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Fire and Forests Roadshow in Cascadia all month!

Fire and Forests Roadshow to Save the Wild Siskiyou!
Co-sponsored by the Siskiyou Project, Oxygen Collective and the Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center
40 foot biodiesel bus that will be touring the west coast
40 foot biodiesel bus that will be touring the west coast
Traveling in a 40-foot biodiesel-powered bus, an energetic, creative troupe of activists, musicians and performers are traveling from Bellingham, Washington to Palo Alto, California to mobilize support for the permanent protection of the threatened Siskiyou Wild Rivers area. This world-class place in southwestern Oregon is threatened by Biscuit post-fire logging - the largest timber sale in the modern history of our national forests.

The evening shows include performance, video, slideshows and songs by veteran activist and musician Peg Millet to amuse, amaze and inspire. We will explore the special qualities of the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area, fire ecology, fire politics, and examine the controversial Biscuit post-fire logging project.

Ending with an empowering message of hope and a call to action, we guarantee you will have a good time. Bring your friends!

More information about the tour is available at www.o2collective.org. A partial listing of events is below.

Portland Events
April 14th, 7:00-9:00 PM
Portland State University Smith Center room 327

April 15th, 7:00-9:00 PM
Reed College - Student Union

April 20th - 7:00-9:00 PM
University of Oregon
Willamette Hall, Room 100

Other tour dates are available at: www.o2collective.org

Spread the word and bring others - this is an important (and fun!) chance to help protect the wild Siskiyou from the largest timber sale in modern history.

Rolf Skar
Campaign Coordinator
Siskiyou Regional Education Project
917 SW Oak, Suite 407
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 222-6101
 rolf@siskiyou.org www.siskiyou.org

Protecting the world-class Siskiyou Wild Rivers area for future generations of all species.

homepage: homepage: http://www.o2collective.org

This is a Don't-Miss event! 02.Apr.2004 08:06

forest lover

i saw Rolf give a talk on Southern Oregon's Biscuit Fire and i learned more about fire ecology in that one hour than i'd ever picked up in all my reading. As a topic, fire ecology is one of the heavily propagandized by the Forest Service and the timber industry and hence one of the most misunderstood by the public-at-large, including many activists. i urge everyone who cares about the forests to attend one of these shows so they can enjoy getting the Real Story of fire's role in forest ecosystems and see just how much the Real Ecoterrorists (like Roseburg Forest Products) lie to us. This is essential information to know, going into a summer when they want to cut down so much in Cascadia. You'll be much better prepared to talk to your friends, families, coworkers, and fellow community members about some very vital issues.

I second that! 02.Apr.2004 10:01

another forest folk

Everyone on that bus is an amazing speaker, performer, etc with a ton of good information. This is one forest protection event not to miss both because its gonna be fun and filled with the kind of information we need to know to defeat the bush forest lies. It is also a good event to get friends from other cities to go to if you want them to see why you care about these forests. That bus has quite the line-up of activists.

Full Schedule 07.Apr.2004 09:11



1 Takilma: Presentation Dome School 7pm
2 Chico: Presentation Cal State 7pm
3 Chico: Community trainings Farmer's Market
4 Oakland: Presentation Mills College 7pm
5 Santa Rosa: Presentation New College 7pm
6 Santa Rosa: Community trainings New College
7 Davis: UCD Lecture 5pm Presentation UCD 7pm
8 Davis: Community trainings and classroom
presentations UCD
9 San Francisco: Presentation Cell Space 8pm
10 Palo Alto: Presentation Stanford 7pm
12 Arcata: Presentation HSU 7pm
13 Arcata: Community trainings and classroom
14 Portland: Presentation PSU 7pm
15 Portland: Trainings & classrooms PSU,
Presentation Reed College 7pm
16 Bellingham: Presentation WWU 7pm
17 Bellingham: Community trainings and classroom
presentations WWU
18 Olympia: Presentation Evergreen State College
19 Olympia: Community trainings and classroom
presentations ESC
20 Eugene: Presentation UO 7pm
21 Eugene: Community trainings and classroom
presentations UO
22 Corvallis
23 Corvallis
24 Bend: Presentation
May 1st Ashland: Act For The Earth Conference SOU

Peg Millet, musician and long-time Earth First!er
Tim Ream, earth activist and co-director of
Kim Marks, ForestEthics
Rolf Skar, Siskiyou Project
Lesley Adams, Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center
Laurel Sutherlin, O2 Collective Founder
Kerul Dyer, O2 Collective Founder
Forrest English, Rogue Independent Media Center
Becky White, of the Sisters of the Revolution
Nathan Pundt, artist at-large
Liza Tran, Lomakatsi Restoration Project
Stu O'Neill, Peace House

Please see www.o2collective.org for updates and

More explanatory announcement 07.Apr.2004 09:13


The Oxygen Collective proudly presents . . .
In collaboration with the Siskiyou Project and
the Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center . . .

The Fire and Forests Roadshow 2004
Save the Wild Siskiyou!

This April, a merry band of performers, activists and trainers known as the
Oxygen Collective will climb aboard their forty-foot biodiesel bus and
travel the West Coast for the 2004 Fire and Forests Roadshow. The trip will
include 15 stops from San Francisco, CA to Bellingham, WA. Expect live music
and laughter, action video and information.

Fire has become the latest government excuse to log our precious public lands. "Thin 'em before they burn, salvage 'em after they burn," says the Forest Service. We are told that wildfire is unnatural and an imminent threat; that a burned forest is dead forever.

The issue has gone critical in Southern Oregon
with the Bush proposal for the largest timber sale in modern history! From
the heart of the world's most diverse conifer forest, there is a plan that
would fill a line of loaded log trucks bumper to bumper from Mexico to
Canada. The big lie known as the Biscuit Fire Recovery Plan is the greatest
threat the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area has ever known.

In the face of these poisonous lies, the O2
Collective appears on the scene bringing evidence, science and spirit to the
issue of fire in the forest. In their wake they will leave a trail of people
informed, inspired and empowered to protect the land we all love.

But this Roadshow is more than just two hours of
entertainment and information. In most locations they will spend a
second day giving free public trainings and classroom presentations on a
dozen different topics, from ecology to economics, on media and activism.

For more information on the Siskiyou Wild Rivers
or the Biscuit Burn and the
plan to log it check out www.kswild.org
< http://www.kswild.org>
www.siskiyou.org < http://www.siskiyou.org>. To
learn more about the Oxygen
collective and to download a poster for the event
try www.o2collective.org
< http://www.o2collective.org>. Please circulate
this announcement to
everyone that needs to know. Thank you.


Tuesday: Eugene 19.Apr.2004 11:59

survival center survival@gladstone.uoregon.edu

If you're in Eugene, don't miss the O2 Collective's presentation on
Tuesday, April 20, 7pm
Willamette 100, U of O

(531) 346-4356