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Anyone else notice the police presence sunday evening??

Yeah, lot's o' cops....
I was crossing MLK on my bike sunday evening at about 9:30 or 10:00pm and had to wait for a barrage of about six armored trucks with riot police hanging on the side, four huge police trucks, a fire truck, about twelve cop cars, an ambulance, some unmarked police cars and some other strange police style bullet proof vehicles. They were travelling from North down MLK. What the hell was with that all about? I was figuring they were either coming from a big training out of town, there was a small riot due to the police shooting or this was an intimidation thing to keep NE in line and not think about rioting or expressing anger. This was a pretty clear vision of what a military/police state looks like. Anyone got more information? Anyone else fear the future?
response 02.Apr.2004 10:16


The line of police cars was a combination of of Portland Police SERT (read SWAT) vehicles and Oregon State Police SWAT vehicle who were serving two simulataneous arrest warrants on two violent criminals. No shots were fired and everyone was taken into custody without being hurt. The problem is that when the job is done it doesn't make for good news, so no one bothers to report it.

first of all, 02.Apr.2004 10:40


believe "they" did a GOOD JOB in the first place. Get REAL will ya?