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AUDIO FILE: Comminty Protests Police Homicide

Sunday afternoon, April 4, 2003, the Portland community gathered at Terry Schrunk Plaza to voice both their grief and their outrage over the death of James Jahar Perez at the hands of the Portland Police Department.
s unarmed and his death has ignited Portland, as this was the most recent instance of the killing of an unarmed person of color at the hands opf the PPD.
A couple articles on this issue from Portland Independent Media Center

Pervasive Culture of Violence in Portland Police Bureau Leads to Killing
Counterproductive Police
And a report from the Rally posted to Indymedia:
Educational Material Handed Out at Rally for James Perez

I arrived about an hour late and managed to record about the last hour of the speakers. The crowd was large and vocal, and loudly protested this latest unnecessary death of a loved one from their midst. The speakers demanded justice, they demanded that the officer involved be punished, they acknowledged that, though Perez was an African American, this issue was one for all colors, and that only by reacting as a unified community could the institutionalized violence in the PPD, and other city police departments be nuetralized.
Speaker after speaker urged folks to register to vote, urged that their interest be sustained beyond this most recent outrage, urged them to protect their children from future tragedies. Towards the end of the speaker's remarks reference was made as to the compostion of the gathering. All the colors of humanity, the red, the black, the yellow and the white stood beside their black brothers and sisters in this their moment of grief and pain. The young, the old, all classes, all colors, all united in their support for the families and criticism of Portland Police behavior in this instance as well as a long list of similar homicides over the years.
This file, a partial recording of the speakers, is about 50 minutes in length.
In Memory of James Jahar Perez

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Obviously, 04.Apr.2004 23:56


the introduction to this piece didn't come out right. It should read........
Sunday afternoon, April 4, 2003, the Portland community gathered at Terry Schrunk Plaza to voice both their grief and their outrage over the death of James Jahar Perez at the hands of the Portland Police Department. Perez was unarmed and his death has ignited Portland, as this was the most recent death of an unarmed person of color at the hands of the PPD.

Lets jus tall wait!!!!!! 05.Apr.2004 13:35


I've got a great suggestion for everyone....and a question. Whats going to happen if the results come back and show that Jason was justified in shooting? Have any of you actually done the job?? You (as a whole) are the first to jump on the wagon to protest. But have you done the job? Do you know the risks? Actions faster than re-action...ever heard of that...should he have waited to have a (possible) gun in his face before shooting? Instead of armchair quaterbacking...can't you all wait for the results come back and THEN make your suggestions and comments? OR are you just chosing to hear 1 side of it...in that case you are no better than your proposed PPB coverup. It's difficult to understand some of the frames of mind in reading the info when you DON'T have ALL the facts. Would you like to be hung out with only one side being protrayed?

"shut up and wait" 05.Apr.2004 17:02


>Would you like to be hung out with only one side being protrayed?

Oh, the poor, poor police officer. He MIGHT lose his job, and have to look for another one. For killing a man forever. For not using his turn signal. We shouldn't rush to judgment. Maybe the man deserved to die for not using his turn signal.

Fuck you.

Cops continue to kill. Give them a more funding?!? 05.Apr.2004 19:13


The pigs keep killing people in Portland. Forum after Forum is held on police accountability. Actavist leaders applaud as a state senitor comes up and asks us to fund better education for police. OH! POOR POLICE! They don't have the money to educate thier employies on the importance of peoples civil and constitutional rights! Oh the poor police don't have the funding to educate themselves on the need to NOT BE RACIST PIGS! But they do have the money for a whole new round of TAZERS! You hear me TAZERS!!! In NE PDX these pigs are running around doing "traffic stops" with assault rifles, making people of color crawl on thier bellies, and they don't have the money to train cops on on thier fundamental duty to "protect and serve?" I am not shitting you. I've seen it.
And to listen to radicals in this town CLAP to this shit! The nerve. I saw her take a deep breath. I saw her carefully tread into it. I said Becca I think this womans actually gonna try and turn this rally into a voting drive to fund the pigs! Sure enough!
Another man said I know thier isn't anybody here stupid enough to raise thier hand but.. Raise your hand if you're not registered to vote! I turned to my right and saw my friend petros raise his hand, and sure enough so did I. To my suprise a couple of actavists turned around and gave me the look of death. I said "and proud of it."
It's not that I think that voting on a local level can't be productive. It's that there isn't a local platform for voting that is consistant with meeting revolutionary goals. I'm talking ABOLISH THE POLICE STATE! CRACK OPEN THE PRISONS! FEED, EDUCATE, AND PROVIDE HEALTH CARE TO ALL OREGONIANS. STOP FUNDING THE FEDERAL WAR MACHINE!!! lOCALIZE CONTROL OF THE COMMUNITY RESOURCES! ARM AND TEACH US TO DEFEND OURSELVES FROM FACIST PIGS!

There were some powerfull speakers at the event. People that recognized that the problem is bigger than portland. Notably, His family, a pcun actavist, and this guy Cain from the NAACP.

It saddened me to see my peers clapping regardless of the words said on this stage. It frightened me for our common future.

in love and war,

For Crying out loud 05.Apr.2004 20:18


MB, first of all, learn to spell, it makes your argument much more productive if people don't have to first sit down and decipher what in the world you are trying to say. Second, take some grammar lessons, were you drunk when you wrote your last post? Third, I would LOVE to see you try to function in a society that had no police or governmental agencies. I would LOVE to see the utter chaos that ensues and how you would handle it. You think it's bad now with the cops shooting an unnarmed person? How much worse do you think it would be if there were no cops and people could go around killing other citizens as they felt led? And your comment on not being registered to vote, that's your right, you don't have to vote. But don't you DARE whine about ANYTHING political that happens because you had absolutely no say in what decisions were made. If you want things changed, BUCK UP and vote for what you want changed. Stop being a little sissy, and take the initiative. I doubt this post will last long, surely it will be edited away claiming I'm a troll, but that's your choice. Go ahead and present the "truth" if by truth you mean the onesidedness I see in almost ALL indymedia "news." As for me, I've had my rant, I'll quietly step back and see what "utter chaos ensues."

taking the bait 05.Apr.2004 23:06

troll wrestling

>Third, I would LOVE to see you try to function in a society that had no
>police or governmental agencies. I would LOVE to see the utter chaos that
>ensues and how you would handle it. You think it's bad now with the cops
>shooting an unnarmed person? How much worse do you think it would be if
>there were no cops and people could go around killing other citizens as
>they felt led?

Most homicide cases are never solved. You CAN go around killing other people if you really want to. It wouldn't be "much worse," it would be about the same. Solving murder mysteries is not the police department's primary function. That's not why it was created, that's not why it exists today, that's not what most cops spend most of their energy doing.

>But don't you DARE whine about ANYTHING political that happens because you
>had absolutely no say in what decisions were made. If you want things changed,
>BUCK UP and vote for what you want changed. Stop being a little sissy, and
>take the initiative. I doubt this post will last long, surely it will be
>edited away claiming I'm a troll, but that's your choice.

This site is not just for moderates who can see some point in voting for Tweedledoofus or Tweedledickhead. Nobody needs your permission to "whine" here. If you want your comments to last longer, (1) stop whining about people's punctuation, (2) don't tell nonvoters to shut up, they don't have to, this site is for them too, and (3) don't call anybody a sissy, you homophobic meathead. You are a troll, but you can choose to change.

To view photos of the MURDERERS... 06.Apr.2004 00:12


As per the last 06.Apr.2004 00:33

ME again

Perhaps I was out of line on that first post, for that I apologize. Also I should not have resorted to calling names, that was not civil of me and I apologize there as well. I take it I was a bit unclear on what I was trying to say. I'll try to clarify.
To begin, true, many homicides are left unsolved. And cops don't go around trying to solve them, the street police were designed to apprehend the criminals, and to patrol the streets making them safer (and you can argue what you will on their effectiveness). But there are detectives that dedicate their careers to finding those that commit homicide. What I was trying to say is that people would be much less restrained without a policing agency to keep the order (again argue as to effectiveness), and they would be more likely to have their most capricious and carnal desires supersede their more respectable traits. Thus there would be much MORE crime and much more ruthless crime at that.
For the non-voter segment, I did not mean to tell them to shut up on this site. But to think twice about complaining about issues that they could very well have had a way in changing. But I do hold that they don't have any grounds for their complaints if they were not a part of the decision making process.
In conclusion, I made no references to being homophobic in my post. And to MB my sincerest apologies for the insults I may have made upon you.

PPB Copwatcher 06.Apr.2004 00:36


Murderers.....and to the writer of shut up and wait...telling me to fuck off....I'm simply stating the facts...what would you want to happen to you if you were accused of something...to be found guilty as charged or would you rather like a moment to excercise your freedom of speach to tell your side of the story....posting pix of cops that show their daily activities is one thing....your right for freedom of press...as for those distributing personal information about Sery...how'd we like it if that happened...and one more thing.. Lets think about a public inquest....tell me and give me an honest opinion..do you really know what a police officer does? Do you really understand the quick thinking that is required to process the difference between someone wanting to kill you or someone wanting to show you something? The difference of whether someone goes home at night and whether their child/family don't have a father or mother is faster than you could ever imagine. Lets take Perez for a quick second and break him down....since the police officer is being accused of everything...the cocaine?....do we discuss that? DO we discuss the fact that turning your life around means the right to use a large amount of cocaine conduct daily business?.....and lastly...what about his past? Shall we get into his arrest record or what he believed in...should we disclose his criminal past and paint a picture of the true perez....sure he may have been a wonderful father,family person and etc...but what about his aggression towards police...or others that didn't believe what he did or the "thug" way of life for which he either lived or "got away from?" Copwatcher...do some work on his information..or are you simply jumping on the bandwagon to expose the PPB Police only using one side of your knowledge base...I would think that you would want to speak the truth...not just one sided!!!

officer friendly's back 06.Apr.2004 07:34

face it, officer, sery fucked up bad

>what would you want to happen to you if you were accused of something

I'd want more than 24 seconds to think about it and work something out without being executed by some psycho cop.

>Do you really understand the quick thinking that
>is required to process the difference between
>someone wanting to kill you or someone wanting to
>show you something?

Tough shit. If you can't handle it, get another job. Or go on disability, or live in the fucking park. Whatever. Perez didn't ask those motherfuckers to stop him in the first place. You're not entitled to kill people 'cause you've got a badge and you're having a bad day.

>since the police officer is being accused of everything

Everybody, including the officers, agrees that Sery killed an unarmed man, belted into the seat of a non-moving car, stopped for failure to use a turn signal before parking in a parking lot. Everybody agrees. There are no accusations, nothing is in dispute.

Nobody is waiting until later to become outraged because even the official cop story is outrageous. Nobody would be "accusing" the cops of planting drugs and falsifying drug test results (extra outrageous) if the cops weren't "accusing" a corpse of possession and being high (outrageously irrelevant). We can forget about all this shit about drug use and drug planting, if that will make you feel better, and just concentrate on the acknowledged fact that Sery executed a guy for failure to signal. That's what everybody's pissed about, and it is not an accusation, it is an acknowledged fact.

Personal responsibility and the the ethnicity of stupidity 06.Apr.2004 08:33


I was recently on a jury deliberating on a civil case in which a PDX officer shot and killed an unarmed person of non-color (or lack of color, or devoid of color... whatever you want to call a Caucasian). It, too, started with a traffic infraction and ended up with the victim leaping from his truck and advancing on the cop with his hands out of sight. Despite the officers repeated warnings, the guy wouldn't stop and as a consequence, he was shot twice through the heart. End of story. I find it interesting that when cops shoot a person of non-color there is practically zero 'outrage' from the community. And while it saddens me that unarmed people do get themselves shot, as the above story illustrates, it's not actually a race issue. When individuals make poor choices, they put themselves in a significantly higher risk category. For example, when one refuses to follow the laws governing society, in general, and driving, in particular, the police will have a perfect opportunity to pull them over. If one doesn't wish to get pulled over, either follow the laws or don't drive. When a driver makes another poor choice, such as resisting arrest, they put themselves in yet another higher bracket of risk. These poor choices are often amplified by the ingestions of too much alcohol or paranoia-inducing narcotics. Again, poor choices. At the above mentioned trial, even the defense lawyer was quick to point out that statistics show when officers wait to react, they die. If an individual, regardless of the palette of his skin - and due to his or her own poor choices - elevate themselves to the highest risk category - officers will and should respond with deadly force. It's the only way they can live through their shifts and go home to their wives and kids. They have a tough job, dealing with all the often armed and always belligerent crack heads, meth cooks, and wife killers that percolate through our society. Bottom line: the police shootings of which I am familiar with in this city are not motivated by racial profiling or a blood thirsty police force, they are the result of people making stupid choices. This is a society, not anarchy. If one doesn't agree to the laws the rest of us support, one can always lobby to change them. Although personally, I think turn signals SHOULD be mandatory... and further, I think people who drive while loaded on any chemical substance are putting the rest of us at risk, and should be pulled over. They may not deserve to be shot for it, but a little personal responsibility goes a long way. Stupidity, regretfully, knows no ethnic boundaries.

there is something not quite right about SweetLou's posting 06.Apr.2004 09:49


The case that SweetLou makes reference towards hasn't even come up yet for trial,
and this makes me wonder what the hell is going on here with SweetLou. Is this a
PoPo Union hack writing disinformation? Is it a troll playing head games? I am
leery of taking such postings as this as being viable, and so should you be! It
is NOT based on FACTS! Chalk one up for the trolls...but do know it's the trolls
at work and not the truth!

Thanks for some sanity, SweetLou 06.Apr.2004 11:07


I have no knowledge of the case SweetLou's talking about. Doesn't matter; he's right.

Controlled substances are controlled in large part because they impair a person's judgment. If James Jahar Perez was high on cocaine, it is extremely likely that his judgment was impaired. Can we at least agree on that?

Rule number one of being stopped by the police (for any reason!) is cooperation. That goes for a white mom driving a Lexus in Lake Oswego or a Hispanic teenager driving an old Toyota on MLK Blvd. That's pretty easy to remember when you're sitting at your computer, but less so when you've got that nervous, sinking feeling (yes, even fear!) that comes when ANYONE sees red and blue lights in their rearview mirror.

Add narcotics to that scenario, and you've got a real recipe for tragedy.

Is it possible that James did the unthinkable? Did he get high, get pulled over, get nervous (caught high & in possesion of drugs while on parole--how nervous would you be?), and initially refuse to cooperate? Then did he drop his hands and make a move toward his waist (toward his seat belt, as it turns out)?

Who, in their right mind, would see that a policeman's gun was drawn, and decide to drop their hands out of sight toward their waist?

The key here is: "in their right mind."

Obviously, IF this is in fact what happened, James' judgment was very much impaired. What a tragedy. What happened next was perhaps unavoidable...what else could the
officer do? James didn't leave him a choice--Officer Sery's duty was to protect the community, his partner, and himself, and he had a second or two to decide how to react to a man who appeared to be high, uncooperative, and seemed to be going for a gun. What would you do?

I doubt Officer Sery knew James' arrest record (including weapons posession), but if he did, it only would have made the choice to fire more clear.

This whole story is an absolute tragedy. Don't miss it, though: James' impaired judgment is the key to understanding what happened that day, not some kind of police vendetta against a racial minority.

Taking out our frustrations on a man before he is tried would also be tragic, whether that man is in a minority group, or a caucasian police officer. Everybody needs to wait and hear the facts before another tragedy is allowed to happen.

why do you, Orphan, believe the reports of 06.Apr.2004 11:26

drugs in Perez's body?

Think about this matter. Just who has the most to gain by planting cocaine in
the bloodstream of Perez and inside his mouth, as well as extra dose of same in
his pockets? Who has the means, motive, and ability to stage this, whether or
not they have the Medical Examiner in on it or not, it is more plausible that
they planted drugs on the corpse than it likely he had it in his system to begin
with. One detail, or many, to consider>>>>if he had drugs in his mouth before he
was shot, then in the throes of death, they'd have been expelled from his mouth,
so how they suddenly found there after he is taken to ME for autopsy?

While bullshit is being slung all around in this case, don't forget that the
TRUTH will come through based on details such as this cited. We need to focus on
the "details" and not blanket justifications such as your writing is. How about
sticking to details and address them?

I think we've got trolls coming where they shouldn't! 06.Apr.2004 11:28

for SweetLou & Orphan

write like trolls, and they reason like them too!

Planted drugs? 06.Apr.2004 11:52


There is no foundation for your "truth" that the drugs found in Perez's system and the ones found in his mouth were planted. That is entirely your opinion. As for the "fact" that in the throes of death they would have been expelled from his mouth, that also does not hold bearing. I know when I have a sudden impact into my body, or sudden pain, I clench my teeth, as does basically every living organism that has a jaw to clench. This would mean that whatever was in his mouth would remain in his mouth until the medical examiner could pry it open. As for who would gain from planting the cocaine, well I can tell you the medical examiner would not gain from it. So what motivation would he have to tell a lie like that? I agree it is tragic what happened, but as Orphan said when someone makes a stupid decision, the police have no choice but to react with whatever force is necessary.

In conclusion, I actually find it quite interesting that whenever there is an opinion posted on this site by someone that goes against what the majority of the poster think they are immediately labeled a troll and their arguments are dismissed. Sad actually to think that people that are so "pro-tolerance" and "open minded" can't see the well thought out and reasoned arguments behind the "trolls"

dissecting police apologists 06.Apr.2004 13:17

all too easy

The cops or apologists believe one thing though they don't want to come out and say it: it's ok to kill a minority who was on drugs. It's ok for the police to kill anyone who does not cooperate.

Last I checked deadly force was only to be used when an officer or another individual's life was in danger.

If an officer cannot make that choice correctly, they should not be allowed to carry a weapon. It's really that simple. Do your job right and stay on the force. Make a mistake and get someone killed and get fired.

Drugs are not the issue. Having and using drugs are not crimes punishable by death. Cooperation is not the issue; not cooperating with police is not a crime punishable by death.

Sweetlou is saying anyone who makes "poor choices" can be killed by the police without penalty.

"If James Jahar Perez was high on cocaine, it is extremely likely that his judgment was impaired. Can we at least agree on that?"

I'd say it was; what black person in their right mind would stop for the police in this town. Of course, having impaired judgment doesn't warrant a death sentence. But I don't think we can agree on that since the cop apologists believe that it does.

"Who, in their right mind, would see that a policeman's gun was drawn, and decide to drop their hands out of sight toward their waist?"

How about someone who was complying with orders to get out of the car?

Oh yes, and we must wait for "the facts" despite a long history of criminal activity and minority killings by the portland police. Yes, I'm sure there will be plenty of manufactured evidence and cops getting their stories straight. By the end we'll learn that Perez was actually high on 12 different drugs and he was reaching for his seatbelt so that he could strangle the cops with it.

BTW, you cops give yourselves away by referring to the victim by his first name and the cops by their last. You didn't really think you could fool anyone did you?

well now, actually the issue of the Police having 06.Apr.2004 13:32

planted drugs on Perez's body

is more believable if one views the photographs of the deceased in the vehicle prior to his removal to
the Medical Examiner. The photographs show him still strapped in his seatbelt, his mouth open with his
tongue protruded, and as such, you Police-apologist lose creditability with your ranting that the cops
didn't plant it. Clearly, if their own photographs show the dead man with wide opened mouth and tongue
visably protruded, how can you come back and claim that it's impossible for the police to have planted
the drugs on him. I think once the little details are brought out in this case, a lot of silly Police-
apologist will have a mighty let down. Now, according to the news, the killer cop himself is fighting
the open inquiry. All this squealing must mean they know what the details are, and they fear them being
revealed, for their jerkkneed apologists will be hardpressed to crank out the bullshit once the case is
forced to rest on FACTS rather than propaganda! Interesting how details trump bullshit...does it every-
time, but of course, one has to be open-minded and not a blind ideologue serving a sinister agenda.

ME is engaging in an 06.Apr.2004 13:38

Old Propagandists

tactic. In his retelling of posting he is responding towards, he decries what he says the poster had to
say about the Medical Examiner. If you go back and read what the original poster said about the Medical
Examiner, you will see no reference to him being an "active" party to the cover-up, though that does not
preclude him having been duped. ME is doing what propagandists have done for ages...rescripting of the
dialogue to suit their purposes, which usually isn't discovery of TRUTH, but concealment thereof!

My side of the story 06.Apr.2004 13:49

Jason Sery

Look, I knew I could kill that fucker and get away with it. Everyone here knows that. I saw my chance and I took it. Just one less drugged out nigger on our streets. I have plenty of protection to keep anything from happening to me; just look at my legal support in stopping the inquiry. McCollister showed us all that the city will support any cop who kills in cold blood and make sure that they are back on the streets armed and ready to murder again. It's time you all just accepted that we are your masters and if you don't do what we tell you, we will kill you. And keep getting paid to do so.

Governments do not police themselves. Nothing but force will stop facists. 06.Apr.2004 17:15


So you believe that a person does not have the right to express thier disgust with this political and social system by any means other than voting? There was a day when only white land owners could vote in this country. By your logic this wouldn't have changed.
Oh! but that's "legitamit" dissent?! BULLSHIT! There is no legitimacy but the legitamicy of doing whatever it takes to make the change THE WORLD needs in this country. We've tried marching out in the streets and begging for change. It didn't work. Democracy is broken in america. It does not exist. If it did then there would be NO dispraportion of resources in public venues of thought. Meaning that radical cantidates would have the same resources to present thier cases, and beliefs as, state malitias multinational corperations, and the racist "brotherhoods" that run them. A willamite week article entitled "bitter pill" described how the Pharmacuticle Reaserch ans Manufactureres Association was spending upwards of 30 million dallors to kill "socialized healthcare"- meaning the Oregon Health Plan in Oregon. Is there a single party in this country that advocates DIRECT ACTION by the poor and sick against organizations like this? Is there a single party in oregon that advocates REVOLUTIONARY JUSTICE for the pigs that killed James Parez, Kendra James, and many more? That's why I don't vote. If there was I would.

the cops just need a little more time to come up with a better story 06.Apr.2004 20:20

and then they'll tell us what it is

Civilian witnesses to the killing say the cops ordered Perez to get out of the car. After the execution, the cops told witnesses Perez had had a gun. After that they stopped talking to anybody but each other. Meanwhile, their sympathizers tell the rest of us to "wait," as if different, better facts are going to trickle out of a drainpipe.

It doesn't matter, in 2004, if Sery thought Perez had a gun. If you guess wrong and kill somebody, it's still manslaughter, and you still fucked up, and you still lose the game. If your department policy says something else, then fuck your policy and fuck you.

In particular, if you order somebody wearing a seatbelt to get out of a car, you do not get to kill him for moving his hands.

One of the earliest troll comments on this subject was

>Seems that everyone here is really quick to make assumptions and then
>hastily throw out the term "Riot!" I think it is irresponsible to make
>threats and assume the police just shot a guy for taking off his seat

Now the cops and the trolls seem to be realizing that this is, in fact, the best they can do for a story, and they're begging to be allowed to retreat back to it. Please please please, they say, just let us off the hook. He was reaching for his seatbelt. We thought he had a gun. Isn't that good enough?

No it's fucking not.

cops are cute! tee hee hee 06.Apr.2004 21:06

hello kitty

>Bottom line: the police shootings of which I am familiar with in this
>city are not motivated by racial profiling or a blood thirsty police
>force, they are the result of people making stupid choices.

This is not anybody's "bottom line." This is the cops' top line, the set of assumptions their spokespeople here and elsewhere have to start with. When confronted with bad facts, they have to wrap the facts somehow around these top-line assumptions.

As it turns out, some cop did in fact kill somebody for not using his turn signal, and maybe for complying with an order to get out of a vehicle at not quite the same instant the order came out the cop's mouth. It's impossible for a troll (amateur or professional) to just admit that, yes, the facts turn out to be the cop fucked up. They can't do it. So they have to construct a whole philosophy around these facts to fit their top line.

The new troll line is:

Yes, we shot the motherfucker because he didn't signal. The dumb irresponsible bad-choice-making bad-driving motherfucker should have signaled.

Yes, we shot him because he was high. Don't get high, kids, or we'll kill you too.

Yes, we shot him because he moved his hands after SLIGHTLY TOO LONG A TIME after we told him to. It's instant compliance or death, everybody. If you wait too long, we'll kill you no matter what you fucking do.

But no, of course the cops didn't do anything wrong. Cops never do anything wrong.

Take a look at the Perez criminal history 12.Apr.2004 11:02


If you knew the history of the individual you were about to approach, then you might be on your guard. In this case you (all of you writing your insignificant comments)would have most likely done the same thing. If you didnt, you might have been pummeled to death by this person, or worse. We will never know. It is a shame that someone has to die to create all of this attention, and in the end we will find out if there was anything that this officer did that was unjust. Why dont we WAIT and see?

troll fatigue 12.Apr.2004 11:33

bye now

>in the end we will find out if there was anything that this
>officer did that was unjust. Why dont we WAIT and see?

There won't be any more facts, boys. There's nothing to wait for, and we don't believe you haven't already made up your minds. You're certainly repeating yourselves. Nice chatting with you, how pleasant we're all still alive & all that. You can still murder us all next week if you like.

Where's the PPB Message Board? 12.Apr.2004 15:46

Pissed In N.Portland

Just wondering if the Portland Police have a message board or forum that we all can discredit their feelings the way they do us "peons". It sickens me to see our "angelic public servants- who do no wrong" spam the boards designed for the members of the community to share their opinions. Joe "Bean" Keller's site is a prime example of this bullshit going on! It sickens me to know the people we look to protect us are calling us pond scum, crack whores, druggies, welfare recipients, and other racist and sick names. If anyone has a link to their board- please let me know!

Even Rodney King Lived Threw The Shit 02.Mar.2010 22:19

Dr Wham

R.I.P. Aaron Campbell & James Parez & every other innocent person murder'd by the portland police