since Beni takeover, Americam Army seems to have directly taken part in the battlefield. KSS further said, "The situation has risen for all patriotic forces come on the battlefield to fight against Gyandenra's national betrayal of deploying foreign forces against the justful struggle of the Nepalese people". In the meanwhile, Girija Prasad Koirala, the President of Nepali Congress, speaking to the BBC Nepali service on 4 April said, "rastrako astitwo mathi sankat pareko chha" (there is crisis over the existence of the state). While the PLA has been giving severe blows to the Royal American terrorists on the ground and the struggle of the five Parliamentary Parties is taking shape towards Republican set up by overthrowing the feudal despotic monarchy, America is espousing now by directly deploying its army, already landed in Nepal.

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this is not of U.S. interest.... 06.Apr.2004 09:58

so what can we do about it???

amerikkka land of the free to sit by and watch die.... dont worry though, one criteria we measure u.s. most livable cities ... by how many starbucks they contain