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Why im volunteering for nader

Nader didnt get 1000 people, so what?!
*sigh* well guess what? I hope all you john kerry fan fucks are happy. Nader didnt draw the 1000 people he needed to get on the ballot. From what I understand he drew about 800-900 people. Guess what? I got a lot out the event. Its so incredible to have a canidate that I actually belive in. It spectacular to leave a political event with chapped hands (from clapping so hard) and horse voice. This man is advocating exactley what I believe! Sure he may not have gotten the 1000 signatures he needed tonight, but he sure as hell energized a ton of people! And im one of them. I filled out the card, and Im sure as hell going to volunteer. And i'll be dammned if we dont get enough signatures to get him on the ballot in this state. Look im sure a lot of the audience who reads portland indy media doesnt believe in voting, and a vast majority of you who do are all about getting behind the democrat nominee. Well FUCK YOU GUYS. Im thrilled to have someone worthy of all the energy that im going to put into this campagin. Im voting my hopes and not my fears this election. And nader is the real deal! unlike john kerry. And thats that.
By the way.....
Did anyone catch the name of the musical act with the female and piano player doing metallica and NIN covers? They were awesome! Do they have a demo or web page?
anyway... just wanted to give my two cents.