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Tre Arrow Support Flyer

Please print and hand out!
Tre Arrow, peaceful environmentalists who was recently arrested in Victoria, BC. He has been avoiding U.S. authorities for over 18 months due to the bogus charges of arson against him. Currently Tre is refusing to ingest any food while incarcerated "to protest this incarceration and the lack of justice within the U.S. judicial system; and secondly, to show a token of solidarity to all those suffering around the world as a result of corporate agendas which leave in their wake poisoned water, contaminated air and lack of adequate food." For his refusal to participate, Tre has been placed in solitary confinement. Locked in a small cell 23 hours a day; having bright lights shone on him 24/7, cold air forced into his cell, refused access to phone calls to his family, and being denied access to the outside along with his personal writing material.

Tre is experiencing cruel and unusual punishment for his refusal to end his hunger strike. Urgent action is needed to help stop this. Please call and fax the warden:

Rawn Phalen
Victoria Island Regional Corrections Center
4216 Wilkinson Road
Victoria BC
Phone: (250) 953-4400
Fax (250) 953 4453

To donate to Tre's legal defense:

Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund
125 NE 83rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97220

Please write checks to "The National Lawyers Guild"
Memo: Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund

To Write to Tre:

Tre Arrow
CS #05850722
Vancouver Island Regional Correction Center
4216 Wilkinson Road
Victoria BC
V8Z 5B2

Here are two pictures (front and back of flyer) to be handed out.

Just like Tre, I'll suggest that we try hard to print on reclaimed/recycled paper.

Thanks for your support and lots of love from the North.

The Halifax Collective
Changes in who you write checks to... 05.Apr.2004 13:01


The Tre Arrow legal defense fund has been officially set up and now checks need to be made out to "Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund", and no longer to The National Lawyers Guild. Just a FYI to you all. And to all you folks in Halifax, YOU ROCK!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the great work you're doing there and for all your love and support!

Address 06.Apr.2004 12:49


Reminder to all those who are writing, the correct address of the facility is;
VANCOUVER Island Regional Corrections Centre,
the city is Victoria
(Victoria is on Vancouver Island).
keep writing y'all