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Victoria Jail "Taking every Bit" of what Tre Has Left

Tre Talks Today About Mistreatment At Hands of Jailors
Hunger Strike: Day 20

Tre Arrow told me today the Victoria jail is "taking every last bit of what I have left" by depriving him of any connection with grass or the outdoors, by depriving him of any beathable air and by locking him in a solitary cell for 23 hours a day. In his first conversation with any American supporter since being put in solitary confinement on Monday, Tre urged everyone to blanket the jail with phone calls, letters, and faxes until the jail backs off its cruelty.

What caused the jail to put him in solitary confinement? The jail says it is concerned for his health. This is completely false because Tre was doing fine until his current punishment began, and now he feels "horrible."

Please call the jail to urge an end to Tre's solitary confinement. It is only by shining the light of day on this travesty will Tre ever have a chance to be fairly treated.

Tre continues to send love and peace to his friends and family and is strengthened by everyone's good will toward him and mother earth.

phone: phone: 503.234.2694
address: address: 3430 se belmont, suite 101, portland, or 97214

i just called the prison 01.Apr.2004 13:17


the women who picks up asked if i was a lawyer after i asked her when the prison was going to move Tre Arrow out of solitary. she told me she couldnt answer that. I asked her if she can pass my message on. she said no.
keep calling!!!!

I also just called the prison.... 01.Apr.2004 13:49


I just called the prison and asked if I could find out some information on an inmate there. Without saying who I was talking about, (which I am sure she already knew), The person who answered the phone said no because of the freedom of information act. I then said that was the reason I was calling, because my friend Tre lost some of his freedom when he was put into solitary confinement and I would like to know why. She said she could not tell me. I then asked If I could talk to Rawn Phalen and she said no he is out. I then asked If I could leave a voicemail and she agreed and I got to leave a nice little message for Rawn and asked why Tre was in solitary confinement cause he is such a sweet and gentle person and I don't understand why he would be in there and to please call me back. :) KEEP CALLING, FAXING, AND WRITING!!!!!!

Phone: (250) 953-4400
Fax (250) 953 4453

Rawn Phalen
Victoria Island Regional Corrections Center
4216 Wilkinson Road
Victoria BC



This is not about them (the folks at the VIRCC) so much as it is about Tre's life, so BOMBARD them with call expressing your outrage at his treatment, make it clear that the whole world is watching.

The real point here is to completely clog their phone and fax lines and make business as usual IMPOSSIBLE.
Call REPEATEDLY, regardless of whar chicken shit answers they give you, RE-send your fax, and then put it in the mail as a letter. SWAMP THEM!
Justice demands a voice BE THAT VOICE!