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Please dont forget!

Dont forget to come downtown tommorrow at 5 pm for the rally in honor of Mr. Perez!
Show our police that people are not disposeable.

Police ought to be given better training. Blasting away at posters at the pistol range is not good training for someone charged with keeping the peace.

Look in to the eyes of the next cop you see, they look pretty unhappy to me. They certianly have reason. Two of thier trigger happy companions in North Portland just made their job a lot more difficult.

Now, someone high up in the Snoregonion is trying to smear the victim- "he had a level of cocaine in his blood that would kill an ordinary person" (So?) Some of us might go so far as to say the cops planted this- Not too far a stretch seeing as how they tasered him for three minutes after they shot him dead.
destroy perceived imperfection? 03.Apr.2004 20:03

rough diamond

So according to the Boregonian it's supposed to be OK that the cops shot the man because he was high, was holding, had a record, etc.? This is their standard line-why don't they (Big O and cops) just say how much they hate everyone who makes a mistake and is thus irredeemable? Neener neener just like fucking high school only with big weapons. I once asked for information from a cop when I got my car towed for a parking blunder and the way he acted you would have thought I was a major perp.
Just saw a photo in the Sellwood paper of the latest crop of police grads from the academy and my heart just sunk: they looked like no-neck marines, all whitey white and male (might have been a woman way in the back)

It's typical of the police to blame the victim and make up excuses 03.Apr.2004 20:49

It's what they do, and the only thing they're good at

Through their eyes, they never do anything wrong, and Katz has always refused to do anything about except stand back and watch them do their dity work. It's up to us, WE THE PEOPLE to show them that their actions are not apreciated.

oregonian's racism sickening 04.Apr.2004 09:00

indy reader

oregonian: "he had a level of cocaine in his blood that would kill an ordinary person". ugh. the whole "black people are like animals" thing again. thank you, oregonian, for taking it there.

fuck the corporate media.

BOYCOTT the oregonian.

not corpruption but coroner 04.Apr.2004 16:25

Migratory Bird

According to the coroner, paid, utilized and not independent of the police he was already dead before the police arrived on seen, being of the vampire race, the coroner went on it was lucky they got him back to the lab so they could stick a stake in his heart.

Yeah horroic police! They have saved the community! Vampires were on the loose, the coroner went on to say....

to indy reader 04.Apr.2004 23:32

both sides

That quote came from the medical examiner. If you think he's racist, start a drive to get him fired.

But to blame the Oregonian for printing his words is shooting the messenger. If it weren't for the O, you wouldn't even know the ME was racist.