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Benefit Plant Sale for Tre Arrow a success!

Today's plant sale to benefit the Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund was a great success. It was a lovely sunny afternoon in the courtyard in front of People's Co-op where we set up. Lots of folks came by and bought flower and vegetable starts for their gardens. Several people also brought by starts to donate to the sale. The level of support in the community for Tre is really encouraging, and shows that gov't and media disinformation tactics have not stolen love from everyone's hearts yet.

The corporate media was also there briefly, and acted as expected...

Tre Arrow Support Flyer

what i picked up at the sale
what i picked up at the sale
It was Channel 6, and, though the female reporter was polite to the plant sale organizer, she gave a harder time to people who bought stuff, asking (with a typically sinister edge) if they knew what they were supporting. At one point, she was talking to a man who didn't know who Tre Arrow is.

"He's currently in jail in Canada," she said, "and the FBI has been looking for him for --"

That's where i broke in. "Describing Tre by starting there is totally unfair," i said, heedless of the fact that the camera was rolling, and started in about Tre's actions in defense of the bioregion's forests.

"He's an environmental activist," the reporter corrected herself. i went on for a little more, to make sure the young man was getting an accurate picture. i left him alone with the reporter again, but heard him say that he was still supporting the defense fund even though he didn't know all the details. The fact that the benefit was happening in front of People's seemed to make a difference to him.

"That's how you always do it," i said to the reporter, or something like that, meaning that they always narrow any issue to two sides and then always pick the wrong one. She was defensive, as reporters always are when you catch them on their shit.

This two-dimensionalizing of every topic -- they don't even know they're doing it most of the time. They are so into the tiny, hyper-simplified world they live in, that they forget they're abbreviating whenever they talk. That's why they're so good at creating that tiny world. Unfortunately, most of the people who consume media don't know they're not getting the real story either. It's only rarely that anyone sees a story about something or someone they know well, and can see for themselves the shrinking and twisting that happens. Even most activists i know allow their brains to in some way be squeezed like this by the corporate media. It's very sad. Pick any issue, and this is the case. They get it wrong just about every time.

Anyway, the sale was great. More money was raised than organizers expected, and the people who came by were awesome. Keep your eyes out for more Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund benefits coming up, including a rummage sale at the Cascadia Rising! Infoshop, a bake sale, and a video night (or series of them) featuring Tre videos. We might have a long fight ahead of us to help Tre, but together we can pull together and do it!

My Compliments to the Organizers 05.Apr.2004 10:18


I stopped by the plant sale to show support for a comrade while also stocking up on plants with good energy for my garden. I picked out a rugosa rose, a tiny start of St John's wort, and a curious little leek. May they grow strong in my garden, and may Tre be free by the time they bring forth fruit and flowers.

After choosing my plants, I left them with a friend for safekeeping and then headed downtown to the Perez gathering. It struck me that so many people, all over the city, are having to find creative ways to deal with the oppression and violence of the police state. These were two very different events, but the dignity and the resolve of the people involved were the same. I'm grateful that people still have the strength to fight, and I will feel that strength every time I look in my garden and see the rugosa rose flourishing there.

Thanks to all involved. (And thanks to my friend who shared a plate of stewed nettles afterward. Who knew they could be so good!)

Thanks to Everyone Who Participated! 2nd Sale Planned 05.Apr.2004 10:24

griffin TALDF@griffinsforge.com

Thanks to everyone who participated in Sunday's Plant Sale for Tre, your support and enthusiasm means more than I could ever express! Thanks to Joe for bringing the beauitiful shrubs, willows, roses and bamboo that helped us raise so much money, thanks to the kind folks who braved interrogation from the corperate media ~with grace and calm I might add~ to lend their support, thanks to everyone who stopped by to say "I dont need any plants today, but I wanted to come down and make a contribution", thanks to the good folks from indymedia who came and reported the real news ~ and who's presence served to keep the corperate media relitively honest. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone!!

And to all those folks who clammored and and lobbied us to do a 2nd plant sale: you convinced us!
Stay tuned for details about our May Plant Sale, and how you can donate to it (you could start by planting starts now to donate)

contributions: 125 ne 83rd PDX 97220

Yes, More Plants; and the "Good Side" of Channel 6 06.Apr.2004 04:13


Sorry I missed the sale. I'm definitely interested in another one. And I'll try to both donate plants and buy them.

I saw Channel 6 reports on both the 5:00 and 6:00 News Sunday. They gave long (for TV) - a couple of minutes - somewhat different reports about Tre on the two newscasts (nothing about the plant sale that I noticed). Both versions were quite positive (for TV news) - LESS biased and negative than the usual news item about a run-of-the mill "suspected perpetrator", rather than MORE negative as I'd expect. They showed Tre on the ledge at the forest service building back in 2000 and had clips of him speaking. They also showed a few intelligent sounding individuals speaking well of him and his activism. It was really remarkably positive for someone accused of "eco-terrorism". The only negative I recall was the voice-over of the newscaster's straight-forward recitation of the charges against him as they began running the video footage - no interviews with anybody saying anything bad.

But Tre has the advantage of having been seen in the media and recorded by the media, as well as having been seen and met by some of the media people personally, in a rather positive light in the past. This gives him a big advantage compared to the usual government scapegoat in his situation.

Yes, MORE PLANTS and the "good side" of channel 6 06.Apr.2004 06:07


I'm sorry I missed the plant sale. I'd like to participate in the next one!

I saw Channel 6 coverage of Tre on both the 5 o'clock and 6 o'clock newscasts Sunday. The two reports had somewhat different footage, but both were at least a couple of minutes in length. (I didn't notice any coverage of the plant sale.) They showed clips of Tre in 2000 and had well-spoken individuals speaking positively of him and his activism. I'd expect more negative coverage of an alleged "eco-terrorist", but both of those reports were more POSITIVE than the standard coverage of an accused crime suspect. In fact, they showed no police or anyone speaking ill of him, and I recall nothing negative other than the reporter's straight-forward reciting of his alleged crimes at the beginning of the video compilation.

Tre had a high visibility in the Portland media, was seen by or met various local media people, and, of course, was recorded by the media in a rather positive light in the past. In that regard, he's fortunate.

Letters of Character Refrence Needed For Tre's Bail Hearing 06.Apr.2004 07:25


I spoke with Tre last night and he may have a bail hearing coming up, possibly _this_ week! For that hearing he needs letters attesting to his good character, faxed or emailed as documents to his attorney, Tim Russell, ASAP

Letters should include:

your legal name,
your 'title' (student, business owner, etc.)
How you know Tre and for how long,
testimony about his good character,
the fact that he is not a threat to anyone
the assurance that Tre will show up for his court dates, and will not commit any crimes, while on bail.

This request is very time sensitive: please fax or email you letter in the next day or two, as his attorney needs to have it before the hearing. Send them to:

Tim Russel
fax: 250.480.4910
email:  info@mpblawyers.com
phone: 250.480.1529

Bail! Great to hear! 06.Apr.2004 11:12


What if I don't know Tre personally, but I believe he is a good person and a boon to society. Can I still write a letter? Will it help at all? If so, I will write one immediately.

We're fighting for him in Canada too! 06.Apr.2004 14:38


Its great to here that your efforts in Portland have been successful. In Halifax, (thats in Nova Scortia Canada for anyone who doesn't know:)we were selling seeds and other wonderful things like silk-screened T-shirts at the farmers market, and it was really successful too! So I just wanted to tell all of you who are involved out there that you're not alone.
Thinking of Tre in Canada...much love and respect.

response to "Solidarity" 06.Apr.2004 15:59


I believe you could write stating your awaness of and support for his peacful, non-violent protests. That you trust his good charicter and believe he is no threat to society.
The big points we are trying to drive hom with these letters is

*He is not a risk to society
*His long history of peacful, non-violent protests (which have been in the media, you wouldnt have to know him to know his history)
*That you believe he is a good person and a boon to society

The more we are able to show how loved and admired he is, the better. I definitely want everyone who _does_ know him to write (thanks to those who have), and I think the willingness of those who dont know him to write on his behalf is sure to reinforce the judges understanding of the possitive impact he has had on our community. Thanks for your help!

Halifax ROCKS!! 06.Apr.2004 16:07


I just want everyone in Portland to know what an amazing job the folks in Halifax, and other parts of Canada are doing. They have been working endlessly, mostly behind the scenes, creating magnificent flyers, penning sample letters, organizing support in Canada, raising a phenominal amount of money, and just generally making sure that things get done, and get done right! It's good to know we are not alone, and the simple fact is we couldnt do it without you gias!
Thank you over and over again for all you do ~when this is all over we are going to have one hell of a international celebration!!