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Poem about Iraqi Resisitence

a bit of fluff...
The Iraqi Resistence grows undetered
The reasons why I have recently heard
While being occupied is the cruelest cut
Underneath it all is also JP Crupp
The truth that the US is home
to that Songun Politics gnome
Sends the Iraqis up in arms
For reactionary mullahs are better than N. Korean farms
JP gives the Iraqis the heebeegeebees
For he makes the Baathists look like BeeGees
They know difficult questions he likes to duck
and his self-congratulatory postings really suck
In the end, the Iraqis are better educated than we
On the lessons of political pathology
So to build solidarity with the Iraqis
Down with Bush and folks like JP
In Defense of Pro-Resistance Principles: A Reply to Comrade Anon 06.Apr.2004 15:15

John Paul Cupp iraqiresistancesolidarity@yahoo.com

Dear Comrade Anon,

I have read you "poem" and request you read and respond to my response.

1. Regarding the Ba'ath

For starters I have never suggested the Ba'athist leadership did not committ both errors and serious crimes in Iraq. That is to say, were I have stood by the Juche idea and Socialism as universal models, i have not done so with Ba'ath "socialism". Neither have any of my collegues.

However, that said, lets look at why the US Imperialists and the Zionist Entity are demonizing President Saddam Hussein. We already know the Imperialists and Zionist know nothing about "human rights", and if fact the US is the greatest human rights violator in modern world history. Its very origans are vulgarity and the dehumanization of colonialism.

A. On Saddam Hussein

The Demonization of Saddam Hussein is because since the early 1990's no Arab leader has stood up to the Imperialists and the Zionist Entity Like Saddam Hussein. What is universally understood by the Arab anti-imperialists, is that Saddam is so badly hated for 4 main reasons:

1. He is a Pan-Arabist, that is he is an advocate of The unification of the Arab Nation, as opposed to the colonial balkanization (divide and conquer) of the Imperialists and Zionists.

2. He is an Anti-Zionist, and always to his credit has been. Were the US and Zionist Entity has its compradors and capitualators, Saddam has stood by the stance of the overwhelming sentiment of the Arab Streets, in rejecting normalization of relations with the Zionist Entiy, and of Rejecting it "right to exist". If Saddam Hussein was a threat to so-called "israel", that is great. This is what is meant by Saddam being a "threat to his neighbors".

3. He has stood up to the US. One could talk in detail with principled and valid concerns about husseins leadership, particularly with regards to the needless bloodshed of the Iraq-Iran war. This is all well and good, but regardless of what one thinks of Saddam Hussein, the Moral beacon, or the personality, since the heroic "occupation" of Kuwait, Saddam has steadfastly defended Iraqi Patroticism and Independence. It is in this era, that much of the Anti-Imperialist Dissendants of Iraqi Origan began organizing with the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance to provide a principled anti-US/Anti-zionist alternative to the Country selling Zionist-proxy country seller, the Iraqi National Congress, headed by the pig comprador Chalabri.

4.He was a close ally in theory and Practice of the Palestinian Cause.

Saddam Hussein is deeply revered by huge sectors of Arab Palestinians as they heroicly face the continued Zionist onslaught and massacre. Saddam Hussein has for years mandated, with the huge support of the Iraqi masses, safe keeping and livablity for the Palestinian Arabs living in Iraq. He has sent in huge amounts of food even as Iraq was embargoed, why? He has provided safe haven for Palestinian Resistance Fighters, including the Martyred Comrade-in-Arms Abu Abbas. In fact, virtually every major faction of importance including the Popular Front For the Liberation of Palestine ( the main Marxist/leftis group in Palestine), Al Aqsa Martrys, and the Hamas, have repeatedly waved plaquareds of Saddam Hussein, and at Saddam's Capture Came out to show their solidarity in a very open way.

B. Regarding the Ba'ath.

The Ba'athist Revolution of 1958 is what liberated Iraq from the yoke of British colonialism and its vicious "mandate". Ba'athism is greater than Saddam Hussein, or even the Syrian Ba'athists. It is a petit bourgiese progressive Arab force, advocating Socialism and Arab Unification. Saddam Hussein did not fully come to power until the late 1970's. That is to say many import Ba'ath leaders in Iraq right now are "clean" with regards to the Iran-Iraq War, as well as the Anti-imperialist Communists, such at the Democratic Communists and the Iraqi Communist Party (Al-cadre). The general sentiment I have gotten from them is that were they militantly opposed the Iran-Iraq war, for invading Iran, they also condemned Iran, when their territory was liberated, for invading Iraq. This is the sentiment I got right out of the mouth of Awni Al Kalemji, International Spokesman of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance. You are wrong, if you assume Ba'athism is a stagnent unpopular, or reactionary force in Iraq. Ba'athism is a ground to unite Sunni and Shia as one is a way communism has failed to in the Arab World. It has been clearly pointed out that with regards to the Saddam, and the waving of his picture in Tikrit or Al-fallujah, that more than anything it is a symbol of defiance, which means it is to be overwhelmingly more supported than opposed.

C. Regarding supporting the Saddam Hussein Ba'athists.

Every major faction fighting the occupation has clarified that Saddam Hussein, up until his arrest has a major leader of the resistance, and that his faction of the Ba'ath counted for roughly 30% of the resistance. They are repeatedly clear and correct, that the primary contradiction in Iraq right now is between the masses on the one hand and the Imperialists/Zionists/Pro-Imperialist Capitulators, on the other, principle the Occupation. That is to say, the goal is to create the national liberation and unified forces and cohesion necassary to defeat the occupiers, sending US Troops home in coffins or carrying one. The primary contradiction is not with Saddam Hussein. It is not even a secondary concern. The lesson from this is that we in the US should be clear about is our support for the Iraqi Anti-Occupation Resistance, including Armed Resistance, WHAT EVER FACTIONS OR IDEOLOGY THE PEOPLE OF IRAQ CHOOSE TO SUPPORT WHEN THEY RESIST.

2. Socialist Korea!

No nation on earth has stood up the US in particular, and to imperialism/zionism, etc in general like the DPRK. Their are other nations and whose stance deserves our support such as Zimbabwe, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Venezuala, only to name a few. Also, their are armeed resistance movements in Palestine, Colombia, Nepal, etc, that deserve our support and admiration, but it is Socialist Korea which deals the greatest blows.

Lets look at the DPRK with regards to "Human Rights" comrade Anon.

A. National Self-determination.

The Greatest human rights abuse committed against a people to violate their collective right to self-determination. The DPRK has stood up to Japanese Colonialism and the US Imperialism winning heroic People's Wars against the Occupiers. Now when the US interferes in the affairs of other nations, most typically through Pro-US dictators, the DPRK standes tall and mighty, bringing Dignity to Koreans, a people who have suffered national humiliation for about a century, and with a deep and rich history of identity and pride.

B. The Working Masses.
The DPRK is a fully socialist society, even more so than say Cuba, who I also support. The DPRK is a planned economy. All goods and services are for the interests of the masses. All essential means of production are in the hands of either the state or the workers directly. Comrade KIM IL SUNG, was responsible for the Tanean Work System, after being frustrated with the Stalinistic Burocracy of most work systems in socialist countries. The Tanean work system provide direct worker and local control unheard of anywere else in the world. I will post a diagram on this on Indymedia, again, but I am consistantly composted. The tanean system is more democratic than anything around.

C. Women's Rights

Their are clear arguements you could have with me regards past statements, or behavior, as sexists, but that would not apply to the DPRK. The women are fully intergrated in the army, which in any society the gun is the determining factor. The DPRK has outlawed prostitution, etc. They have clear rights of woment to work, which may seem basic here, but were not taken for granted here at the time the dprk advanced such ideas. Women hold more influence in the Worker's Party and the Supreme People's assembly than any socialist state since. Sex crimes are harshly punished and extremely rare. One would not whistle at a female at a bus stop as in the US. The songun age is comradeship.
D. Peasants.
The peasants are involved in both state run food farms and aslo small collective farm projects. These sorts of theme may be understood now, but in their day they were shocking and rare.

E. Regarding "Human Rights Watch"

This is an organization funded and founded by George Soros a Zionist Billionare and closely aided by the CIA since the cold war. My Comrade in the UK was in the DPRK (and has been 6 times) and stood right next to were a doctored photo of a prison camp or some horse shit. I have done a lot of corresponding to regards of the DPRK so called "human rights groups" but do not respond to stupidity or provacatours.

Now Comrade, my time on the computer is running short i beg your response, particularly regarding What Pro-Resistance, and anti-zionism should be built on in the US. What you will find is build it, what ever its flaws, and the opertunists will come, CRYING AND WHINING.

Good day friend. Please Keep what i say in mind.