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AUDIO: John Judge, Researcher, on 9-11 Commission (Black-Op Radio, April 1, 2004)

Recording of Black-Op Radio from Thurs., April 1; mp3 format, 65 minutes, 11 seconds // If you are familiar with the research community, you might already know about John Judge. He cut his teeth in the JFK Assassination research community and has been active for more than thirty years. He's now appearing regularlly on Black-Op Radio (an internet-based operation focused on "para politics." Judge co-founded 9-11 Citizens Watch with Kyle F. Hence (one of the founders of www.UnansweredQuestions.org)
John Judge April 1, 2004
John Judge April 1, 2004
Judge covers many issues related to the current 9-11 commission and history on other commissions, players involved, etc.

Black-Op radio usually runs a show each Thursday, and they have a free archive with all kinds of interesting interviews.

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more on researcher John Judge & 9-11 CitizensWatch event 3-22-04 03.Apr.2004 13:25


A fascinating 9-11 CitizensWatch event at the National Press Club that C-Span covered March 22nd. Far more informative than the 9-11 Commission Hearings.

One of John Judge's mentors was Mae Brussel, one of the most thorough researchers ever. From the JFK assassination forward, Mae Brussel worked on finding the connections between the following assassinations and other events. John Judge follows in this path and has done lectures and media interviews for years.

The March 22, 2004 9-11 CitizensWatch posed questions that the 9-11 Commission headed by Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton should be addressing.
Kyle Hence, who was also with UnansweredQuestions.org, was the moderator.
Along with John Judge, the others posing questions were Catherine Austin Fitts and two survivors on Sept. 11 -- one who was at the Pentagon and one at the WTC.