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Manifest destiny - the US must do or die

Be it ten years, one hundred years, or one thousand years, our policies based on the primacy of profit in the equation combined with the "do-gooders" mindless efforts regardless of consequences, are destructive to our well-being. It is time to change them in an effort to serve ourselves.
Remember that the miserable wretches wandering the streets of our cities, the homeless, unfed, and the dispossessed are there because of a combination of efforts of the conservatives who wanted to empty the insane asylums to save money and the leftists who wanted to confer what have proven the elusive "benefits" of freedom on people who are dysfunctional.

We should be ready to do whatever is necessary including use of military might to serve the parochial interests of Americans as opposed to the diffuse interests of the "rest of the world," and assert control over oil resources wherever and whenever possible so as to support our society, our civilization, our way of life. To do this we will need to secure geopolitical advantage and position bases where beneficial overseas, and we shall also need to assert and exercise control over oil producing areas with our primary consideration being our own well-being. There will be costs. But these must be borne for us to sustain ourselves.

We need to also close our domestic borders and deport those here illegally. We need to remove "jus soli" as a basis for citizenship. That sufficed before the massive incursions of illegal aliens. Now we are confronted by another situation, and only children of citizens or persons here legally should be permitted to obtain citizenship by virtue of birth on our soil.

We live in harsh times. Harsh measures are required. Population control. Deindustrialization of underdeveloped areas. Reduction of aid and other measures that sustain third world populations. Closing our borders and deportation of aliens. Establishing military bases throughout the world to secure our geopolitical power. Assertion and retention of control over oil resources henceforth.
one more item to complete the vision 05.Apr.2004 19:47


Martial law to enforce the structual ajustments to fuel the cancer of capitalism as it feeds on the remains of our nation.

Manifest destiny is shelishness 05.Apr.2004 21:31


During the time of transcendentalism the political issues were slavery and the Mexican War. This was the time of manifest destiny, and Thoreau thought the government was appeasing the south. He said the silent minority opposing these issues were just as guilty as the majority, because they wouldn't stand up for their beliefs. He wanted to get his voice heard on the issue of slavery, which he thought was morally wrong. He decided to stop paying his poll tax to a government that supported slavery and a war against Mexico, which he considered an immoral war. According to Thoreau, it was okay to break the law. "if it is such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law." (Thoreau, Civil Disobedience, p. 8) For not paying his poll tax for six years, Thoreau ended up spending one night in jail. He thought people must accept the consequences of civil disobedience. Thoreau states, "Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison." (Thoreau, Civil Disobedience, p. 9)

Foreigners, take note!! America is NOT your friend!!! 06.Apr.2004 05:24


This is a good summary of American thinking for those of your around the world that do not know what to think between the stupid illusions you get on CNN and the movies and the real American imbecile that walks the streets of this country. The entire American population has gone down ten notches from the time they went out into an unsuspecting world 60 years ago. They are physically, morally and spiritually ugly and their thoughts on the rest of the world are limited to how they can get the most out of you without giving anything. The slaveowner mentality has been lying dormant and is now rising again and heading for you. If you are going to let ameircans in to your country, do not complain later that they have taken all of you resources, women and lives and left nothing in exchange. If you cannot get rid of them now don't complain later. It is absolutely imperative that you unite across borders and keep the Americans out and help your neighbors to keep them out. This is the most dangerous cancer that has appeared on the planet and they will fool you into blaming others so that they come out looking great while they rape your land. If you get fooled or end up liking them or let them stay because of their dollars you are signing the death sentence of your people and your country.