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To the organizations of the Movement for the Refoundation of the Fourth International

To the organizations of the Movement for the Refoundation of the Fourth International
To the organizations of the Movement for the Refoundation of the Fourth International:

You are holding an Open Conference in Buenos Aires from April 20 to 25. In your call for the Conference you make an appeal for "all revolutionary organizations and fighters of the international working class and of the oppressed popular masses to join our common struggle at the International Congress for the Refoundation of the Fourth International". You also state that the meeting is convened on the basis of the four points on which the MRCI is constituted: the actuality of the socialist revolution and of the dictatorship of the proletariat; opposition to class collaboration; the necessity of the social revolution and/or political revolution in the ex-workers' states; and the struggle against capitalism based on a programme of transitional demands.
The Second Conference of the Trotskyist Fraction - International Strategy (FT-EI) will take place at the same time - from April 17 to 25 - also in Buenos Aires. The FT-EI is made up of the PTS (Argentina), the LTS Contra Corriente (Mexico), the Estrategia Revolucionaria Quarta Internacional (Brasil), the LOR-CI (Bolivia), Clase contra Clase (Chile) and comrades and sympathisers from Venezuela, France, Britain, Germany and Spain.
Since two important meetings of those in favour of the rebuilding of the Fourth International are going to take place in Buenos Aires, we are writing to you with the aim of unifying our efforts and organising a common meeting of Fourth Internationalists.
As you probably know, FT-EI comrades in Europe have already discussed this proposal with a leading member of Progetto Comunista.
In spite of the well-known differences that we have with the organisations that are calling the MRCI meeting, we agree with the four points of the declaration; and especially that it is urgent to take the next steps towards the rebuilding of the Fourth International. This necessity is highlighted by both the international situation and by the need to fight against those currents that speak in the name of the Fourth International - for example, the United Secretariat - but have abandoned the strategy of the revolution and instead seek to build joint parties and movements with reformists and engage in class collaborationary agreements. Not only has the USec removed the call for the dictatorship of the proletariat from its programme, but its class collaboration has taken concrete form with the participation of Miguel Roseto, leader of Democracia Socialista, in Lula's capitalist government.
Both the MRCI and the FT-EI denounce the opportunistic policies of that current (as well as those adopted by the SWP of Britain) and agree that a genuine rebuilding of the Fourth International can only be achieved in the political struggle against those currents. We believe that this important shared view provides us with the common ground from where we can make steps towards the rebuilding of the Fourth International. On the other hand, not to make the necessary efforts to move towards a common meeting in Buenos Aires in April would be a truly sectarian political mistake.
We look forward to a positive answer,

Juan Chingo (PTS-Argentina), Javo Ferreira (LORCI-Bolivia), Mario Caballero
(LTS- México); Nicolás Miranda (Clase contra Clase-Chile); Jean-Baptiste
Clech (FT-Europe); Val Lisboa (ER-QI, Brazil).

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