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this thread needs to be alive and on going

I can't wait to see these cards 03.Apr.2004 23:45


Joker Finalists:
Schenck, Darrel (internal affairs captain)
Robinson, Cheryl (public information officer)

ACE finalists:
Meyers, Jeff (homeless basher, hit-list writer, pretty hair poster boy, others too numerous to list, see mercury article)
Kruger, Mark (riot duty commander, others too numerous to list, see mercury article, voted "most rotten cop in portland" by merc readers)
Robert King (police union rep)
Crebs, Mike (training officer for PPB, advises on protest control)

King finalists:
McCollister, Scott (killed kendra james, an unarmed woman)
Sery, Jason (killed James Perez, an unarmed man)
Bergstrom, Scherise AKA "Lady Lightning" (so named for her taser explots, named in wweek article)
Hanousek, Joe (gassed a reporter and several others at a protest)

Queen finalists:
Macomber, sean (sery's partner who tased a dead man)
Forsyth, Tom (head of PPB taser program)
Gillentine, William (beat a man at a gas station aug 2001)
Crebs, Mike (gang enforcement guy, former protest quasher)

Jack finalists:
Kalmanek, Gabe (ordered cops to not write report after Ladd beating)
Hollingsworth, Steve (ordered cops to not write report after Ladd beating)
Bailey, Grant (beat a man named Ladd while off-duty)
Hampton, Craig (beat a man named Ladd while off-duty)

Numbered card finalists (all suits, most votes get ten of spades, second most gets ten of hearts, etc):
Baird, lawrense (ladd beating)
Barnum, Bret (m28 arresting officer, tasered a man for arguing with him in wweek article)
Bell, Jeffery (not sure what he did)
Benson, Dave (not sure what he did)
Besner, Leo (tasered a 71-year-old man who was heroically restraining a knife-wieling woman)
Bourasa, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of portland peace encampment raid)
Brennen, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of portland peace encampment raid, accused of assault)
Davis, Chris (VP of portland police association, southeast division, may be FBI special agent)
Duilio, Kenneth (shot hero black man who disarmed a robber at a convinience store, involved in Greek Cuisina brawl)
Engwiler, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of portland peace encampment raid, accused of assault)
Friedman, Mark (no idea what he did, only online mention I could find was something about a lost camera he was trying to return)
Ho, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of portland peace encampment raid)
Hopper, Meredith (taser nut mentioned in willy week article)
Hubbard, Brain (shot Jose Angel Padilla)
Kalmanek, Gabe (supervising investigator that covered up Ladd beating)
Kelly, Brian (pepper sprayed a 10-month old baby. I am sure the kid was dangerous or something)
Lee, Mike (training sergeant, not sure what else)
Lile, Jason (shot a man in the back with a taser after ordering the man to leave. Basically shot the man for obeying him)
Luiz, Joe (accused of stealing credit card from prisoner while training a cadet)
Miller, (brotherhood of the stong, called "not too bright" by neighbors, harassed blind woman for yard debris, much more)
Musgrave, Timothy (alledgedly dragged Dora McCrae, age 71, from her van, beat her unconcious while she was delivering meals to homebound elders)
Phebus, Carrie (motorcycle cop, tickets critical mass riders)
Pool (horse cop, no idea what else)
Reister, Dane (beat youths during new years eve 2001 which started a riot)
Reynolds, Ken (tasered a woman without warning, wweek article)
Rowly, Marty (pepper sprayed a protestor in may 2003, protestor had bad reaction, refused to allow ambulance call)
Sablan , FIRSTNAMENEEDED (commanded portland peace encampment raid, stole the campers gear)
Shaw, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of portland peace encampment raid)
Simpson, Pete (tac division, writes editorials for Rap Sheet, the PPB newsletter)
Sizer, rosie (ladd beating coverup and more)
Stimmel, Matt (destroyed evidence in Ladd beating)
Suttle, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (nine write-in votes from merc "rotten cop" contest, stole zoobomber bikes with abeaverton cop)
Voeller, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of portland peace encampment raid)
Whattam, ken (ladd beating)
Whitcanack, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of portland peace encampment raid)
Winters, FIRSTNAMENEEDED (part of portland peace encampment raid)

Card Back Design 04.Apr.2004 00:14

one eyed jack

The proposed design for the back of the cards isn't clear--maybe has too many symbols/meanings. With respect for the artist's effort put into it so far, can it be cleaned up--made more apparent what all of the components are, without having to have it explained? Or is there a simpler, single symbol that would be approriate for the deck of agents of state repression run amok.

Good Idea! 04.Apr.2004 03:07


Good job mentioning Brian Hubbard....He only killed Padilla after he started hacking on his girlfriend's neck with a knife! He is Truely a dangerous officer with no restraint whatsoever......Kudos to you idiot! And good job mentioning Friedmann (spelling?) as well...you read about him attempting to return a stolen camera to someone....obviously very dangerous indeed!!! Keep up the good work.....

We also need a public database of these rotten cops 04.Apr.2004 03:38

PPD sucks

We need to expose them with freedom of speech. They've tried to hinder this, but it ain't workin'.

wow 04.Apr.2004 08:59

that bad?!

shit I had no idea how bad it has gotten. Beating the 71 year old lady who was delivering meals to seniors...that just pushed me over the edge. What the hell has happened to these guys heads? They have somehow severed the connection for compassion in these cops brains. Some giving soul out there want to join the force and enlighten us to what tactics they are using to remove the cops souls?

There should be a permanent expose on all of these cops on the front page. How about a random cop picture generator which each of their sordid stories?

I don't think I'd take this Anon-charactor all that 04.Apr.2004 10:00


as I've seen quite a few of his so-called "postings" this past week, and they're ALL pro-PoPo and just
so hyper defensive. Must be an old retired cop at home alone with nothing to do, but justify, defend,
etc. etc. as he over-identifies with the PoPo. Maybe that's the only life the old bastard ever had?
Very sad isn't it? Guess the thing to do is let him post all he wants, but skip over whatever he got to
say and ignore him...don't let him infect our thinking or melt our resolve.

Card Back Followup 04.Apr.2004 11:59

read 'em 'n' weep

Possible card back design: a bunch of red roses being crushed by a jackboot--"PPB Rogues" label on the jackboot.

More Info... 04.Apr.2004 13:22

Pit Boss

Besner also arrested some kid by the name of Ellis for not identifying himself - Besner and a few other cops brutalized him as the riot cops surrounded them. I think the kid filed a lawsuit against the city...

Besner also arrested minister Brent Was for jaywalking during the Iraqi War protests, and some other people as well.

Mike Lee (along with Kruger) beat up Amber Hicks last year at the Bush protest.

Simpson went after Mike D at the A22 protest.

Hubbard shouldn't be in there - shooting someone who has a knife to the throat of a woman is justified, even if you're skeptical of the cops.

I like read 'em an' weep's idea for the back of the deck.

Are you serious? 04.Apr.2004 14:13


his badge & gun after pepper spraying a 10-month old baby? what--pray tell--could a
tiny baby have done to even think about using pepper srray on them? if this is true,
and i've been told this is...that it happened a few years ago...then why didn't the
police immediately fire this man. i hope he isn't still on the police force here or
anywhere for that matter. a man that would do that is seriously disturbed i would
say, and i'd hope someone is looking out for any children he may have to make sure
they're not being abused. how about his wife? is he beating her? no wonder all of
you people are so outraged at the police here, if they've got guys like this and they
get by with such stuff. it's pure evil, and i don't care what spin the apolologists
put on it, it's outright evil...the satanic kind! i wish you all the best in clean-
ing up your so apparently corrupted police force...you'll not know peace till you do!

Lee 04.Apr.2004 16:34


I heard a first hand account that Lee shoved some Peace Campers around during its final days, in an apparent attempt to intimidate or provoke them.

info on a few of them 05.Apr.2004 10:08


Lee along with Kruger targeted, assaulted and arrested a Peace Camper (Amber)from the crowd when Bush was in town. Lee is also friends with the infamous Rowley. He also pretends to do community policing at some demonstrations to collect information about activists. He gave orders to harass and intimidate Peace Campers.

Lile and Friedman are part of a renegade group of Central precinct cops who smash people's faces into the sidewalk and arrest them for "interfering" just for walking down the street or looking at them. They are friends of Hubbard. They along with Ofcs. Engweiler and Brennan are currently being investigated by Internal Affairs and are named in a lawsuit that will soon be filed.

Lile also tazed someone in the genitals who ran by the Peace Camp and said fuck the police. He chased him down tazed him 5+ times then arrested him for "interfering".

Hubbard should be in there 05.Apr.2004 10:12


There is something that is not right about the story about Hubbard shooting Padilla. The police continutally say that Padilla "allegedly had a knife". That is not language that the press uses lightly. They (the press) are always so confident that the cop is right. I think there is good reason to doubt Hubbard's story.

Concerning Hubbard 05.Apr.2004 20:42


But you don't have proof. You only have a suspicion. That's as bad as any false arrest. Don't be as bad as they are. You will put you're whole deck of cards in jeapordy.

regarding Hubbar 06.Apr.2004 04:02


If you read the news reports from the Padilla shooting it clearly states (by almost all news sources) that his girlfriends neck was cut (however bad I don't know). Like Copwatch I'm skeptical of the Oregonian's rhetoric but I doubt even the police have the power to make every paper and news station lie for them like that. I would have to assume that a knife was involved with all the non-police witnesses.

hubbar you no good cop 24.Oct.2007 23:00

stupid cops

Padilla death was non sence, I cant belive the police didnt do their job by negotiating with him, what the hell is wrong with hubbart, he shot and killed him within 3min that the first 911 call was made, I def think he their is something else to this story. My guess it that the porland police will stick you what ever makes them look good.