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Free The Anti-Imperialist Camp and DHKC-P Pro-Resistance Forces!!!

Statement of the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network:



At this time, the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network declares its solidarity with the campaign for the liberation of the Pro-Iraqi Resistance Forces from the DHKC-P of Turkey and the International Anti-Imperialist Camp. We hear with great enthusiasm of the large scale Pro-Resistance Demos in Italy on March 20th, and know that without a doubt that the Italian Pro-US bootlickers responsible for the crime of arresting and menacing our heroic comrades do so, for they know our comrades to be true to the people, fully exposing the crime of acting as a US/Zionist Proxy force in the occupation of Iraq. We have long been on close terms with the Pro-Resistance Forces of Turkey and of the Anti-Imperialist Camp, and support all calls issued for the release of our Glorious Comrades-in-Struggle!

Victory to Iraq!
Death to US Imperialism and its GI mercenary goons!
Long live Palestine, FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA!
Death to the Zionist Entity!
Demand freedom and solidarity with pro-resistance on all points of the globe!

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity/freeaicanddhkcp.html