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Confession: Chemtrails are Real and I Was a Government Troll

Just thought I'd come come clean today.
Don't have time to post many details quite yet but thought today was a good day to finally post this revelation.

I'll be posting some scans of classified Operation Cloverleaf documents to Indymedia in the next few days. Keep your eyes peeled,
can't wait 01.Apr.2004 10:25


I'd start holding my breath....only i can't stop laughing...

It is April 1st... 01.Apr.2004 11:43

Father Time

And it's good to see someone has a sense of humor in these dark days...

"I didn't see it either. I had my eyes closed. Though I could taste it." 01.Apr.2004 16:07



to 'pic' 01.Apr.2004 16:25


that is the only thing which will put a halt to the bullshit:

1. Sky-spanning digital camera evidence from the clear days.

and as previously mentioned in a recent thread,

people should also:

2. confirm identity of the aircraft that are doing the spraying using their telescopes or binoculars.

p.s. the chemicals are aluminum oxide, and barium chloride / barium nitrate - atmospheric cloud-seeding for climate alteration and remote-sensing radiation experiments.

(good search terms to use on Portland Indymedia search engine: 'aluminum oxide', 'barium')

believe it or not, but the planes 01.Apr.2004 16:47


are painted a dull white, and either have no markings or it's that they can't be easily seen.

It has been reported that they are parked when unused either at McMinnville, OR or at SEA-TAC,
though some reports have been being occasionally parked on tarmat @ Reno, NV & Sacramento, CA.

Other than that, don't know too much specifically about them! Big...?????? and lot's of 'em!

i work at Mcminnville 01.Apr.2004 19:51

.name withheld.

I'm a fuel, hydraulic systems specialist. We get these huge(car size) tanks once a week, stamped TOP SECRET...NO Smoking within 100ft...No watches, rings or any metal allowed...STAY AWAY...THIS MEANS YOU...etc.etc.
These tanks fit into a specially hidden cargo bay and are hooked into the shitter plumbing quite easily. After installed the washroom is OUT OF BOUNDS, sowe go out back of the hangar. The elect. is a 9volt battery jumped to the tanks, and nothing else.
Nothing is put in it and theres a valve lockwired shut that says: DONT TOUCH OR YOU WILL DIE< WE ARE WATCHING AT ALL TIMES>
the airplanes are B-52s, painted white, and heavily modified with thousands of gizmos, special engines, fly by sound, 8track tape, liquor cabinet, carpet,...
We NEVER see who flies these.
It's all so very spooky and ultra hushhush, you know.

dunnon about McMinnville 01.Apr.2004 22:11


in addition to the digital sky photos, and binoculars - telescope shots of flying aircraft,

somebody needs to recon the base perimeter and get some photos of these planes on the ground.

Happy April 1st, xyzzy 02.Apr.2004 07:46


Got a good giggle for the day.