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The Daily Poetry Movement

Keiko Gibson's poem My Beautiful Hiroshima Teacher. I love adbusters! WHOSE ORDERED THE KICKING PHIL KNIGHTS ASS SHOES? Come on folks! Start getting everyone you know to make the comittment to anti sweatshop shoes. If you work at an INDY store make a committment to sell them! We as a people must take responsibility for the direction of our society/sweatshops.





Crimson sunset in Lake Michigan.
I think of a beautiful woman
in Hiroshima when the bomb was dropped.
Was she fortunate not to be killed
with the 200,000 others?
Was she unfortunate to stay alive?

Bright light
crushed her breath
windows burst
she went out
she woke far off
stuck all over
with broken glass
she couldn't scream
in blood and pain
no word would do
or will ever do
she felt the end of the world.

Fujiko is more beautiful because of her scars
Fujiko is more beautiful because many men and women have loved her
Fujiko is more beautiful because she has lived alone
Fujiko is more beautiful because she has taught
many students
Fujiko is more beautiful because she has always
loved Hiroshima
Fujiko is more beautiful because she plans to live
in a tiny farmhouse there
Fujiko is more beautiful because she does not fear
the inevitable cancer
Fujiko is more beautiful because of her peace.

The wormy scar on her neck
tells the folly of history.
contact 06.Apr.2004 03:01

migratory bird


hey if you really want to write write a letter to our political prisoners...if you want inspiration watch the movie

"the Hurricane" about Canadians freeing an american political prisoner who was a victim of our lynchmob injustice system..

every day is a good day for culture jamming... glue a quarter to the sidewalk in front of Niketown and one next to the employee entrance.. then video tape the employees tring to pick up quarters....brilliant....

rising up means getting off our knees prostrate for corporate dominance! Rise up my good kittens and take the streets back. It's time to lick bush.... The next day broadcast the video of financial oppression. Every employee who spots that quater will go after it ... that's right ...cable access....culture jammin is an every day activity...

like poetry.....

glueing quaters 06.Apr.2004 09:39


I agree with protesting sweatshop labor but glueing a quarter to the ground
at NikeTown? What does this accomplish to draw attention to Corp. greed?
Those who work at Nike Town with low wages and little if any benefits may be unknowing vitims of Nike's Corp. greed, why mock them by watching them try pick up a quarter.
perhaps having a discussion with them educating them on Sweatshop economic opppresion and how it affects them would be more beneficial.

forgot my email 06.Apr.2004 09:41

gekko gekko_26@hotmail.com

i forgot to post my email with the previous comment

glue a quarter to the sidewalk 06.Apr.2004 10:43


...and other change as well, cos it's fun to watch what the people do. as for the adbusters, non-sweatshop/name brand shoes are great, but they're still promoting consumerism. but obviously, if i had the choice between buying nikes and the shoes of uncooling, i would buy the ones with the scribble on the side.

It made me laugh... 06.Apr.2004 21:21

Migratory Bird

It is our choice to negoiate our labor at low wages. It is our choice to fail at strikes, to not support strikes to work at corporations like Niketown.

I work at a shit corporate job. They say it is member owned but that is propoganda. Anyway I saw a quarter and tried to pick it up. Then I laughed with glee. It was fucking awesome. I thank every culture jammer who makes me think and question the shit existence I have accepted... Why do it, because it makes people think about what they have accepted with their life. They should be pissed off. And they should learn to identify what is the problem....

Think about it.