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Photo of armed killer, Jason Sery

We still don't have a photo of armed killer Scott McCollister (cold-blooded murderer of Kendra James), but fortunately this photo of Jason Sery, cold-blooded murderer of James Jahar Perez, has been released to the public.
Download this photo. As difficult as it might be, study it until you could recognize the person face-to-face. When you're on the streets and a cop stops you, look carefully. Is it the same person? If so, be very very very very very careful! Who knows if he'll kill again...

Report when you see him, and where, so we can keep track of him. Can we find his address? Perhaps his neighborhood can be flyered with this photo so the people there can know who lives nearby. A little community pressure is a non-violent and often very effective approach.

This post is NOT encouraging anyone to hurt Sery. The cops would use it as an excuse to go ballistic, and they'd do it in N. or NE Portland, where folks already have enough headaches from the police. This post is here to hold the police accountable. If they fuck up like this, they need to have it widely publicized. No Special Protection for police! They are our employees, and if one of them kills one of us, we need to know who it is!

Thank you! Please cite your sources! 05.Apr.2004 15:36


Thank you, thank you for finding this.

Where did you get it? Can we see the source (online or in print)? It's very important to be sure we have the right guy...

Photos of Officer Sean Macomber 05.Apr.2004 18:01


Photos of Officer Sean Macomber from the 03/20/04 Iraq War Peace Rally.

He looks like... 06.Apr.2004 11:33


a fuckin run-of-the-mill gun-freak nut job. Bet he owns a pickup, lots of cheap beer, and a subscription to Guns'n'Ammo.

Hope he gets the shit kicked out of him.

That is not Jason Sery 06.Apr.2004 13:21


My previous posts have not gone through---
The picture displayed is not Jason Sery, but Ed Lowe
The public needs to be informed.

hope he gets the shit kicked out of him??? 06.Apr.2004 16:54

gekko gekko_26@hotmail.com

thats a real informed and effective comment. How are your comments going to help the situation of the portland police killing innocent citizens? We need the community to be outraged.
I invite the author of the comments to contact me

Hey Portland IMC 06.Apr.2004 21:31


There were three photos on PPBCopwatcher's post earlier.The two above and also a close-up(enlarged section of right side pic).Where's the close-up?????