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A call from solitary

Tre Arrow had a brief oppertunity to call me this evening from the Victoria BC jail where he comtinues to be held in solitary confiement
Tre mood had been bouyed by the outpouring of love and support he has recieved from across the US and Canada, as well as the possibility of being relased on bail. He does not have a date for the bail hearing, but expects it will happen in the next few weeks. It appears that the many faxes and calls expressing our outrage at the VIRCC's treatment of Tre has had some impact after all.
Tre asked that I extend his love and gratitude to everyone who took time to write letters, call, or fax the jail on his behalf.

For the bail hearing, his attorney, Tim Russell, will need as many character refrences as possible, and he is asking that all of us who'e lives have been touched by Tre in any way, take a moment to write a letter expressing that Tre is a peaceful, non-violent person who poses no threat to society.
I know this is two writing assignments in one week, but it could amke a world of difference ~literally.

Letters can be faxed to Tim Russell at 250480-4910, his email is  info@mpblawyers.com

Tre has been deeply moved by the number of kind, generous people who have taken time to call or write on his behalf, organize benifits, and contribute to his defense fund. He was also very greteful to the good folks at Portland indymedia whos tirelss efforts keep the activist community updated on real news that really matters. Tre takes none of this for granted, and wants all who are helping to know how very much your actions and good wishes mean to him. He hopes one day to be able to thank you all personally. In the mean time, please except this note with the love he intends, and please keep holding a good thought for a possitive result for his case.

Thanks, too, from his friends and family, who love him more than we can say. Please keep write those letters to the attorney so we can get this dedicated and effectice activist out of jail and back to work for a better world.

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