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Tre Nedds Letters of Refrence Attesting to his Good Character

I spoke with Tre last night and he may have a bail hearing coming up, as early as this week!
Tre sounded well, and is very excited about the possibility of his being released on bail. He says he will make it to all his court dates, but "really needs to get outta" the jail, where he is being held in solitary. For his bond hearing he will need as many letters as possible attesting to his good character, the fact that he is not a threat to anyone, and not a flight risk.

Letters should include:

your legal name,
your 'title' (student, business owner, etc.)
How you know Tre and for how long,
testimony about his good character,
the fact that he is not a threat to anyone
the assurance that Tre will show up for his court dates, and will not commit any crimes, while on bail.

Letters should be faxed, or emailed as documents, to his attorney, Tim Russel. This request is very time sensitive: please fax or email you letter in the next day or two, as his attorney needs to have them before the hearing. Send them to:

Tim Russel
fax: 250.480.4910
email:  info@mpblawyers.com
phone: 250.480.1529

You can call or email Tim Russell if you have any questions about your letter

Thank you over and over again for your support!

homepage: homepage: http://trearrow.org
address: address: donations: 125ne 83rd, Portland Oregon 97220

StevetheGreen 06.Apr.2004 08:18

I smell bacon!

Does it strike anyone else as odd that the person who created this thread is asking for the names and the specifics of people who knew Tre????

While this post may very well be legitimate, I would caution anybody who might be concerned about the FBI to think twice about providing any personal information that links you to Tre or his past.

this post is for real 06.Apr.2004 12:13


the author has posted before for the Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund. many people in the community (including myself) know her personally. also, i for one can attest that she indeed is herself making this request, as posted above, since i've witnessed her making this request to people in person, too. (that is to say, this isn't a troll posting under her name.)

please consider this post thoroughly fact-checked and confirmed as real, and thank you for your concern!



I have spoken to Tre about this issue. But my word is as good as the person who posted the original message. Anyone who questions the reason for sending Tim Russell character reference letters, please call him to confirm.

Tim Russell: 1.250.480.1529

Please Send Letters 06.Apr.2004 13:59

For Tre

Tre needs our help. Let's add fuel to the fire, so to speak. Please send letters in his support.

sorry I found the weblink 07.Apr.2004 15:23

John Paul Cupp

sorry I didn't see the weblink before.