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Brian H. Smith for City Commissioner Seat #1

Apparently some of the other candidates are trying to label themselves activists. But I would definately like to say my actions speak much louder than there redoric.
Currently I'm running for City Commissioner Seat #1 because I got sick of watching City Hall drop the ball on many issues. Now it's coming down to the elections are under 2 months away. With little money and not being invited to key debates, what is my outlook. Well I definately do not plan on stopping, but I need help NOW. Unless you want somebody, who is getting thousands of dollars from developers. Where is the grassroots in local politics because as much as I would like to be, I'm not a one man army.

I'm the person supporting Peace Camp bring down food.
I'm the person pounding the pavement getting the PUD initiative on the ballot.
I'm the person who is at Social/labor Actions from Justice for Janitors to FTAA/WTO rallies.
I'm the person who was against the War in Iraq before it even started and attended every major anti-war march and many of the smaller ones.
I'm the person who has been on the receiving end of police violence.
I'm the person volunteering at FreeGeek and other non-profits.
I'm the person supporting KBOO.
I'm the person who was against covering the reservoir from the get go and wrote up alternative plans.
I'm the candidate who did not even know City Commissioner was a paid position when I decided to run.
I'm the candidate who worked on the Portland Bill of Rights Committee, which got the City Council to adhere to your Bill of Rights.
I'm the candidate with no real political career to think about, other than making Portland better for everybody. I believe in community more than government.

Looking for people that want a better Portland. I need help with canvasing, research, phone tree, getting press and invitations, printing and design of posters, and anything else you can think of to help my grassroots campaign. Even if I do not win, I would like to setup a local politics watchdog group.

Brian Smith

homepage: homepage: http://www.logicallyrewired.com

return to wards 01.Apr.2004 18:55

Anon Y Mous

Good luck Brian.

The only way I can see REAL change in Portland is to return to the ward
system for city councilors rather than city-wide seats. A ward system where
the councilor running for the position MUST live within that ward (area).

Gee whiz - what a concept - kinda like US Congressmen with their own districts.

How much do city council members living in the west hills or NW Portland
give a damn about the problems of citizens in Lents, North Portland,
or Central Northeast?

Where the commissioners live 02.Apr.2004 15:08


For Anon Y Mous:

Actually, Randy Leonard lives in or near Lents. I believe both Erik Sten and Jim Francesconi live in Central Northeast. Dan Saltzman lives in SW, near Multnomah Village.
So, the only member of City Council who actually lives in NW is Mayor Katz.


While I understand the problems inherent in citywide elections, it's the most effective way to maintain Portland's nearly unique system of government. Here, as in Amsterdam, the Commissioners are both bureau managers and legislators. It allows for a lot more innovation and accountability over the City Manager system of most other cities throughout the world. Hopefully Sten's proposal for Clean Campaign Financing can address some of the problems with running citywide elections.