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How you can Help Tre Arrow.

Loose lips...
Please don't take this as criticism of anything that has happened over the past month on this website.

I have noticed that people are posting here claiming that they have spoken with Tre Arrow, or Tre Arrow told them this or that.
Here is my concern. Based on what I have read, there are a lot of inconsistencies in what people are saying. It is entirely possible that the Federal Prosecutors can subpoena people who post to this website as material witnesses in Tre's upcoming trial. For no other reason than to put them on the witness stand and have them contradict any defense strategy that Tre's legal team has to offer. In other words by posting inconsistent stories of what Tre has told you, you could damage his chances of being acquitted.

What am I talking about? Well first I read that Tre claimed he was fasting because he was not offered a vegan meal, then I read he was having a hunger strike due to his treatment in jail, then it was to bring attention to corporate greed and global destruction of habitats. First I read that he did what he was accused of because someone had to stand up to the facists, then I read he didn't do it because the FBI wants to frame him, then even if he did do it, it doesn't matter anyway. These are just a few examples but none of this is helping his case or him. Reading these posts from this website is hearsay, but producing a witness, even a hostile one, who has spoken with Tre, is not.
Second, you may wonder how would the FBI know if you are actually the one who posted anything on indymedia, because indy doesn't track IP addresses, and you posted the message from the public library? How do the Feds always catch people who post very destructive computer viruses?
All the feds have to do is ask indy's Internet Service Provider (Qwest Inc.) for the IP records from this sight going back 6 months. They match them to the source of the transmission, and contact the Internet Café, or library and bingo they have you. This is a bit on the paranoid side, but at the same time, does anybody doubt they will spend millions on this case to make an example out of Tre? If the want it bad enough, the will find it.

Nobody knows what Tre's defense strategy will be. Just ask yourself before you post, would you or Tre want you reading your post aloud on the witness stand in open federal court? Tre has the right to remain silent. If he gives up that right, that's his business. However, you may want to contact his attorney before posting anything Tre has told you.

well, you're forgetting something 06.Apr.2004 19:12

not a lawyer

Even if the feds could get the ip addresses they still can't use those alone to tie internet activity to a particular person. You'd need at least a witness of some sort. It could be used for harassment but that's about it.

posted too quickly 06.Apr.2004 19:13

not a lawyer

I wanted to add that security culture should still be taken seriously and people should be careful. But, they should also not allow themselves to be silenced.