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Demonstration- Protest Police Killing - Sunday, April 4, 5pm Justice Center

The Coalition of Black Men is planning a demonstration to voice community sadness and outrage at the killing of a young black man, one of a number of violent acts against people of color. Community people, especially youth will make statements.
When: Sunday, April 4th 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Where: Across from the Justice Center in downtown Portland

Background information from Cecil Charles Prescod:
On Sunday, March 28, James Perez was shot and killed by Portland Police Officer Jason Sery. The shooting occurred after police stopped Mr. Perez for failing to use a turn signal. Police estimate that the officer shot Mr. Perez three times in the chest in less than a minute after pulling him over. After the shooting, Officer Sery's partner, Officer Sean Macomber, fired two taser shots at Mr. Perez, who died at the scene. No weapon was found on his body or in his car.

This shooting is the second time in ten months that Portland Police have killed an unarmed African American person. Portland Mayor Vera Katz called for a public inquest into Sunday's shooting. Police Chief Derrick Foxworth asked the FBI to begin an independent civil rights investigation into the shooting.

Take Action!

A fair and balanced criminal justice system begins with law enforcement. The killing of unarmed people at minor traffic stops is an affront to justice. Please speak out on this issue:

Contact Mayor Vera Katz and Chief Derrick Foxworth (Contact information below.)

1. Express support for the public inquest and civil rights investigation of the police shooting of James Perez.
2. Ask Mayor Katz and Chief Foxworth to immediately implement the recommendation to require officers to file a report each time they take out their guns and point them at someone. The recommendation was made by the Albina Ministerial Alliance and the Police Assessment Resource Center. This information is useful for identifying officers who frequently use their weapons, and may help prevent future shootings.
3. Ask Mayor Katz and Chief Foxworth to immediately implement the recommendation to have civilians review any use of deadly force by the police department.

Write to the Oregonian or your local paper. Express support for police accountability, the inquest and independent investigation. Voice your support for the recommendations listed above. So far (March 31st), there have been no letters to the editor about this most recent shooting " let's make our voices heard!

Participate in a community forum on Thursday, April 1st. The Latino Network, Committee for Justice for Jose Santos Victor Mejia Poot, and Albina Ministerial Alliance are sponsoring a forum at Ockley Green Middle School Auditorium (6031 N Montana, Portland), 6:30 p.m., Thursday, April 1st. This event was originally organized to mark the anniversary of the death of Jose Mejia Poot, shot by Portland Police.

Contact Information:

Mayor Vera Katz
1221 S.W. Fourth Ave., Suite 340
Portland, OR 97204-1995
Phone " 503-823-4120
Voice " 503-823-4127
Email-  mayorkatz@ci.portland.or.us

Chief Derrick Foxworth
Portland Police Bureau
1111 S.W. 2nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204
Pone - 503-823-0000
Email -  chieffoxworth@police.ci.portland.or.us

Letters to the editor
The Oregonian
1320 S.W. Broadway
Portland, OR 97201
Email - letters@news.oregonian.com
Fax -(503) 294-4193
Question 02.Apr.2004 10:11

about who called this

I'm very happy to see that the community is preparing to take action about this latest example of police serial killing. However, I have heard that the family of Jahar Perez was not involved in the planning of this event. Are they behind this action? I would prefer to take part in something that they call, out of respect for them. Perhaps you can clear this up for me.

Thanks again for doing something.

The murder of a citizen by a police agent 02.Apr.2004 12:14

is every's concern

I too wish that the family had called for this rally. I don't think they did. But that's OK.

Whoever called for this demonstration does not matter. Often people who are grieving do not see the importance of political action. The whole community needs to express the outrage about this murder.

We should all hit the streets to demonstrate against this murder, the murder of James, the murder of Poot, the beatings and assaults on the citizens of Portland...etc...

I hope everyone shows up for this demonstration.

From the Mejia Poot forum last night 02.Apr.2004 13:03

Red Emma redemma13@yahoo.com

At the Mejia Poot memorial forum at Ockley Green last night, a young man named Sean stood up and identified himself as a personal friend of Jahar Perez. He was accompanied by Bishop Wells, one of the key figures in the Albina Ministerial Alliance's response to the Kendra James murder last year. In the course of their remarks, they announced this demonstration. It doesn't sound to me like Mr. Perez's friends and family are opposed to this demo, or that it's being carried out against their wishes. If they are not centrally involved in the planning at this stage, that's only understandable.

These same folks also announced last night that the Saturday evening demo was being CANCELED because the funeral is the same day. They were quite clear about this. With all the word that has gone out so far about the Saturday gathering, there will probably still be people going, but the Sunday demo is the "official" one being planned at this point.

Bishop Wells also announced (and today there is an e-mail circulating from Maceo Pettis about the same thing) that there will be a meeting this Saturday, April 3rd at 10 AM in the Unity Room of Irvington Covenant Church, both to plan Sunday's demo and to do some ongoing strategizing. It does not appear to be a closed meeting, but I would NOT recommend going to this unless you are serious about making a commitment to working with the Coalition of Black Men in a respectful and constructive way. I'm not saying don't get involved in the planning, or don't express any opinions you may have, just be respectful. Especially if you, like me, are not a member of the African-American community.

More info on Perez rallies 02.Apr.2004 14:41


Portland Tribune had the following:

Weekend rallies are scheduled

Two rallies are set to protest the shooting of James Jahar Perez:

When: 4 p.m. Saturday
Where: George Park, North Fessenden Street and Burr Avenue
Sponsors: Albina Ministerial Alliance, Alliance for Police and Community Accountability
The rally will be held in a park next to the small retail mall where the shooting occurred.

When: 5 p.m. Sunday, April 4
Where: Pioneer Park, Southwest Third Avenue and Main Street
Sponsors: Unity Coalition, which includes the Coalition of Black Men, the black student unions of Franklin and Jefferson High schools and the Portland chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Pioneer Park is directly west of the downtown Justice Center, which houses the Portland Police Bureau's command offices and Central Precinct