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Is it true that the PoPo created an incident last night to

Is this true, or is it just "rumors"?
Was late getting up today, and a friend of mine said she heard on KOIN's (she thinks it was them) 11:00
news late night that the Police created some nasty incident whereby they intimidated and then arrested a
relative of the poor young man that they killed last Sunday and was buried yesterday. Sounds like the
Police are trying to intimidate the family into backing down from asking too many questions at inquiry,
and/or backing down from big lawsuit. How will they get by with such with all the news out there on the
matter? If this is true, then it shows how literally crazy and out of control that they really are. If
you can help me find anything about it, I'd appreciate it. Got the Sunday Boregonian, and not anything
about it, but it's printed late yesterday and too early at that to get report in on what happened. Yes,
indeed, there is just far too many questions arising over this case. I wouldn't be surprised if there
isn't some serious criminal elements within the police that'll go to whatever extremn to put the quite
on too much questioning. Wouldn't be surprised at all, and neither should you!
Yes it IS true 05.Apr.2004 14:02


I also observed AND recorded the news on KOIN. I have noticed that the story has NOT appeared on their website, nor on any of the other stations' websites.

This occurred the same day as the funeral - Saturday, 04/03/04.

The police pulled over a vehicle w/Jahar's cousin's in it. The vehicle stopped in front of the home where the family members were gathered together for mourning.

Police contacted the driver, conducting a "routine" traffic stop. During which time, the passenger (cousin) apparently became very angry (as anyone would!) and started yelling at the cops. He was arrested for Obstruction, and taken to NE Precinct.

Angry family members went to NE Precinct, and after a sit down with command staff, it was agreed that the police would un-arrest him, which they did.

to PPBCopWatcher 05.Apr.2004 18:38

video available?

PPBCopWatcher - you recorded the news on KOIN? How about making it available to indymedia (if you haven't already).