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portland police deck of infamy (long post)

Taking a cue from the Bush administration, we have created a deck of cards that identifies the corrupt, schemeing, violent and anti-protester members of the Portland police. More than 10% of Portland's police force was nominated for the dubious honor of a card.
--------This is the LAST CHANCE for Indymedia readers to supply more info, suggest a promotion/demotion, nominate a cop or otherwise alter this list before these names go on the FIOA request for photos and the list is PDFed for printing.------------

Joker Finalists (just for kicks, as these people are completely worthless):
(J) Schenck, Darrel (internal affairs captain, supremely worthless)
(J) Robinson, Cheryl (public information officer, who gives up very little public information)

---ACE finalists (pulls strings, the power behind the power) :
A♠ Meyers, Jeff (homeless basher, hit-list writer, pretty hair poster boy, others too numerous to list, see mercury article)
A♥ Kruger, Mark (riot duty commander, others too numerous to list, voted "most rotten cop in Portland" by merc readers)
A♦ King, Robert (police union rep, defends the worst of the worst, and does it well, active-duty cop)
A♣ Crebs, Mike (training officer for PPB, gang squad, protest quasher)

---King finalists (most violent and likely to repeat) :
K♠ Bergstrom, Scherise AKA "Lady Lightning" (so named for her taser exploits, named in wweek article)
K♥ Hanousek, Joe (gassed a reporter and several others at a protest)
K♦ Musgrave, Timothy (allegedly dragged Dora McCrae, age 71, from her van, choked her unconscious while she was delivering food)
K♣ Sery, Jason (killed unarmed man James Perez, is bible teacher from scary fundy church, has prior unlawful force suits)

---Queen finalists (wanna-be kings) :
Q♠ Kelly, Brian (pepper sprayed a 10-month old baby. I am sure the kid was dangerous or something)
Q♥ Barnum, Bret (m28 arresting officer, tasered a man for arguing with him in wweek article)
Q♦ Gillentine, William (beat a man at a gas station aug 2001)
Q♣ Macomber, sean (sery's partner who tased a dead man for three minutes)

---Jack finalists (wanna-be aces) :
J♠ Kalmanek, Gabe (supervising investigator that covered up Ladd beating)
J♥ Simpson, Pete (tac division, writes editorials for "Rap Sheet" the PPB newsletter)
J♦ Forsyth, Tom (head of PPB taser program)
J♣ Davis, Chris (VP of Portland police association, southeast division, an FBI special agent by same name appears online in PDX)

---Spade finalists (likes to fuck with protesters):
10♠ Phebus, Carrie (motorcycle cop, tickets critical mass riders)
9♠ Sablan , FIRSTNAMENEEDED (commanded Portland peace encampment raid, stole the campers gear)
8♠ Rowly, Marty (pepper sprayed a protester in may 2003, protester had bad reaction, refused to allow ambulance call)
7♠ Benson, Dave (supervises "rapid response team," AKA the riot goons)
6♠ Taylor, Lynn (cmmdr. #37607, female bike cop, hot tempter, protest provocateur, arrests protesters)
5♠ Stradley, James M (harassed protesters at "buy nothing day," said dropping sticks and picking them up was littering)
4♠ Scott, Kent (cuffed a protester for standing on grass median, carried him upside down to squad car)
3♠ Engwiler, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of Portland peace encampment raid, accused of assault)
2♠ Brennen, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of Portland peace encampment raid, accused of assault)

---Heart finalists (like to fuck with people in general):
10♥ Kane, randy (criminal intel unit (CIU) (aka "red squad" from the McCarthy days))
9♥ Suttle, Bill (nine write-in votes from merc "rotten cop" contest, stole zoobomber bikes, may be dirty cop from AZ sheriff)
8♥ Coulson, "Doc," (Beaverton cop who stole a bunch of zoobomber bikes in PDX, assigned to tri-met)
7♥ Miller, (brotherhood of the strong, called "not too bright" by neighbors, harassed blind woman for yard debris, much more)
6♥ Lile, Jason (shot a man in the back with a taser after ordering the man to leave. Basically shot the man for obeying him)
5♥ wilkinson, Brett (like to harass bikers, tickets don't seem to match up)
4♥ Prunk, Bruce (assist. Chief, after being informed anti-camping ordinance was declared illegal, said he may use it anyway.)
3♥ Luiz, Joe (Sprayed man after he stopped resisting at steel bridge, accused of kidnapping and robbery while training a cadet)
2♥ Shaw, Darryl (part of Portland peace encampment raid, put gorilla on his cop car then drove to ringlers and parked)

---Diamond finalists (most corrupt):
10♦ Kalmanek, Gabe (ordered cops to not write report after Ladd beating)
9♦ Hollingsworth, Steve (ordered cops to not write report after Ladd beating)
8♦ Merrill, Dennis (multiple donor to Bush campaign, his cop salary from our taxes pays for Bush's fascism. Nice).
7♦ Sizer, rosie (ladd beating cover up and more)
6♦ Stimmel, Matt (destroyed evidence in Ladd beaing)
5♦ Whattam, ken (ladd beating cover up, given 30 day suspension)
4♦ Baird, lawrense (ladd beating cover up, given 10 day suspension)
3♦ Jensen, CW (falsified meal vouchers while traveling, took sick leave for four years until his buddy got promoted to chief)
2♦ Minnis, John (PPB sergeant, also a republican state senator (paid for both). Rewrote law so he could run police academy)

---Club finalists (violent):
10♣ Besner, Leo (tasered a 71-year-old man who was restraining a knife-wielding woman, arrested protesters on bogus charges)
9♣ Hopper, Meredith (taser nut mentioned in willy week article)
8♣ Duilio, Kenneth (shot hero who disarmed a robber at a convenience store, involved in Greek Cuisina brawl)
7♣ Reister, Dane (beat youths during new years eve 2001 which started a riot)
6♣ Reynolds, Ken (tasered a woman without warning, wweek article)
5♣ Rowley, marty (motor cop, SERT guy, numerous indymedia mentions (see "where's Rowley", 22-year vet)
4♣ Bailey, Grant (beat a man named Ladd while off-duty)
3♣ Hampton, Craig (beat a man named Ladd while off-duty)
2♣ Winegar, Scott (broke activist Craig Rosebraugh's arm for general attitude principals)


Nominees that did not make the cut (because there are so darn many bad cops here, and only 52 cards in a poker deck, plus some of these guys are OK):

♦ 30 cops that falsified overtime reports (most still at large, but names and faces too hard to find)

♦♥♠ Balada, Rocky (overtime scandal, numerous lawsuits for use of force, sues city a lot) - not a cop anymore

♦ barton, ronald (overtime scandal) - fired for bad performance rather than prosecuted for his crimes

♣ Bell, Jeffery (killed Jose Poot and Eddie Homsombath, got a medal. More info as I get it)

♠ Bourasa, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of Portland peace encampment raid)

♦♠ Brotherhood of the strong card (not in deck mainly because I am trying to single out individual cops to be afraid of, but this "brotherhood" is one disgusting bunch. I have to think of a way to include them if I can, maybe a graphic of their tattoo on the cards of confirmed BOTS members)

♦ Carter, eric (falsified search warrants) - gone from PPB

♠♥ clark, greg (CIU spy)

♠ Findling, Larry (retired, no longer eligible for the deck, nominated for anti-protest activities at buy nothing day)

♦♠♥ Foxworth, Darrel (police chief) - not in the deck because he does not seem to do much either to create a lousy police force, nor to clean it up. Seems frankly useless and ineffectual so far.

♣♠ Friedman, Mark ("only" one mention of assault on indymedia that I could find)

Hess, Mike (unable to find why he was nominated)

♠ Ho, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of Portland peace encampment raid)

Hubbard, Brian (killed Jose Padilla) -- Near as I can tell, this was a shot that was unavoidable, per the witnesses that were not cops (I take non-cop testimony more serious in these matters, and civilians backed him up)) Don't take my word for it, read the news articles and make your own choice.

♠♥ Kanzler, larry (CIU spy)

Kennard, paul (shot a man who was attempting to commit suicide)- not in deck because he saved the man by shooting him (sounds weird, I know, but it works out when you read the in-depth coverage). Don't take my word for it, read the news articles and make your own choice.

♦♠♥♣ Kroeker, Mark (former police chief) - fired from PDX, gone to liberia

Larson, Dale (batoned a window and sprayed man who cut his own throat) - not in deck because this action saved mans life

Lee, Mike (training sergeant for PB, unable to find why he was nominated)

♣ McCollister, Scott (killed kendra james, an unarmed woman)

♣ Moffenbeier, william (accused of sex assault) - not in deck because last I could find, he was in jail and unable to oppress

♦ Oliver, douglass (overtime scandal) - fired for bad performance rather than prosecuted for his crimes

♣♠♥ Pool (horse cop) - Retired as far as the internet tells me, too fat to ride a horse from what everybody else tells me)

Rosenthal, Richard, (IPR) (not a cop)

♠♥ Siewert, L. D. (CIU spy)

Taylor, Judy (IPR intake investigator) (not a cop)

♦ The undercover unit that falsified reports (still under judicial investigation, source PPR)

♦ the commander that took overtime pay while having affair with younger cop (too hard to locate, source PPR)

♦♠♥♣ unknown cop (not in deck because there are too many cops that we DO know, although this card is a really great idea)

♦♠♥ Vera Katz (police com) - not in the deck because A) very unlikely to wield the baton herself, as she is not a cop B) a lame duck politico who will be gone soon and C) does not make the cops do bad things, just rewards them after they do so (which I guess in a way makes them do things)

♠ Voeller, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of Portland peace encampment raid)

♠ Whitcanack, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of Portland peace encampment raid)

♠ Winters, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of Portland peace encampment raid)

♦♠ WORBORIL, David (city attorney) - Bad guy, no doubt, but not a cop. Deck mainly intended to alert people on the street when they are in the presence of an imminent threat.

Disclaimer: This list was made using articles from portlandcopwatch.org, portland.indymedia.org, wweek.com, portlandmercury. com, oregonlive.com and by direct observations. Many of these accusations against the police are from indymedia postings, which are anonymous in nature. While I have tried to do searches of news sources and court records to back this data up, I am unable to verify many of these things firsthand. Thus, unless stated otherwise, all these accusations are unverified and should be taken with a grain of salt. However, before you assume any of these accusations are false, I highly suggest using google.com to check up on them. Simply put the officer's last name and the words "Portland police" into google, hit search and surf through the first dozen postings, you will likely find something. Also I would like to point out, this is not MY list, I am simply one of the guys working on it. This list was created by, and is wholly owned by, nobody. There is no copyright, anybody can reprint it and no individual is at fault for it's existence.

The original intent was to have the four suits divided up geographically, but the PPB moves officers around a lot and I was told that would not be helpful, nor would it remain accurate for long. Now the suits are divided by type of cop. Portland has around 1,000 cops at any given time, and this project has so far seen close to 100 nominations (some that I accidentally deleted). So by my math, around 10% of the Portland police department is feared by the people of Portland. Scary. I should note that I checked up on over 50 cops not listed here and found them to be clean (as far as I can tell), and thus struck them from the list in the interest of fairness. When more fitting cops come forward, the deuce in that cateory will get bumped off and the rest re-assranged to make room. When one of these cops retires or gets fired, a search will happen to fill his or her slot. There are some cops still listed here that I do not know why they were nominated. The few remaining ones will be struck before the final list is printed and photos are obtained, but are remaining up for now to ive those who nominated them one last chance to explain.

good work 05.Apr.2004 15:43


keep it up this is just what bad cops don't want. the people need to have an outside accouting of officer conduct. just like the PIO said there record speaks for itself. yet there was that ommitted federal suite settled out of court.

Information re: Brennan and Engweiler 05.Apr.2004 15:45


I couldn't find their first names.

Brennan's badge # is #33125

Engweiler (note this is the correct spelling) His badge # is #37133

RE: Mike Lee 05.Apr.2004 15:46


Mike Lee was involved with Kruger in the assault and arrest of Amber Hicks at the Bush protest. He is a very bad man.

RE: Ho 05.Apr.2004 16:03


Ho was the officer who "chased" the rednecks driving a flag waving pickup truck that backed up and then slammed on the gas to run down a Peace Camper. When he found this truck with the assistance of the Peace Campers he said that he could not arrest or cite the wannabe murderers because he did not see the crime. Not even the dozen eyewitness accounts, the witness identifications and pictures of the criminals themselves would convince him.

Ho is the officer who harassed and threatened to arrest an indy reporter at the behest of a christian fanatic who freaked out on the reporter and then accused the reporter of threating to kill the lying christian. It was only when Ho saw the recording of the christian freak that he let the indy reporter go.

Bell should be of the list so should Bean 05.Apr.2004 16:07


Bell shot an unarmed man in a mental hospital. How much worse does it get?

Bean (I think that's his name) was the other officer involved in the shooting of Kendra James. At the very least he covered up what really happened. No one remembers him - they only remember McCollister. He should not be let off the hook for his part in that killing.

what? 05.Apr.2004 16:21


McCollister, Scott (killed kendra james, an unarmed woman)

he doesn't make the cut? don't forget all of the corruption surrounding the investigation, things like he and his partner getting together immediately after the shooting to make sure their "stories" would be on the same page.

Trading Cards, Please! 05.Apr.2004 17:53


Anyone have photos? I'd like to pass out trading cards with these bad cops to the kids on my block.

the funny symbols 05.Apr.2004 18:17


Sorry about those wierd symbols before each name, in unicode format they translate into clubs, diamonds, etc. I guess they did not make the cut and paste.

Several people who know my e-mail addy have suggested trading cards, since there are too many bad cops here for a regular poker deck. I think it is a great idea, I just don't have the time to crank them out. If anybody wants to do a deck, they can use this list (and the list of the "almost but not quite" folks) as a good starting point. I checked on the oregon public records laws (open-oregon.org is a great source), and the police ID cards are not listed as exempt from the open records law. So you can do the same thing I will do next week and file a request for all the photographs of each member of the PPB, his badge number, assignment and rank. The police are required by law to hand them over (but they may charge a fee to retrieve and print out the info). If they fail, you can sue them and win.

I agree 05.Apr.2004 18:27

with anon

I agree with anon. Surely Scott McCollister, and possibly his cohorts, should make the cut. McCollister shot and killed an unarmed woman - after he chose to put himself in an unsafe position through his own exercise of poor judgment at getting part-way into the car.

And McCollister is back on the street - although no longer in North Portland. (East Portland, now, isn't it?)

The three officers involved in the Kendra James shooting - Rick Bean, Scott McCollister and Kenneth Reynolds III - also colluded to get their stories straight.

Surely at least McCollister should make the cut - and at a high level. We especially need this deck of bad cops to include KILLER cops.

Did you see these photos... 05.Apr.2004 18:51

made up

Did you see these photos on an earlier post.

Mcollister 05.Apr.2004 21:36


The reason I left Mcollister out is statistics: few police who shoot people are likely to shoot people again, but people who tase, spray and beat people are VERY likely to do it again. The deck is meant to warn portlanders of the threats in their midst, and I think people are more likely to be attacked by "Lady Lightning" than Mcollister. "Lady Lightning" has many MANY attacks to her name, but I could only find the one from Mcollister (albiet a HUGE one). Basically, I went with the most likely threats rather than the most severe ones (the same logic applies when you are more wary of car crashes than meteorite strikes. Car crashes are much more likely to hurt you, but the meteor is far worse if it happens).

I admit to being predjudiced though, as I have never witnessed a shooting but I have witnessed many beatings, sprayings and unlawful arrests. Let's not allow me to sway the process here, let's do this the right way and have a vote.

All those who think McCollister should bump one of the club suit cops off the list, post here (and suggest which club to kick off the list, it does not have to be the deuce). Those that think otherwise, do the same. I will tally the postings before I go to bed tomorrow and adjust the list accordingly (I will count all posts that appear below this one, whith this one counting as my vote).

By the way, I wandered into kinkos today and got estimates for printing these decks. Once they are uploaded, everyone that wants a deck can print them at kinkos (with flat edges instead of round) for around $14 per deck (54 cards in all, color, front & back, cardstock, UNCUT). Pretty pricy, but way worth it. If anybody can find a cheaper printer, please let me know.

Also, what do you guys think of bumping the PIO off the Joker slot and replacing her with Foxworth? Foxworth has so far been a joke as a cheif, and that might be funnier than the PIO, but on the other hand it is sooooo insulting to foxworth to not even get a slot on his own deck of infamy (that makes me giggle thinking about the other cops teasing him about not getting a card) so let me know what you think there.

brotherhood of the strong 05.Apr.2004 23:42

Iyanna dianagwinn@yahoo.com

anyone out there with info on the brotherhood of the strong? Please send to my email:  diana.gwinn@comcast.net

Maybe someday we could make PPD trading cards 06.Apr.2004 00:02

with pictures on the front and cop crimes on the back

Here are some examples

Photos of PPB Officers 06.Apr.2004 00:32


We have started to gather photos of PPB Officers ... some of which are in the deck.


ALSO, Jeff MYERS is the correct spelling for last name; Sablan's first name is Dave; ROWLEY, Marty is the correct spelling for last name; Mike Hess was part of PIIAC, and is now a part of IPR. Is/was a reserve cop; Public Information Officer Cheryl Robinson is or used to be married to Doug Oliver; POOLE, Dave (retired MPU Sgt) is the correct spelling for last name; Judy Taylor IS A RETIRED PPB COP/Detective!!! Winters' first name is MACE;

Scherise Bergstrom ... anybody know if this is Cherise (Hobbs) Bergstrom???

Can anybody tell me more about Officer Miller (brotherhood of the strong)??? Or any info on brotherhood of the strong w/in the bureau?

 PPBCopWatcher@hotmail.com, or


Killer Cops Should Be in the Deck... 06.Apr.2004 00:37

Pit Boss

Even though the rationale is right (cops who commit less serious acts of violence and/or fuck with people are more likely to hurt someone than a shooter), we still can't forget about the killers of Kendra James (McCollister) and Jose Mejia Poot (Bell).

Hampton and Bailey were fired for their involvement in the Ladd beating, and were convicted of assault and sent to prison. Even though they could be a problem, they won't be able to hide behind the badge anymore.

Hmmmm....any way you can find a printer (not Kinkos) that will do custom decks of playing cards? The whole rationale is that you learn the cops' faces while you play cards - which is why the military put the Iraqi leaders' faces on the cards, so people can learn unfamiliar faces by repetition as they play cards. Decks can be sold at progressive-friendly co-ops and restaurants/coffee shops, to benefit, say, Tre Arrow's defense, the ACLU, or another worthy cause.

Yep,Scott Asswipe 06.Apr.2004 09:02

Should be in the deck

McCollister KILLED someone in cold blood.Since he's not in prison where he should be,at the very least shame him somehow.Also,someone who would MURDER another human is more likely,I think,to use violence and intimidation. Especially since now that he's gotten away with it,he probably thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants with impunity.Don't let Kendra be forgotten.Put him in the deck.

Mcollister vote now moot 06.Apr.2004 12:05



I did not know that the two ladd beaters were gone, so they will be bumped. That makes room for Mcollister and Bell in the clubs suit. They will be filling those slots.

Bean and Reynolds III will now be Diamond suit backups, and will be inserted if any of the current daimond cops turn out to be fired, retired or so forth (also if a daimond cop turns state's evidence and testifies against other cops, that act might balance them out enough to demote them off the list, but that is a case-by-case decision and I will do it with a vote here).

Judy Taylor is ineligible for the deck now because she is retired, but from all accounts she would have been a jack while she was in.

Lee will be a club and spade backup based off the info above.

Ho will be a spade backup.

If any other cops here are retired or anything, let everyone know before we start printing. I will file the FIOA request at the end of the week for their photos if all goes well.

The links above are for the website (I will try to keep it updated) that I created for the deck, as well as an e-mail address for me. Do not trust this e-mail any more than you would trust any other anonymous thing you run into online.

Whoever drew up the trading cards, I LOVE THEM! Want to help design the playing cards too?

FYI 06.Apr.2004 13:25


You have the infamous Marty Rowley listed as the 8 o' spades and as the 5 o' clubs.

Rowley 06.Apr.2004 14:54


Fixed on website, combined the two enbtries into one, realized he needed to be promoted. He is now ten of spades. Bumped all clubs up one to fill his vacated club spot and promoted Zajac to deuce of clubs for taserin a 72-year-old blind woman after she had been pepper sprayed. I don't have his first name, so can anyone dig it up?

Thanks copwatcher, that was a good catch.

two things... 06.Apr.2004 15:17


rowly's badge number...is 8969 (and boy does he love it when you yell it at him whenever you see him...).

i also suggest adding harry jackson (in charge of the ne). he has repeatedly threatened at least one activist house that they would be put under surveillence/constant police fucking with if they did not "control your people" (he said he would post an officer down the block and instruct them to ticket and arrest for ANY minor infraction like parking an inch or two too far from the curb or not signalling on a bike...this when there's what....8 squad cars for all of ne at any given time?!).

i have also personally witnessed this event: 2 young black men reportedly stole a car. they got stopped by the cops, the driver got arrested and the passenger ran. the cops, upon catching the passenger, handcuffed him AND THEN started kicking his head in. a crowd gathered to stop the beating, and the kid was arrested. harry jackson was deployed the control the situation. upon arriving, he immediately set about the task of separataing the white anarchisty/punky kids from the local neighborhood black kids. he told the black kids all about how the white kids "have an agenda that is not your agenda". he then proceeded to tell the white kids "these kids are not smart like you and i and don't understand that you have an agenda". it should be noted that the two groups of people involved WERE NEIGHBORS. it seems a little odd to me that an officer would be sent into diffuse a situation and would immediately set himself about the task of diving a neighborhood along racial lines....

You won't get the pictures 06.Apr.2004 15:28


It is a state law which requires offcer permission before releasing their photograph. If it were that easy, dontcha think someone would have claimed their bag of groceries by now?

Somebody else drew up those trading cards 06.Apr.2004 16:11

but they are a good idea

because we have many more than 52 rotten cops on the city's police force, past and present. I would help you if I had better software. The first pic of the cop peppersraying into the camera if from the a22 Bush protest (police riot) here in Portland. There are also a lot of other good cards. Check out the site.


anon 06.Apr.2004 16:45

I think it was

well known that you couldn't get the pictures from the government all that easy.

As for the bag of groceries, I don't think it was for a file photograph that the
issue was over, rather being a citizen's photo just to show him and the other's
that they could be gotten.

So far, no pic, and guess if one is so afraid to show their face and hides, then it sure hard as hell to get a pic of them isn't it? That's why there isn't pic
of this guy...he is hiding out...won't show his face...afraid to it appears! Why?

pictures 06.Apr.2004 17:38


re-read the state law on photographs (can be found at www.open-oregon.org), the officer's ID cards are department records and are not exempt. If you know another law, pleace cite it. Also, the DPSST academy maintains photographs that can be viewed by any citizen.

The website (geocite) link didn't work 07.Apr.2004 00:43

Did you know that GPFX?

Just curious

Officer Suttle 07.Apr.2004 00:57

He's not a "Bill" he's a "James"

Suttle's first name isn't Bill, it's James
His badge # is 37179

I've been involved with a IPR/IAD complaint with this officer and know for sure that this is his name.

How did your IPR/IAD complaint go with suttle? 07.Apr.2004 01:57

just curious

What is your story and allegations?

this officer 07.Apr.2004 12:49

sonny dee

5♥ wilkinson, Brett (like to harass bikers, tickets don't seem to match up)

i know this guy, name should be Hawkinson, Brett. Not Wilkinson. and yes, he does like to harrass bikers...


website link 07.Apr.2004 14:01


for some reason, the "L" on the end of the URL didn't make the cut ' paste. Replace "index.htm" with "index.html" and it will work.

Have McCollister's Photo 09.Apr.2004 13:27


We have McCollister's photo, and the bag of groceries is being donated to the James family. Be patient. His photo will be released shortly.

Have McCollister's Photo 09.Apr.2004 23:28


Yeahhhhhh! Good job. Yeahhhhhh!

Closing post 28.Apr.2004 05:43


This thread has closed off and there will be no more updates from GPFX. So if you want to insult or threaten us without having to read a snappy comeback, this is the place to post!

www.geocities.com/policedeck is the URL of the deck, and fresh indymedia postings will go up from time to time.