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VIDEO FILES: Dennis Kucinich at Portland Saturday Market

On March 27, 2004, Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich visited Portland Saturday Market, as part of a tour of Oregon.
His tour through the market was captured by local videographer, Frank Mahoney from which he edited an excellent 5 1/2 minute video.
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Dennis schmoozes with the folks at the Market, enjoys some Saturday Market music and street corner theatre. He states that "its's time that the Democratic Party takes a strong stand for peace. This whole debate on Iraq is drifting....we need to insist on a new direction for this country; we need to work with the world community and we need to bring the U.N. in and we need to bring our troops home...............It's time to start acting on a vision of a world as one; a world that is interconnected and interdependent." The Oregon tour also included Eugene and Ashland Oregon.

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My faith! 03.Apr.2004 22:22


No wonder I like Kucinich soo much. He sounds like a Unitarian-Universalist with his words of "interconnectiveness" and "interdependency" in the web of life.

a good VP choice 04.Apr.2004 10:27


he would make a very good VP pick for kerry. This is where are efforts should be placed. contact the kerry campaign and let them know how you feel about dennis.

kerry-kucinich ticket campaign 05.Apr.2004 05:31


ick ick barf barf barf barf gag

kerry/kucinich campaign 05.Apr.2004 10:28

icky ick

I like Kucinich just where he is. It makes the most sense to me because absolute power corrupts. I like him and Nader and wish more people would listen to them, though I am now seeing Nader on the National radar. It seems some people are noticing. I only watch the National news once a week because it is so disgusting.