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Indymedia Takes Over Your TV

Portland Indymedia News invades the airwaves.
On April 4th, Portland Indymedia will launch its premiere episode of Indymedia News. This half-hour news show will feature local to international news, editorials, and interviews from a perspective you will never find on the corporate media. Expect no official government lines or self-censored stories here. We tell it like it is... with your help.

In addition to original reporting, stories are drawn from the Indymedia newswire to give real people their own voice in deciding what is news and how their stories should be told. By taking back the media, we have the power to shape our own reality instead of having corporate interests tell us what to think, what to do, and how to keep quiet. It's time to show them we're awake and the truth is being broadcast out loud!

On our first episode you will hear stories about the coup in Haiti, the leaked Pentagon report about global warming, efforts to oust Chavez from office in Venezuela, Portland police corruption, gay marriage, the children's garden, the No Starbucks campaign, and the tightening of the embargo against Cuba.

The first show will air tonight at 10:30pm on channel 22, and will be rebroadcast:
Tuesday April 6th at 6pm on channel 23
Friday April 9th at 6pm on channel 11
Monday April 12th at 11:30pm on channel 11
Friday April 16th at 8pm on channel 23
Monday April 19th at 12am on channel 22

If you've trashed your evil box or don't have cable, fear not, Indymedia news will soon be available for download online.

There are ample ways you can contribute to the show, whether it be through stories, set-design, street reporting, graphics editing, production crew, and so-on. If you'd like to get involved just email indyt\/@riseup.net with your info and interests.
Exciting times. 04.Apr.2004 16:07

Tony Blair's dog

Best wishes!

SAA Interview 04.Apr.2004 16:44


Is the SAA interview on this episode or not?

am watching on Channel 22 as I write... 04.Apr.2004 22:41


doing a great job! Great! Hope you guys are on a lot more often. Keep it up, as we
out here support you!

pot... meet mister kettle 04.Apr.2004 23:25

both sides

Indymedia claiming it doesn't self-censor is about as absurd as Fox News claiming to be Fair & Balanced.

Indymedia, like all other news outlets, has people who make decisions about what content leads the news and what gets cut. Self-censorship and story selection are what make a journalistic operation useful as a source of news, and not just a random stream of disconnected information.

I know I can come here to find the latest news that's of interest to people in Portland who generally share my political views, just like ignorant racists know they can turn to Lars Larson for news that fits their world view.

Hell, Indymedia even has a staff of volunteers who censor posts and replies like this one that don't fit into the (fairly narrow) Indymedia notion of the "truth."

Let me be clear: I think Indymedia TV is a great idea. But you lose credibility when you claim your own viewpoint is the whole unadulterated truth.

true true both sides 05.Apr.2004 02:06


please just don't get giant egos from seeing yourselves on tv. that would defeat the whole project.

indymedia as a tactic for truth 05.Apr.2004 10:19

media activist

"But you lose credibility when you claim your own viewpoint is the whole unadulterated truth."


"Indymedia claiming it doesn't self-censor is about as absurd as Fox News claiming to be Fair & Balanced."

Indymedia doesn't claim to be unbiased, because claiming objectivity is always a lie. However, allowing people to tell their stories is as close the truth as one can ever come. Each person must tell their own story truthfully and airing those stories is far beyond what a corporate interest could ever do in terms of truthful reporting, that is reporting one person's truth and experience for others to learn from.

I also find it disappointing to see the "big ego" meme spreading from corporate television and polluting discussion here.

dress up! 05.Apr.2004 11:42


will anyone be wearing a suit? come as you are! will there be a tv indymedia logo, or just the regular indymedia icon? who cares! will this lead to an actual, physical, printed-in-ink-on-paper publication? as for the issue of self censorship, of course most indies aren't "objective", i think h.zinn said something about bias and how there is no objectivity. anyway, it's nice to have a different viewpoint offered.

censorship 05.Apr.2004 11:43


by the way, does indymedia really have a group of ppl who censor posts? the idea never even occured to me!

reply censorship 05.Apr.2004 13:16

both sides

Yes. Either that or my comments disappear on their own at an alarming rate.

Indymedia has a posted policy about why and how newsire items are removed, but replies to posts are also removed, seemingly at random.

When newswire items are composted, you can look them up ( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/compost/compost2004.shtml), but when comments are deleted, they're just gone.

I realize that removing trolls is necessary to make discussion boards work, but there also needs to be accountability and some guidelines on what makes a post troll-ish.

Since indymedia doesn't get the kind of traffic that makes a point-based moderation system work a la slashdot, it should at least provide some information about who's removing comments, why they're being removed, and how we can go find what someone else decided we shouldn't read.

who's in charge?- anyone who shows up... 06.Apr.2004 11:17


I am continually amazed at these kind of posts... You see yes for the sake of usability PDX indymedia does have a recycling bin, in which anyone on line can view the posts that have been moved there. Also if you want to know the editorial policy... it is actually available on the web site. Finally as to the "horrid secret cabal of indymedia overlords" we meet every saturday at the Red and Black cafe... You want to change or influence the editorial policy... then show up and do work... iIT REALLY IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT. The people I hear complaining hve never shown up to a meeting, and the few who do show up once but only once and never seem all that interrested in doing work for the collective.

Jumbled terms and representations 06.Apr.2004 14:44


Just to clarify, self-censorship means not reporting a story (dangers of GE, problems with 9-11 official story, global warming, illegalities of 2000 selection, etc.) or not reporting the central truth of a story (US creating coup in Haiti, war for oil, etc.) because you are afraid of how your corporate affiliates, political allies, or the general public will react to such things. It means not rocking the boat or upsetting the status quo in the interests of yourself and your friends. The entire purpose of Indymedia is to catch the stories that would otherwise go unreported as a result of this form of censorship.
While story selection by the corporate media often includes self-censorship, that does not mean that the two terms are interchangable or that all story selection = self-censorship. In terms of the Indymedia News show, story selection involves finding the stories that are most compelling, most overlooked, or most misrepresented, and presenting them in a new perspective to others - a perspective that often rocks the boat. Part of this process involves challenging the idea that any media is capable of presenting the "absolute truth." Instead, people need to get all the perspectives they can and then find the truth for themselves. At the same time, they have the opportunity to tell their own truth to others. Like the corporate media there may be instances where an Indymedia story gets a "fact" wrong, and this is inevitable considering we do not have hoards of paid reporters working 60 hours a week for us. But our stories will represent what we feel is the truth, and will not hide what we feel is the truth because of how others may react to it.
Like all news outlets Indymedia News has a bias to the stories that are covered, but unlike most media we do not pretend to be unbiased. You will not see stories about Janet Jackson's boob or "the next survivor" because we have a bias against junkfood news. You will not see corporate PR or the official government line represented without criticism because we have a bias against compulsive liars. And you will not see us promoting capitalism, defending racist killer cops, talking about the benefits of NAFTA/WTO/IMF/WB, or whitewashing US imperialism because we have a bias against destroying our world while promoting murder and enslavement. Of course, anyone who disagrees with our biased coverage is free to seek out a fair and balanced corporate media outlet such as FOX.
I hope this clarifies what this show does and does not do or claim to be. Of course, criticism and suggestions are welcome. But in the end this show is shaped by those who choose to contribute to it, so if you would like to see it grow and improve, it is up to you to make it happen.

To SAA Kid 06.Apr.2004 14:55


The SAA interview is on the second episode which will be broadcast:
April 17th @ 10:30pm, ch 23
April 21st @ 12am, ch 11
April 24th @ 10:30pm, ch 23
April 26th @ 7:30pm, ch 11
April 29th @ 9:30pm, ch 22
May 1st @ 4pm, ch 22

Eurpoe / US footage sharing 07.Apr.2004 10:42


You guy's could probably get hold of the European IMC newreal that is produced monthly (in theory)