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This afternoons rally...

I attended the rally this afternoon put on by the Coalition of Black Men
The park was full of people from all walks of life. There were some excellent speakers. So many people saying "this is a good event" Yes, but it's such a tragedy that a young man died at the hands of the police it was neccesary.

I was especially moved (to tears) by the black religious leaders, calling for people to remain calm and non-violent. These community leaders do have great power due to earning the respect and love of thier community. The crowd was not a violent, or a vengeful group anyways, though, and my opinion is that the same religious leaders should say the same words to the police department, Maybe they are.

My feeling is that this cop-union "leader" is blinded by fear and predjudice. Frankly, I think the cops in general watch too much TV. Starsky and Hutch is NOT a good training video.
If they protect this bad cops job they're making a huge mistake. The union leader needs to think about the work environment being created for the good cops out there.

Thanks to everyone who came out this afternoon.
I agree with your comment about the PoPo's Union leader 04.Apr.2004 23:34


as the more I've learned about him, the more I've heard him on TV and then read his piece in today's
THE OREGONIAN, the more convinced I am that he is probably a great source for the PoPo's rank 'n' file
being so Alpha-male testosterone-driven in their response to prejudicial perceived "threats" as this
poor arrogant fellow reeks with testosterone. Frankly, I feel he is doing a lot of "projecting" of his
own inner state in attempt to keep his own inner Demon's at bay due to his own killing of another human-
being. Normal people would have a most difficult time getting over such a tragedy, but the tone one gets
in following his line=of=reasoning and attempts to understand his projected arrogance, leaves one feel-
ing he got "empowered" by such, or that's his way of masking his inner deeper feelings. Bad way, if it

America in Solidarity 04.Apr.2004 23:35


I felt good about being there. Several of us really liked the speaker who called the children to come forth. That was moving. While coming together in sadness, we do need justice and accountability in the police dept. Targeting blacks cannot continue. I made a cardboard sign, "NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. CONTROL THE POLICE." I wore a union shirt, "America in Solidarity--est. 1776--AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL." americasolidarity.com ilwu23.org

not forgotten 05.Apr.2004 00:07


I got choked up hearing from the Perez relatives. There was a lot of positive words and direction. Hopefully it takes good roots, yesterday was a full moon. From my understanding it's good to plant on a full moon because of the water levels. Like high and low tide. So when the water is high the roots grow deep.

solidarity from Oly 05.Apr.2004 01:58

oly kid

police brutality is a people issue. until people realize that and do something about it, it will continue. keep it up p town.

fire them all 05.Apr.2004 02:51

wagon-circlers should all be out together

>I was especially moved (to tears) by the black religious leaders,
>calling for people to remain calm and non-violent.

White people love to hear black people promise to be non-violent. No broken windows, no blocked streets, no firehoses or dogs will be necessary this time, ma'am. You can depend on us. No such promises will be forthcoming from the police.

>My feeling is that this cop-union "leader" is blinded by fear and
>prejudice. If they protect this bad cop's job they're making a huge
>mistake. The union leader needs to think about the work environment
>being created for the good cops out there.

If the cops themselves won't distinguish between "good cops" and "bad cops," then why should anybody else? As far as the cops are concerned, Sery was doing his job and he did it right. The public needs to hold the entire police department accountable, if that's how they want to be. Fire 'em all and start over, like a "failing" middle school. Gotcher code of silence right here, boys, on the unemployment line.

Sadly, Same Speeches 05.Apr.2004 08:32

Den Mark, Vancouver

Ignoring "Fed up"'s remarks (what can be said), i was at the gathering & was moved by some of what i heard, & sad & angry over the incident, & disgusted that more people did not turn out, BUT ..... the same speeches were given eleven months ago, & nothing has changed. After the Kendra James killing, the community in fact did go back into its "comfort zone", as speakers yesterday put it. Before that, after the Mejia killing, protest was not nearly large or strong enuf nor ethnically diverse. That must NOT happen again. We still don't have civilian review. We must demand it. NO cop has the right to be judge, jury, & executioner, whatever the situation. Maybe the State Police should take over Portland's policing, until the PPB & PPA are ripped up & reassembled, along completely different lines. If certain cops cannot make an arrest without torturing & murdering, then take away their badges & guns & let them get jobs digging holes, or something, because cops who torture & murder are not fit to be cops, & citizens should not tolerate it. Not for one more second. That goes for ALL cities in the metro area, in every county. Civilian review, NOW!

Moved and Saddened 05.Apr.2004 09:49


I was there as well. I was moved by the older white man, Joe - something er other?? I believe he is a state politican? He spoke about the facts - he spoke about the inconsistancies in the officers report - and how it was physically impossible to do all that they claimed to do in 24 seconds. He spoke about "driving while black" - he spoke about major mistrust and doubt regarding the drugs found in victim's system. He spoke about the media and how NOT to fall for the smoke screens they billow out. I was also moved by the young black men that wore the shirts - with a huge smoking gun and the words "friendly fire" -

I was saddened and kind of disgust by the lack of people there. I'm guessing 400 - 500 people showed up? I was a little surprised by the lack of outrage as well, not to mention the constant christian retoric (spelling?).

My two cents worth.

March on the Station! 05.Apr.2004 15:44


The community's reaction up til now has been fine. What's needed at this point is a rally and march on the North or NE police station, wherever Sery worked from. The community needs to hold an unpermitted rally and march to the station where the assembled crowd would in a peaceful though angry manner put some real visible heat on the cops.

That's the only way to get their undivided attention.

Rallies like Sunday's event are great. But they don't put real pressure on the cops. They need to know that people aren't afraid to show their anger, in a way that doesn't include city or police planning. Otherwise, it's all an orchestrated show for the cameras.

March on the N. PDX police station. It's the only way to show them people are serious.

the only way to show them 05.Apr.2004 23:04


is to start organizing your neighbours

To view photos of the MURDERERS... 06.Apr.2004 00:13


long, hot summer 06.Apr.2004 09:31

watching & waiting

now that Sery has filed a suit to block the public inquest, it may not happen at all. the grand jury will probably go ahead, one way or another. but we all know there's not much chance Sery or his partner will get indicted on any serious charges. hope I'm wrong, but if history plays out as before . . .

watch what happens in the North Portland community when the cops get let off the hook again or with just a light slap on their wrists.

then there's a real chance people aren't gonna take it anymore.

and won't that be a delightful leaving-office celebration for the Katz administration. probably be lots of lights and fireworks and sirens