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Register to vote by April 26

Of course you're going to register and vote in the Dem Primary, but i hope you're going to do more than that. Now is the time to be pro-active and get everyone you know registered to vote. Oh, yeah, better make sure they're informed as well. Be the media, provide your friends with info the mass media is not telling them.

Hey PDX imc... what's the scoop? Why is the selection 2004 page so hard to find.. How many visitors to PDX imc will find it? like .1% ? I've been waiting patiently, but couldn't hold back any longer. Three weeks left to get everyone registered, imo this should be job #1

Frankly, I think this graphic needs to be on the front page with a link

Now is the time to find and identify the trolls that keep posting nonsense like "by voting you give your power away... don't vote"

It's time to acknowledge that cointel pro 2004 exists... and the trolls will appear in the form of Nader freepers and don't vote anarchists.

Hey, if it's bush-kerry-nader in Nov i'll be voting Nader too, but i REALLY feel that he won't win and we'll have four more years of skull and boner hell. If Oregon kicks Kerry's ass, this could have a profound impact on the DNC this July. What we really want is Kucinich-Bush in Nov... this is our shot at the peaceful revolution! We can vote out the millionaires and corporate whores now... Oregonians need to know.

How to spot the trolls?
True Anarchists and Nader supporters are not just for Anarchy/Nader, they are for ending the corruption, which is what Kucinich is also about. If they are true, they will be all for getting everyone registered Dem and voting Kucinich in May... then Nader in the fall if we have to.

What sense does it make for an 'Anarchist' to go out of their way to not vote, to tell everyone not to vote... when voting this time around could lead to:

An End to the Drug War
Ending Prisons for Profit
Ending the Occupation of Iraq
Ending Health Care for Profit
and on and on.....

I contend that all humans that care about social and economic justice will support Dennis Kucinich in the Oregon Dem Primary. C'mon anarchy trolls.... i'm all for ending this BS gov't currently in place... but how is not voting going to help? There is no argument... yet PDX imc still seems under the control of some of these guys. I'm not trying to piss you off, i'm trying to ask for a reasonable explanation.... Why is the Selection 2004 page so hard to find? .... why isn't the last day to Register to vote, 'by April 27' and locations to register not posted on the front page? Why isn't the importance of this Dem primary prominently featured from now til May 18th. Every visitor for the next month should have this info handed to them on a silver platter... not buried on a back page.

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