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Poem From a Tired Revolutionary

A poem of love for my vast country.
Land Of Our Birth

The American dream has become survival
Failing that, a warped Jesus Christ revival
Walking down the street, avoiding the lumps of forgotten people
Looking into the sunrise, your view blocked by the steeple

My country is so downtrodden with false fears
That we would murder innocent people to oil the gears.
The sea runs dark with the blood that we spill
Not to mention the garbage and the poisons that make it darker still.

Our country must hate motherhood, birth and love the same
Why is it that we don't kneel down and cry with shame
When so many impoverished children are forced into corporate slavery
With the rest of us.
Given only spare change, cattle brands and sores filled with puss.

"It's ten o' clock; do you know where your children are?"
I bet you're off, off by far
I'll bet they're walking the streets for a bit of cash to buy bread
Or were they stopped by a cop and shot in the head?

This is America the beautiful, America the free
Land of vast conscience and endless destiny
Who would not choose to raise children under skies so blue?
Who would dare to see the truth as it is shining through?
Who would stand with me and give it back its worth?
Who will stand to heal this land, the land of our birth?
Let us dream a little dream 02.Apr.2004 23:33

CRC 2003-X-0009

Evolution has taught us that each generation is better off than the previous (the tree of life). But there also has to be an unchanged changed changer or an unmoved mover to start life (God). Let the children of the world change the things around us. So let us dream a little dream of a world of peace and freedom. Do you feel privledged?

Evolution isn't getting better 04.Apr.2004 22:19

World Socialist wsppdx@yahoo.com

It is a fallicy to say that each generation is getting "better and better". Evolution isn't some sort of ideology where eveything is getting better and better. Evolution says that biological changes *may* happen, but even those may be evolutionary dead-ends.

Our present society isn't better than previous societies, just different in both positive and negitive ways. Both give us an ability for a different type of society...

Evolution IS real 05.Apr.2004 00:41


Evolution is getting better although we can't see it happening at the time. We have come a lot farther in the last few centuries than most people realize. Freedom of speech, abolition of slavery, democracy (maybe), women's rights, ect. But we still have a long way to go.