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Urgent news from iraq - from Eman Khammas of Occupation Watch Center

Forwarded mail from Ms Eman of Occupation Watch Centre in Baghdad through Mr. Asai Kenji, a journalist in Japan.
Iraqi cities are being sieged and bombed by missiles and tanks. Sadr, Adamiya, Kufa, Falloja, Shula and others. Civilians are being killed. The high way to Falluja is closed. News from Falluja say that bodies are lying in the streets, no ambullances, no water, no electricity. Journalists are not allowed in, cameras are smashed. They say this will go on for days. Please help.


homepage: homepage: http://ilps2001.com

can you give us more to go on... 06.Apr.2004 09:31


some references, sites, journalists (if there are any left that are not prostitutes) or news agencies. I dont doubt what you're saying but I need to send the message to others who will.

It's a forwarded message 06.Apr.2004 11:06

random supporter

So it doesn't seem likely that we can get much more information. The information coming out of Occupation Watch is spotty due to extrememly limited resources, often lack of electricity and water. So just that this came out is a small miracle in itself. Not to mention they take some serious risks in reporting at all from Baghdad. As stated, there is tight control on information, embedded journalists and all that.

But if you need some more proof, have a look at news.google.com. The major media stories coming out at present seem to clearly identify this situation, albeit with an establishmentarian view.

Operation Vigilant Resolve 06.Apr.2004 11:30

random supporter

Something I had not peiced together as of yet is the name of this current operation: operation vigilant resolve. Do a search for that on news.google.com and you'll see it's being covered by major media everywhere. The thing that they are leaving out is just what the situation on the ground really is. They say "searching for insurgents in Falluja connected to the slaying of 4 civilians". What should be said is "locked down the city of Falluja, denying them water, electricity, and emergency medical services, while continuing to bombard the area, leaving the dead and dying in the streets, in reprisal for the death of 4 mercenaries last week"

Typical for the major media though ain't it?