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The Assault on Dr Phillip Leveque: Part 2

Political ideology replaces science and medicine as the state goes after Dr Phillip Leveque.
The Assault on Dr. Phillip Leveque: Part 2
By: Jack Dalton

We constantly hear from those in Washington, D.C. that this is a country guided by the "Rule of Law." We hear a lot of "carping" from the same people, John Ashcroft, John Walters, Karen Tandy, Rep Mark Souder (R-In) about the rule of law and states rights. At the same time, when states pass state laws that go against what they "believe" they opt to follow their ideology and in the process trample all over state laws... and sick people in the process.

Three years ago, here in Oregon, there was a push by the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners to strip Dr. Phillip Leveque of his state medical license. His "crime" was that he was willing to sign the registration applications for some very ill people so that they could become registered medical marijuana patients under Oregon's Medical Marijuana Act. Dr. Leveque had signed about 40% of all the applications up to that time. This was in July-August 2001.

The Oregon B. of M.E. ultimately suspended Dr. Leveque's license for 90 days. While this "back-room" and absurd hatchet job was being done to Dr. Leveque, a Doctor that has a heart full of compassion for the sick, and in some cases the dying, a few hundred patients, whose applications Dr. Leveque had signed, were caught up in a "twilight zone" of uncertainty. I know, I was one of them. Back to this in a moment.

At any rate, all that ended(?) and Dr. Leveque had his medical license restored and those of us that are patients eventually got our state issued medical marijuana cards. All was well in the "Land of Oz" or so we thought (at least on this issue). Now, three years later, the very same people that were involved in the first attempted "hatchet job" and character assassination campaign against Dr. Leveque are back and worse than ever! They want to strip him of Medical License completely. This cause's an extreme and personal anguish for a man that has been willing to step in and help those of us in great need of medical relief, by signing our applications when the majority of doctors are unwilling to have their names on those applications. Why? Is it because they see no medical efficacy in marijuana? Or is it because they are afraid. Afraid the DEA or some state agency under direction of the DEA would do to them what they have done to Dr. Leveque, or worse.

What I see is nothing more than a "shot across the bow," that is a federally orchestrated campaign of creating "fear." The kind of "fear" that to a doctor says, "sign applications and you not only can, but will be next." Who is going to be hurt and suffer the most because of this? Those that are doing their best to do things right and according to state law... sick people... patients. In the end, it is always the sick, the patients that are caught in the middle, that suffer the most.

Over the years, the one thing that I have personally found to be of great help and benefit to me medically is cannabis-- marijuana. Of the 22 medical conditions I have to contend with, including extensive structural damage, marijuana is the ONLY substance that provides me with relief, period! It provides me with relief from the spasms, seizures, nerve induced pain, eating, sleeping and a cacophony of other things including, but not limited to relief (at least in part) from the extensive depression related to PTSD as a result of two years in Vietnam (1965, 66, 67). One disease that I have, Systemic Hypersensitivity Leukosytoclastic Vasculitis (stems from Agent Orange exposure) has created a situation where I have toxic reactions to almost all pharmaceuticals. Marijuana has never put me in the emergency room like man made drugs have done.

I had to leave the Portland Veterans Administration Medical Center because of becoming a participant in the Oregon Medical Marijuana program. But that's o.k. Dr. Leveque did for me what the doctors at the V.A. were unwilling to do (even thought they generally agreed with using marijuana)... sign my medical marijuana application form. Because of that I no longer have to rely on up to 280 milligrams of morphine a day, no more emergency room visits because of toxic reactions to the 27 different "medications" I was taking. In short, I have now what I did not have before, a life.

What is being done to Dr. Leveque is not an isolated incident.. Dr Tod Mikuriya in Berkley, Ca. one of the foremost authority's there is on the medical efficacy of marijuana is currently going through the same thing as what is Dr. Leveque. Dr. Mihuriya was the Institute of Medicines head of the Mental Health division some years back, where he was looking into marijuana as medicine... now they treat him like a criminal. Science and medicine should rule and not ideological based politics.

The only "imminent risk to public health and safety" being posed is not with Dr.'s Leveque or Mikuriya, it is with those that "attack" men such as these and in the process increase the suffering of the already suffering. This madness has got to stop! When will lawmakers obey their own laws as they demand that we do? How and why is it the State of Oregon can be allowed to deny issuing medical marijuana registry cards going all the way back to September of 2003? This is an outrage! Why is the State of Oregon allowed to violate its own law that requires the Department of Human Services to respond to an application by either issuing a card or denying the request within 30 days of receiving the application? Why is the State of Oregon allowed to cause the increased suffering and uncertainty of those who already live with enough uncertainty, pain and suffering in their lives?

When will science and medicine rule the day instead of the ideologically driven politics that currently rule? This is an outrage! This is not how democracies are supposed to work. It is my personal belief that in a truly free and democratic society the issue of medical marijuana would be a moot point!

Where is the outrage over this assault on the very democratic principles that are suppose to rule? A minority super-imposing their ideology, by force, on the majority while the sick and in some cases the dying, are caused to suffer even more... and needlessly!

Jack Dalton
Portland, Or

homepage: homepage: http://www.Oregon-Medical-Marijuana-Project.org
address: address: Portland, Or

To Jack 05.Apr.2004 18:46

You have my every sympathy

I know people in similar situations.

The only way to move people into maturity is to convince them with arguments more powerful than the current regime.

Part of our work is being done by Father time and increasing number of baby boomers who unfortunately will succumb to any number of diseases for which medical cannibas is a real treatment for pain.

A second part is the propaganda of the drug war as it continues to reveal itself for distortion and outright lies, especially tied to one of the biggest liars we have.

The third and most important part is more people questioning poicies and finally deciding for themselves how they will take responsibility for their lives.

The Assault on Dr Phillip Leveque: MORE BS for him Part 2 22.Sep.2004 21:39

Jeffrey E. Pedersen jeff.pedersen@verizon.net

What is being done to Dr Phillip Leveque and others, is not only wrong.
It is plain dumb.

If the people don't pull together and help this man these assholes are actually getting away with this assault on not just a man or a doctor but also a war veteran who has Taught Doctors to be Doctors.

Why can't these people look through the smoke and see the facts.

It is is proven HEMP HELPS!

Without it some like myself could not eat, stop vomitting,or live with pain from medications that cause patients like myself to end up having seazures ending up in the hospital.

That is what they want us to take this pharmacudical shit that makes us sick so we can keep seeing them.(The Doctors)

Don't you get it everybody?

They think they need control on us and the Doctor when it appears they just are singling him and other Doctors to create fear.