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The propaganda value of the Fallujah incident and a case for who the real barbarians are in Iraq.
The United States, the most militarily powerful and technologically advanced country on Earth, conducts an illegal, immoral and highly unpopular war against a nearly defenseless nation called Iraq based on a series of concocted lies. The goal is the enormous profit potential for American oil companies in obtaining control of the second largest oil reserves in the world. Other American corporations profit from the use of advanced weapons and others in the rebuilding of Iraq's infrastructure. Thousands of Iraqi civilians are killed. Iraqi children are burned, blinded or have their arms and legs blown off. Some Iraqi children are born with appalling birth defects or suffer many kinds of cancers because of the depleted uranium used in American bombs and tanks shells. There are mothers who watch their children's heads get blown off by tank and machine gun fire directed at cars deemed suspicious by American soldiers because of speed or proximity to an attack. I remember one Iraqi mother who said that she no longer desired to live after witnessing the horrible deaths of her children.

The corporate media would like me to deduce from this that the barbarians are Iraqis because of four mutilated and burned American corpses dragged through the streets of Fallujah and hung from a bridge. An oppressive occupation for nefarious purposes invites retaliation and resistance. The American colonists realized that when they revolted against Great Britain.

Remember that American soldiers mutilated Vietnamese corpses by cutting off ears and doing even more despicable things. The US corporate media paid little attention to these mutilations and no inflammatory descriptions of American soldiers were given. Propaganda is reserved totally for the depiction of atrocities committed by the enemy. In World War 1 the Creel Committee in order to arouse American anger created the fiction of the German "Huns" bayoneting babies.

The constant repetition and graphic descriptions of the Fallujah incident is a propaganda effort by the US corporate media to justify the Iraq war, demonize the Iraqis, anger the American people and make possible even more brutal tactics against the Iraqi resistance.

In my opinion, the real barbarians are those who lie continuously, massively bomb defenseless nations, steal other people's natural resources and the wealth created by their labor and utilize cluster bombs, depleted uranium and Agent Orange, which kill and cause immense suffering far into future generations.

Considering the propaganda offensive I have seen on corporate television concerning Fallujah, I would not be surprised if the people of Fallujah are subjected to a nightmare of massive American bombing and subsequent invasion to make them an example that resistance to US occupation is futile.

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