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Dennis Kucinich in Oregon

Dennis Kucinich came to Eugene and spoke to an 800+ crowd.
Dennis Kucinich came to Eugene and spoke to an 800+ crowd. Even though the Democratic race is over and Kerry has it cinched, Dennis is the only other candidate who is still in the race. Why? Because, as he puts it, the race has ended but the fight for the Democratic Party continues on. Thus, he is pushing ahead and calling for votes in his favor so that the Democratic Party will address the issues he is addressing.
Dennis made it clear he had no illusions about the shortcomings of the Democratic Party. He spoke of the many Democratic elected officials that are actually 'Republicrats', or Republicans in sheep's clothing, and how they've taken over most of the Party. He spoke of the need for true Democrats to reclaim the Party and also of his dedication to remaining in the Party.
At another appearance, I heard from his road manager. She said that right now Dennis has nothing to lose or to gain, and by Kerry already winning, he has the opportunity to really take off the gloves and speak the truth about a number of things. With the current stranglehold on mainstream media this is an opportunity for the truth to be told about a number of issues.
Dennis spoke much of the Iraq war and the 'war mentality' that is shaping the direction of this country and the need for change and his proposed Department of Peace. What most don't know is that there is legislation going through Congress right now to bring back the draft, yet for men and women this time. He said they're not going to let the media cover this until after the election.
He spoke of the need to eliminate or withdraw from trade agreements of NAFTA, GATT, and the FTAA and how jobs have been exported overseas through these acts. This is nothing new, he said, it boils down to cheap labor. From the pyramids to slavery, it's always been about cheap labor and ways to get it.
He talked about the need to repeal the Patriot Act and how although there are mountains of unexplored truths about 911, nothing about it will stick to this president. The lies about the Iraq War are what we need to focus on and that on that alone we can bring this president down.
When asked about Depleted Uranium ammunition, (which exposes both sides any conflict to deadly radiation), he spoke of the need to discontinue it's use and the responsibility of the US to repair the damage already done to other countries and to our soldiers.
He spoke of the fallacy of safety testing on genetically modified foods and the need for research on many different aspects of GM foods as well as the protection of Organic Standards.
When asked about the formerly named School of the Americas, he spoke of his personal mission to close the school. He personally knew one of two nuns killed who both had history of non-violent protesting of the school. It was discovered that people who were graduates of the school murdered the two nuns; and while attending her funeral, Dennis vowed to do everything he could to shut the school down.
I heard from emissaries who traveled to North and South Korea to speak with President Kim Dae Jung and Pyongyang. They reported that North Korea is not the country that's portrayed in the media and that there is a boldly fictitious media propaganda campaign going on painting North Korea as a dangerous rogue country that's a threat to the free world. Dennis gave these Americans a message to deliver; that there was someone running for president who favored diplomatic solutions and peace over aggression and war.
Someone asked Dennis how he stayed positive and focused on his goals. He replied, "I'm not coming from a place of anger. There are so many forces in our society working simultaneously, so the question is this- which forces will work through us? There are forces of destruction and there are forces of creativity. I choose creativity."
Open call for Kucinich to step down 04.Apr.2004 19:32


Open letter to Dennis Kucinich:
(I love you[plz read as dripping w/irony])

Mr. Kucinich,

As a long term follower and supporter of yours, I feel that I must ask you to step down from your race for the Presidency. Your Ego is truly out of control if you think that you can change voters minds about such things as "issues" with your speeches. By engaging in political debate with the idea of changing the world we live in, you have revealed your obvious "Christ compex". No one supports you. It is obvious that you have no chance. You aren't even obese nor do you drive an SUV. Give up now. Resistance is futile.

I feel that your criticism of this nation's leaders could draw attention their shortcomings, which is, of course, undemocratic and unAmerican. You are responsible for al Quada's success by doing so. also global warming. and cancer. Please stop dissenting as if it were your birthright for being a USA citizen. I can only hope that some responsible government agency will track your movements and your personal beliefs before you challenge the very system that has alienated you. Please fall in line.

If you must remain politically active then I suggest you reconsider an endorsement of Ralph Nader. He at least won't sell-out like your masters at the DNC for the sake of the ignorant populace. Please support real change by backing a candidate with integity and a sense of public service that rivals your own. A re-election of Bu$h means the revolution will take place all that much sooner. An election of Nader would bring the revolution NOW!!

A concerned American named Dean

(For those Democrats who think that Nader is a spoiler: I'll explain this letter to you as you've already demonstrated your inability to reason further than your next gas tank fill up. It is meant as an ironic comparison between the criticism slung at Nader and his counterpart in the DNC, Kucinich. Some of us are so completely dissatisfied with the US's record of imperialism mandated by our over-consumptive habits that we find any endorsement of such policies criminal. Regardless of how much you recycle and appriciate nature, these pancea-like actions only lend credibililty to a system that values GDP over you and me. It isn't "the economy, stupid". It is everyday people that don't have enough time to make informed decisions but feel an obligation to vote. It is a void of public leadership that lets industry and commerce run our lives. Basically, I like Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader. If there is anything Christ-like about these two; it is their sacrifice for your sins.)

NADER FOR MAYOR! 06.Apr.2004 17:22


nader for mayor!

Nader supports Kucinich 06.Apr.2004 23:05


In an article I was reading on Common Dreams Nader suggested that
registered Dems vote for Mr. K in the primaries.

confused 07.Apr.2004 16:06


ya'll move the party crap to another page.

I dont want to read about kucinich nader or any other crap. Especially if its in eugene.