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Chief Foxworth gets a pass because he's Black?

Kroeker was forced out but no one is suggesting that Foxworth step aside.
Ironically, Mark Kroeker is now responsible for an entire countries police force - in Africa (Liberia)! Foxworth, a native Portlander, moved up the ranks of the PPB to Chief and is now dealing with yet another Police shooting. However, Foxworth appears to be a more difficult scapegoat. Is Chief Moose avaliable? Maybe Tom Potter will change his mind about his mayoral candidacy and can become Chief again?
I don't think who we have as police chief really matters 06.Apr.2004 21:14

if you can't stop the cancer

We might not as have one at all. The police chief just drives the bus. They don't decide where it goes. "I don't want anything to happen to Kroeker." LOL



according to my friend, an activist whose son was murdered by a cop, it doesn't matter at all what color or race the chiefs are.he works on this issue all over the country. colin & condi sho don't look white to me!

Anxious 12.Apr.2004 15:58

Pissed In N.Portland

A s person of color- I'm anxious to see how Foxworth holds up under all this pressure! Everything here has become such a Black/White issue when it really should be a human/human issue. Kroecker mase alot of mistakes including the homophobic remarks he made in the beginning of his tenure. I hope Foxworth is really ready for the job he took on. If he isn't he needs to be replaced. All I ask is we have a cheif who has zero tolerance for murder by way of the police force. (Whether they're black, white, purple or orange)