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Tom Ridge Coming To Portland Monday!

tom ridge the secretary of homeland security will be coming to portland monday, april 5th at the port of portland to talk about security issues. That's all I know at the moment. Just thought I'd let everyone know.

If anyone has any other information please post it.
Homeland Security Warns Of "Transport Bomb Attack" 02.Apr.2004 20:19


Last Updated: Saturday, 3 April, 2004, 03:51 GMT 04:51 UK

US warns of transport bomb attack

By Justin Webb
BBC Washington correspondent

Railways could be among the targets, the department warned

The US Department of Homeland Security has warned that bombs hidden in luggage could be used to attack buses and railways in big US cities this summer.

The warning came in a bulletin issued to police, local governments and the transport industry.

The department said it was made in the light of the recent attacks in Madrid.

There is said to be a specific threat, though it comes from an uncorroborated source described by one official as "only somewhat credible".

According to the bulletin issued to local authorities, the plot - if it exists - calls for the use of improvised explosive devices.

The devices could possibly be constructed of fertiliser and diesel fuel and concealed in luggage and carry-on bags, including duffle bags and backpacks.

The bulletin also warns transport managers to safeguard uniforms, badges, ID cards and other forms of official identification.

It says terrorists may exploit such items to gain easier access to areas not normally accessible to the general public.

When lies, cheating, and deception fails... 02.Apr.2004 21:17


How desperate the bushies must be to stoop to using scary monsters to control the children and get them to behave. Be afraid, be very afraid, not of what we can't see, but of that which is very visible. And it may be cliche but you know what they say, you've got to stand up and confront your scary monsters and send them packing.

We'll have to vote these scary monsters away.

So What 02.Apr.2004 21:47

Watch your driving

Traffic is dangerous. So is the food.

Waste of Time 02.Apr.2004 21:51

North Portlander

I care not one bit that Mr. Potatohead is coming to Portland. What bothers me is that he doesn't seem to be doing much of anything useful and we are paying him megabucks. I can already predict that he'll be uttering the same old platitudes about reporting suspicious activity and going to his website for further information.

let Tommy Ridge know 02.Apr.2004 22:09



We can personally report to him that the Portland Police Bureau
is a terrorist organization.

this guy, Tom Ridge is 02.Apr.2004 22:25


I think! He is the Nation's FUNERAL DIRECTOR...always smiling like he knows
something the rest of us don't, and yet, truth is, he knows nothing. He first
and foremost was a fucking politician, and what can he know. It's a joke that
this funny guy is struggling to manage the largest bureaucracy ever created by
man. Give him 4 more years and they'll be so fucked up that they'll be finding
WMD's in each other's desks as they rage on with their bureacratic wars and all
their silly infighting. Fuck 'em! Let 'em fight each other, and let him glad
hand his way and do his silly photo ops all he wants...one thing we know for
sure...he ain't a managing the outfit and without an effective manager, they'll
collapse in on themselves. Hooray for EMPIRE...let her grow, that's how she
eventually falls...of her own fatassed weight! Why not have a funny guy like
him at the top of this heap?

Ridges have Ruffles 03.Apr.2004 02:09


Tom Ridge, the man who brought duct tape and plastic sheeting into every American home, is out flacking for Bush. How should he be greeted? One suggestion is that "We should pelt him with fruit and various meats." -- Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Tom Ridge, the Director of Homeland Security (sic) will be in Portland on Monday, April 5th, to give a speech/presentation to Homeland Security employees and other ranking invitees at 1:30 PM.

People invited are instructed to meet at Terminal 6, at 7201 North Marine Dr., at noon. I believe this is on the North side of the airport. [WRONG: this is in the Port area -- check your map!] There will be a security check before being admitted, and only certified Homeland Security types and look-alikes will be admitted. I've been told that this is a public area (outside the actual meeting room), but this information is not certain. It's unlikely that any of the hoy paloy will be admitted.

It's quite likely that there will be some media presence: this is a pre-election tour and rally for the HS department faithful.

Those particularly interested in letting Ridge and friends know how Homeland Security is viewed in Portland, and possibly getting some media coverage while doing it, might want to plan on being there. Bring your duct tape and plastic sheeting (or maybe just bunny rabbits -- you may be searched for fruit and various meats).

At the moment there is no organizing center to this unofficial greeting, but whoever is up to it could do some site checking (parking, public transportation, hdcp access, public/private property,etc.) and report back here.

If you get in and actually get to talk to 03.Apr.2004 08:23

Tom Ridge

then asked him why in the hell have they brought out this fear-mongering over rail/bus lines and telling
of "summer plots" by the terrorist? Aren't they a bit early to be getting the fear-factor up for the
summer...when summer's 2 plus month's away? I mean, won't we have moved on and be under a "new threat"
by then? Gotta keep them threats a coming...in order to have half a chance to get their Bushie Boy re-
elected. Fuck 'em! That's why I don't bother with their silliness...I've got TERRORIST FATIGUE...am so
burned-out with their duct tape...dodge 'n' duck people, the terrorists are amongst you...and other of
their large-bureaucratic bullshit meant to assure funding to feed their big empire...it's fear funding!

To all 03.Apr.2004 08:46

mule 234

Thank the powers that be that none of you, the great unwashed, have any say in the protection of the US. I have never in my life seen a bigger collection of idiots, communists, socialists and just plain ignorant motherfuckers in my life. Thank You Portland for being a home for these anti american people. No wonder you have such a large unemployment rate there, the city is run by idiots and populated by scum.

Leave then Muley Boy 03.Apr.2004 09:49


Hey Muley,

Why don't you just get your dumb ass out of Portland then, or if you don't live here worry about what's going on in your own city. Leave us to our scumminess, communism and ignorant motherfuckerness. Its not like anybody really cares what you think anyway, so I'm sure you could find better things to do with your time than write stupid ass posts on here. Thanks, and God Bless the Freaks!!!

The End Times 03.Apr.2004 10:16


Mister Mule, your comments do not merit a reply, EXCEPT: it was the Imperialistic policies of the Reagan administration (said policies eagerly resurrected by the current regime) that got us into this mess in the first place. We created our own supervillains (Osama, Saddam, Noriega, etc. etc) via the offices of the CIA FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE of having "good" reason to fund a military-industrial complex, line the pockets of the regime's friends, and to offer up the poor, undeveloped nations of the world to the consuming armies of a new Empire.
In short, you make me want to puke, you make me embarassed to be American, and you have stolen the concept of patriotism and perverted it. Just as Hitler stole the svastika and turned it from a symbol of heaven and earth into the very symbol for hatred and fear, so you have made patriotism.

I love my country but fear my government.


I bet dear old Mule 234 03.Apr.2004 11:38

used to jump under his school desk

back in the 1950-60's when they did those "Nuke drills" in the
grade schools and would piss in his pants afraid the nuke's were

My! my!..do seem to be still caught up in that time warp..still
a pissing whenever FEAR is thrown out there to fabricate LIES
for political gain.

Some people grow up, some don't! Rather than writing such silly
lambaste at the good forward-thinking citizen's of Portland, why
not spend the effort to GROW UP yourself? Let's all live in world
of grown-ups and not scared little kids deliberately made so for
political purposes!

Dear Mr. Mule, or is that 03.Apr.2004 11:49


instead? You talk trash to the wrong people. We here in Portland are demographically the most educated,
intelligent, higher IQ scored, and most cosmopolitan of any American city. At least we have higher % of
these, and it's these educated, intelligent, socially aware, and worldly aware citizens that are so in-
your-face about government stupidity.

They refuse to let it go unchallenged or to be tolerated as do YOU "lesser ones" out there that are so
gamed by the manipulating politician's that you can't see it, and even if could, you're mindset is so
locked that you'd refuse to believe the TRUTH even if it's shown repeatedly to you by people like us.

So, Mr. Jackass...grab your duct tape, plastic sheeting, cans of tuna and go to your basement and don't
come back out till "they" tell you too! Be a good citizen and stay put...obey your Masters, for they
know best! Don't question, but obey! You are their slave, not a "citizen"! So all your ranting has no
meaning as the words you use are hollow...merely tossed out by a man in chains, struggling to be free!
Too bad? You can break your chains, ONLY if you open your mind! Closed minds are the chain!

mule 234 03.Apr.2004 12:05


i think your comments are great. now go to free republic and try and exercise the freedom of speech you just did here to disagree with them, even if you dont. you'll see real fast who the real americans are - the ones who still believe in free speech - pdx indymedia! enjoy your day!

don't understand 03.Apr.2004 14:05


who says that we have to agree with people when they exercise their FREE SPEECH rights? We're all for
free speech...more than most...and we sure use it a lot here at PIMC, but we expect it to be used in an
"intelligent" manner and not be abused by idiots ranting 'n' raving with their rightwing nutcase crazi-
ness! So...where is the sting in your little comment there yak? Let's here it again....