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want a good laugh?...Jeb Bush in 2008 4 Preez!

Pleez tell me it's a bad joke? Well, actually it does come from a Joke of a
"news" organization, as I found this reposting on NewsMax.com's daily News
Flash...a low-brow propaganda slinger!

It's worth reading for the giggles! Enjoy!
4. Jeb Bush Considers White House Run In 2008?

With seven months to go until the presidential election, some are already discussing a Bush victory in 2008.

Of the many Bush books hitting the shelves is Peter and Rochelle Schweizer's "The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty." The new book claims Florida Governor Jeb will likely make a run for older brother W.'s job.

Even if he didn't win he would also make history, as the first candidate to seek the office of the presidency after it was held by both his father and a brother.

He's already made history as the first Republican governor to be re-elected to a second term in Florida, and he did that after the controversy over whether George Bush won Florida.

BusinessWeek reports that Bush donors "have been asked to keep their powder dry" for 2008. And as Jeb's term as governor ends in 2006, he'll have two years to raise campaign funds.

Of course, one of the Gov's staff dismissed the rumor, insisting that Jeb Bush is "focused on running the state."

PS: I couldn't easily find a category for "topic of article" that this would fall under, except, I guess
for RESISTANCE & TACTICS as we'd better get our "resistance" ready and our "tactics" sharpened, IF, and
it is a mighty big IF at that...that this Jebo-character was to try it! It'd be like a circus, ya know?
Why Not? 03.Apr.2004 16:13


they already got this guy to win California's governorship, and he's planning on running for pResident once he gets the Constitutional amendment for non-US natives residing 20 years or less

it is happening 03.Apr.2004 17:56


it's no joke, and it's been planned for a long time.

If there's another Bush as President 03.Apr.2004 22:01

I will soil myself

Maybe we should let the nobles back in as well

... 04.Apr.2004 11:37

this thing here

the Bush Family is what is known as a crime family. the similarity to familia mafiosi is not exactly an accident. as such, it continually seeks to extend it's dynasty. and with the white house secured (the prize being the executive powers contained therein), it can protect (and push) itself and its interests much more effectively than it could from a c.e.o's seat, a congressional seat, a senate seat, a cabinet seat, or even a governor's seat.

anyways, if jeb can reach the white house, it is a sure bet that there will be a war. i would almost gaurantee it. it's kinda a pattern i've noticed about the bush's. and that's what bush's are all about. because shitty leaders, as every bush has been whether running a business (into the ground) or sitting in the oval office, always seek glory in wars somebody else has to fight...

no laughing matter 04.Apr.2004 17:21


what a coincidence I was just reading an article in the new yorker called "can jeb deliver florida?"

It's a good article it outlines the history of his involvement with florida he moved there in 1980 or around there and he became republican chairman in 1984 at which point he began a serious, very serious effort to bring Cuban-Americans into the republican party....and it worked somehow

the article says that jeb in spite of his name is the smartest male of the bush clan, and that when he lost his bid for governor of florida in 1994 that put george bush jr. at the forefront of republican politics, since george bush jr. had become governor of texas at around the same time

the article says that jeb has to keep a low profile and only do what he's supposed to--support his brother in every way possible, and to a large extent that means getting Cubans to vote for him

the article also says that it would be hard for jeb to distance himself from anti-castro terrorists such as Orlando Bosch, accused of blowing up a Cuban airliner as an anti-castro act

Orlando Bosch has been given safe refuge in florida, which is ironic since some of the 9/11 hijackers lived and studied in the Sarasota area before 9/11

i simply cannot recommend this article enough