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The Cost of Bush's COINTEL Terrorism on my Family

We live under a criminal regime. It is violating its own laws, violating the Constitution and waging war against its own citizens. Who will stand up and do something about it?

The Cost of Bush's COINTEL Terrorism on my Family

Author: Stephen DeVoy
The activist that brought down the Information Awareness Office.

The Crimes of the FBI, CIA and Secret Service

Just after the events of 9/11, having realized that the official version of those events was false, I spoke out on the Internet. An agent at the Baltimore Field Office of the FBI took a look at my website, saw my criticism of Bush, my assertions that the FBI was lying about what it would do with its new powers and my active defense of the US Constitution. He responded by initiating a war of online terror, harassment, entrapment, privacy violation and denial of employment against me. He had me fired from my job. He published a false article about me, calling me a terrorist and asking Americans to report me to the FBI, Homeland Security and the Secret Service in order to generate referrals which could then be used to obtain a warrant to place Carnivore in my ISP. He used Carnivore to interfere with my search for employment, discover my personal connections, collect personal information and post it online for the world to read, obtain my medical records and put up a website targeting me with lies, libel and defamation. He also usurped my name and put up fake websites, claiming them to be mine. They are not mine. They put up a fake IndyMedia center to publish fake articles about me.

On his bully website he listed me as enemy number one, higher ranking on his enemy list than Osama bin-Laden and Saddam Hussein. He declared on various Internet forums that I was his "mortal enemy." He then went about organizing a string of criminal acts for which any American not embedded within the FBI would have been arrested, tried, convicted and jailed. He wrote articles calling for the murder of George Bush. He wrote articles calling for activists to shoot members of the Boston Police Department. He posted an online a solicitation to assassinate Henry Kissinger for $1000.00. He committed many similar crimes that I am only partially aware of. He did these things using my name. His goal was to have me arrested for terrorist activity that I have had neither any part of nor support.

He arranged for a job interview at a Houston corporation with direct connections to George Bush. Using the cover of a job interview, he obtained my consent to be investigated for a job. He used that information to further harass and defame me. The information was collected after I had already been turned down for the job.

He monitored my cell phone, determined my location and used it to stalk me. His false, libelous and defamatory articles were used to incite unstable individuals to stalk, harass and assault me. He brought in a CIA and had an agent of the CIA infiltrate my political activities, pose as a friend and attempt to entrap me (all of which did not work). Online he posed as individuals attempting to help me. Through these fake channels he attempted to provoke me to commit online crimes (which also failed). When all of these steps failed to induce me to commit any act for which I could be arrested, he decided to frame me.

The FBI agent, using the CIA asset which infiltrated my political activities, wished to create a case whereby I could be declared a threat to the President. The CIA agent, posing as an activist in Harvard Square during our "Occupation of Harvard Square" attempted to escalate our anti-Bush protest into a criminal act. This CIA agent engaged in activities for which any ordinary American would have been arrested. Any reasonable person would interpret his actions as a call to murder George Bush. He placed an effigy of George Bush on the ground, covered with blood and stomped on it for hours on end, commenting that he knew he could be arrested for it and stating it would be worth it if he were. It was clear to me that he was inviting others to join in his illegal act. Fortunately, I do not believe that any of us fell for it.

The local police were in on it too. When I was in Harvard Square alone, they would harass me. When the CIA agent was there, he could generally get away with his activities. Indeed, despite the fact that he was stomping on the bloodied head of an effigy of George Bush, no Secret Service agent ever investigated him. I find this odd at a time where a man is now sitting in jail for simply making a comment in a restaurant about a "burning bush."

This CIA agent used his access to our political protest as a pretense for photographing and videotaping me. At one point he even asked me to hold up a blank sign with a green patch in the center so he could impose another image upon it. At first I refused, but if I had not held it up, I would have let him know that I suspected that he was an infiltrator. It was important to watch him as long as possible in order to discover what was going on, so I complied.

Shortly after that, a news report in Boston IndyMedia claimed that the Lucy Parsons Center, one of the only two stores carrying my bumper stickers, had received a package or letter in the mail. The Secret Service came to the Lucy Parsons Center already knowing that the package contained something of interest to them. There was an investigation concerning some "image." No one has heard more on this since then.

I began to find myself being followed. When Bush came to Boston I decided not to attend the protest specifically because I believed that there was an active attempt to set me up and that that event would be used as the pretext. Indeed, the CIA and FBI noted that I did not attend by posting remarks on IndyMedia chiding me for not going, insinuating that I was not a "real activist."

The FBI engaged in a long string of abuses using its access to the packet stream of my ISP to modify documents being uploaded and downloaded from my website, thereby giving them the ability to alter my website. They used this mechanism to strip out comments harmful to the Bush Administration, critical of Israel and related to the events of 9/11. After abusing this power for a time, they began to make more malicious alterations of my website, including the alteration of evidence I had collected against them. When I realized that I could no longer control my website, and therefore could not take responsibility for it, I had to stop my primary political activity - posting links to the news and making comments on those links. The FBI had silenced my First Amendment rights. Not only could I no longer freely express myself online, but I could not attend protests as well.

For exposing the FBI's, CIA's and Secret Service's crimes, they threatened to have me arrested, deport my wife and take my daughter away.

The Effect on Various Members of my Family

My Daughter

Before the US Government decided to wage war on a US Citizen for no reason other than his political views and his express of those views, my daughter was a student in a Montessori school. We had chosen a Montessori education because it is inline with our political beliefs about hierarchy. It encourages a non-hierarchical environment where students take active responsibility for their work. It was our desire to continue with a Montessori education for our daughter. By denying me employment and chasing us from our home, my daughter was forced to leave her friends, her favorite school and move to another state where she had no choice but to go to a public school. We've had to endure her indoctrination into values we do not agree with. She still likes school, but she doesn't love it like she once did.

Denial of employment meant denial of healthcare. We now pay for her healthcare directly, out of our pockets for each visit. She had been denied many of the things she would have had if the US Government did not actively prevent my employment (the harassment program admits that this has been one of its goals).

My Wife

My wife has had to live in a situation of much lower income. She has had to live with government surveillance, threats to be deported, a three year delay in obtaining her permanent resident status because the US Government "lost" her application three times. Without any income, she has been unable to visit her family in El Salvador. Her parents are growing older. We do not know how much longer they will live. Due to the US Government's crimes, she cannot visit them.

My Parents

Due to our lack of income, we have become partially dependent upon my parents. They are near the end of their lives. They are retired. During a time they should be enjoying their last years, they have found themselves constrained by the need to help their son, his wife and their granddaughter.

My Self

I have lost more than a quarter of a million dollars in income. I have become estranged from my career. The potential financial losses are best measured in the millions of dollars. I have been denied healthcare. When ill, I cannot go to a doctor. I have had to live my life secretively. I have had to endure my private communications being revealed, invasion into my medical privacy, libelous claims about my mental health, physical stalking, cyber stalking, assaults and even one attempted murder. I have found myself unable to trust anyone new that enters my life. I now must travel by land, as I fear what will happen if I fly. My First Amendment rights have been destroyed. I can no longer freely publish my work and I can no longer attend protests. I have all the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is common for victims of stalking, rape or war.

I have had to endure being smeared both locally on Boston IndyMedia and nationally on other Internet outlets. In fact, the height of absurdity came when the FBI got Bill O'Reilly to smear me on the air, internationally.

When Will these Criminals be Charged?

I have documented evidence of an FBI agent writing articles calling for the murder of the President. While one might argue that "he didn't really mean it," what if some lunatic took him up on the suggestion? The fact is, he attempted to provoke someone to kill George Bush. If a man can be arrested, tried, convicted and jailed for making a comment about a "burning bush" in a restaurant, why is this FBI agent not in jail?

Thousands of people witnessed a CIA agent stomping on a bloodied effigy of George Bush in Harvard Square. While those of us, including myself, who believe that George Bush is a criminal may have been amused, the fact is that he did it in order to provoke others to join him for the sake of having them arrested. To the best of my knowledge, no one joined him in this act. The fact is, however, that an individual stood in Harvard Square committing an act for which any American would have been arrested. He knew that he should have been arrested. He was not arrested. Why?

I have documented evidence of the FBI, the CIA, defense contractors and private individuals engaging in online crimes of malicious hacking, denial of service attacks by forum flooding targeting Arabs and Muslims (a hate crime), and intentionally mailing viruses using spoofed email address for the purpose of bringing down businesses, private individuals and provoking criminal complaints. Why have they not been prosecuted?

We live under a criminal regime. It is violating its own laws, violating the Constitution and waging war against its own citizens. Who will stand up and do something about it?

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