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54 DHKP-C and Anti-Imperialist Camp Cadre Arrested

By Majdur Travail

[Tucson, April 1, 2004]

The Turkish Press reported that 41 members of the DHKP-C [Revolutionary People's Liberation Front]  http://www.dhkc.net/ have been arrested in Turkey and Europe. The BBC reported the arrest of 53 militants of the DHKP-C. Agenzia Giornalistica Italia [AGI] reported that ten DHKP-C cadre were taken into custody along with Moreno Pasquinelli of the international spokesman of the Anti-Imperialist Camp. Pasquinelli was arrested after he and other anti-imperialist activists arrived at the Rome editorial offices of the Corriere della Sera last night to protest against the Deputy Director of the newspaper Magdi Allam. Maria Grazia Ardizzone, member of the Political Committee of the Anti-imperialist Camp and Alessia Monteverdi were also arrested in the same raid. Other DHKP-C cadre were arrested in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Belgian authorities said they detained eight people.
DHKP-C Cadre Arrested [PDF]
DHKP-C Cadre Arrested [PDF]
Italian police said they tapped 56,000 hours of phone calls that revealed links between the Turkish group and Italian anti-capitalist militants. Dutch authorities said police mounted five separate raids in Amsterdam and the southern towns of Ettenleur and Maassluis, but did not arrest anyone. Greek police said they separately arrested a German citizen of Kurdish origin on suspicion of links to the same group.
Reuters reported that Turkish troops killed three DHKP-C cadre near Hozart on March 28. An unidentified Turkish military official told Reuters that 2,000 Turkish soldiers were battling an undetermined number of insurgents.

Turkish officials attempted to draw parallels between the DHKP-C and Al-Qaeda after

DHKP militants carried out two martyrdom operations in Istanbul in September 2001 that killed three policemen and one Australian and left 28 people wounded.

Most recently, the group claimed responsibility for bomb attacks on a justice ministry building in August 2003, in which 17 policemen were injured, and on a bus carrying prosecutors in June 2003, in which five people were injured.

In one of the 2001 attacks by the DHKP-C a suicide bomber walked into the fifth floor of the regional police headquarters in Sisli and detonated the explosives wrapped around his torso. The DHKP-C politburo said attack was an answer to an August raid by hundreds of paramilitary troops on 20 prisons across Turkey to end a hunger strike launched to protest the introduction of new jails with tighter security.

"There is no other way than to answer violence with violence," the DHKP-C said.

"It is the state that murderously and without restraint opens proceedings against prisoners, tortures prisoners, slaughters prisoners and rejoices in slaughtering prisoners; but no massacre can remain unpunished." The DHKP-C also claimed, "There is an inexhaustible supply of revolutionaries on the soil of this land," it said.

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