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government selection 2004

Dennis Kucinich is coming to Portland and Hood River!

Rep. Dennis Kucinich will be in Hood River on Monday, April 5 and in Portland on April 6 and 7. There are several opportunities to hear him speak and to meet him!
Monday, April 5
5:00 PM
Dinner with Dennis Kucinich: $50 + Potluck Dish
Call (503) 232-8201 or email  cate.veith@kucinich.us for ticket information.

Monday, April 5
7:00 PM
An Evening with Dennis Kucinich
Columbia Gorge Hotel Ballroom
4000 Westcliff Drive, Hood River

Tuesday, April 6
Lunchtime Meet and Greet with Dennis Kucinich!
Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW 6th and Morrison

Tuesday, April 6
3:30 PM
Meet and Greet with Dennis Kucinich!
People's Co-Op, 3029 SE 21st Avenue, Portland

Tuesday, April 6
6:00 PM
Peace is Possible Fundraiser: Dinner with Dennis Kucinich
Sponsored by Kucinich for President and the Wholistic Peace Institute
Cost: $100.00; to purchase, call (503) 232-8201 or email  cate.veith@kucinich.us

Tuesday, April 6
8:45 PM
Dennis Kucinich, Democratic Presidential Candidate Visits Lewis & Clark Campus
Lewis & Clark Council Chamber, Templeton Student Center, 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road
Sponsored by Associated Students of Lewis & Clark College

Wednesday, April 7
Meet and Greet with Dennis Kucinich!
FreeGeek, 1731 SE 10th Avenue, Portland

Wednesday, April 7
8:00 PM
Ani DiFranco Concert
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, 1001 SW Broadway

For more information on any of these events, please call (503) 232-8201 or send an email to  renee.hyatt@kucinich.us.

homepage: homepage: http://www.kucinich.us
phone: phone: (503) 232-8201

Clarification 04.Apr.2004 00:19

Kucinich for President

The events on Monday are in Hood River, and Tuesday and Wednesday are in Portland.

FreeGeek 04.Apr.2004 01:07

Kucinich for President

Kucinich will be at FreeGeek at 1:00 on Wednesday, April 7.

Great news & glory 04.Apr.2004 07:54


This has made my week! I have picked a location for Tuesday and Wednesday. What admirable places to appear. What will the charge (donation?) be for the Ani DeFranco event?

sweet show! 04.Apr.2004 08:51

Ani & Dennis-match made in heaven

Dennis will join Ani on stage. For more details  http://www.pcpa.com/events/event.php?event=1281
For directions to Schnitzer Hall

get these lyrics to Ani 04.Apr.2004 10:46

and get these events on the front page sched

If you're not musically gifted, have a friend sing this to you... it fits perfectly.

"America the Beautiful"

Oh beautiful, for specious lies
For Halibuton's gain
For diplomatic travesties
Without an ounce of shame
America, America
Bombs drop with racist glee
If you've got oil
Beneath your soil
Your country's history.

Oh glorious for union busts
At every grocery chain
For corporate monopoly
and health care down the drain
America, America
Go forth in poverty
No need to fight
For workers rights
Your job's gone overseas.

Oh powerful, for Patriot Act
Safeguarding liberties
You've got our back,
You're keeping track
In every library
America, America
Defend security
With wiretap spies
And prying eyes
John Ashcroft keeps us free.

this from indybay.. protesters marching on april fool's day, 50 protesters surrounded by 70 cops... the drones even injured a few elderly tourists.