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why would Jason Sery be recruited for PoPo

from Portland?
This is a question I don't see being asked.

Why would the City of Portland being going
all the way to Billings, Montana to hire a
man for an entry-level police job here?

Aren't there sufficient people qualified in
Portland for such jobs?

Same with Scott McCollister, another outsider
that killed a fellow citizen, he too was hired
from another area.

Neither of these two belong to the community
here, and thus, they're no incentive to really
be active participants in "community policing"
as their ties here are tenuous at best.

We need to dig into the matter to find out WHY
it is that so many of these cops are NOT from
Portland, but were actively recruited from other

Portland is a far larger city than Billings...5
or 6 times the size, and it makes no sense that
we'd have to be going to such smaller city to
recruit. UNLESS, there is indeed an insideous
GOOD OLD BOY NETWORK tactic being used to staff
the entry-level positions with "selected" types?

We need to examine this whole issue of recruitment
and turn it upside down to get at what is at the
root of why outsider's have come here and killed
our citizens?

The floor is now open for further discussion...
.. 01.Apr.2004 19:17


actually, portland does have trouble hiring police. before croaker's tenure, a 4-year college degree was required for eligibility, but he reduced that to 2, as if the people applying for police jobs weren't stupid and dangerous enough already. and, even though the world is brimming with meatheads, power-junkies, and assholes, there are still very few people who want to dedicate their life to a completely disgusting and flawed institution like 'the police'.